Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Vichy "Purete Thermale" Eye Makeup Remover

I'll admit this from the beginning, I'm the worst person at taking off my eye-makeup. I've gotten a million and ones times better in removing my makeup in general, but I'm nearly always left with mascara under my eyes. I've been meaning to pick up an eye-makeup remover forever, but never knew which one to go for!  Y'all know Vichy is one of my favourite skincare brands, so this was an obvious choice!
Vichy "Purete Thermale"Eye Make-up remover is a dual phase, and claims to remove even the most stubborn eye makeup. This gentle treatment is kind to sensitive eyes,while removing eye make-up as well as gently soothing them. I don't use eye-liner on a daily basis, so that's not so much a concern for me but  as a lover of Benefit's "They're Real" this is a great claim as it's a biatch to take off. It also claims to limit eyelash loss. With the lashing of mascara I like to put on, it's always inevitable I'll loose a few, so I was quite eager to test this out, and see if that claim was true! This eye make-up remover is excellent for sensitive skin. I can have sensitive skin at times, and as this is Hypo-allergenic it won't cause your skin to break out, and it certainly won't damage it. It's infused with Vichy Thermal Spa Water and is paraben free. Another good thing to note is, that's it's suitable for girls who wear contact lenses.
At 150ml, you get a decent amount of product, but it's still fine for your over night bag, as you won't feel like you're lugging around a million and ones lotions and potions. I've been using this for well over a month now, and I've not used that much of it. I use four squirts (for both eyes), to make sure all the mascara has been removed. As it is a little bit expensive (€13.99) for an eye-make up remover, you want to be sure you're getting your moneys worth. So after using it for a couple of weeks, I've tested it out a lot and have formed an opinion! It's pretty good! My eyes don't sting, aren't left red and show no signs that a product has been used around them. This is a fantastic product for sensitive eyes, and it really removes your makeup with little to no effort. 
I became a little bit lazy with my skincare at the end of 2014, I'd always removed makeup but I felt I could be doing more for my skin, especially my eyes! I got really sick looking at my big Panda eyes every morning. After using this, for over a month, it's save to say it's made it's way into my makeup bag! At close to €14, it's not cheap and I'm sure they're cheaper alternative, but Vichy is a brand, I come to know and trust and I would definitely purchase this when it runs out, as I know it's gentle and effective! 

Sian xxx

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