Monday, 20 January 2014

What I Wore| H&M Multicoloured Dress

When I was packing for my Holiday's I made my Dad, climb into the attic to bring down my Summer Clothes. I didn't touch them last year, and to be honest nearly forgot about them! I found 4 lovely dresses, that were just shoved away, unloved in the corner of my attic. I'm sorted for this Summer too, so I'm of course delighted. I love finding new gems, that you'd completely forgotten about! 
 This dress is from H&M, and cost no more than €20. It's light, airy and isn't too short for going out for lunch or dinner! It's really easy to throw on, and perfect for travelling as it doesn't crease! It's got a little flutter sleeve, which I love! The colours in the dress are perfect for your holiday's because you can pick up any colour and accessorize it easily. I paid it with my nude gold trimmed bag from Fran&Jane and some pretty nude Sandals from New Look (from 2012) I've applied "Up the Amp" for a more put together look, and to give my lips a pop of colour. I wore this to dinner last night, with a cardigan, as it get's a little chilly as night here! 
My Sunburn is still there, but I'm getting a good colour regardless. I'm trying my best to cover my face,when I'm sunbathing where the worst of it is. The Sun is really strong, here, stronger than I'd imagined! It feels so weird, relaxing in the sun, when two days ago I was wrapped up in two duvet's trying to stay warm! It's a lovely quiet resort, here, well a lot quieter to when I was there last! I was here with the girls two years ago, and to say it's a completely different holiday is an understatement, No seedy, cheap bars will be visited on this trip, I can assure you ;)! Although I miss my gals! So far I'm having a fantastic time, and don't want to come home to dull and dreary Ireland, I may have to make some makeup purchases on my last day, to ease the pain a little bit ;)

Sian xxx


  1. That is a gorgeous dress the cut of it is so flattering on you and I love that you can pair it with almost any colour accessories. Hope your enjoying your holiday :) xx

    1. Awh thank you! I know it's a really flattering cut of dress! Yeah, that's what I love about it, you can throw any colour with it! :D xox

  2. You look very pretty in that dress ;)

  3. Looking very relaxed lovely! Love that you have let the dress do the talking and kept the accessories interesting but simple, enjoy your holiday x

    1. I'm just not arsed to wear accessories on holiday's they're so fussy ;) thanks Gemma! :D xox


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