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Dublin Guide:My Favourite Restaurants

Having lived in Dublin all me life, I've eaten out at a lot of the cities restaurant. A few people, have been on to be lately, asking what to do in Dublin, and did I have any recommendations for them.To answer all questions, and to mix up the Blog a bit, I thought I'd do a mini-series. If you're ever in Dublin and looking for somewhere tasty to go, I have you sorted ;) The restaurants all range in price, so hopefully there's something there for everyone!

The Port House Dundrum
This little beauty is tucked away in converted cottages in Dundrum Town Centre. I'm a huge fan of Tapas, and when it opened up in Dundrum, I was so eager to try it out. During the week, is a lovely place to go to relax from the crowds of the shopping centre. My favourite part of  this place is the decor. The moment you step in the door, you feel like you're in a quaint little place in the heart of Spain. It's especially gorgeous at night, when the whole place is lit with candles, making it really romantic. It would be the perfect place to go on a date! As it's Tapas, you're spoilt for choice. They do everything from Paella to Mini-Burgers and then even have an omelette on the Menu. My personal favourites are the "Patatas Mojo", Moroccan Spiced Chicken and the Aubergine Tempura, finished off with their "Curiosity Cola" which tastes like Cola sweets! As well, as being delicious, it's really reasonable, with most dishes being in and around €5, and if you're only going for lunch, or you're not that hungry two will definitely do you.
This is hands down the best Chinese food in Dublin, probably the whole of Ireland. My parents have been coming here for over 25 years, and even when it changed location, we followed them. China Sichaun is located on the outskirts of Dublin, in Sandyford Industrial Estate. It is easy accessible however, by the Luas and, less than a five minute walk. The menu is extensive,so you're bound to find something that tickles your fancy. An average three course meal, excluding wine would be €35-40, so it's by no means cheap, but for a treat or a special occasion it's well worth it, and I'd happily have my last meal here! They also have an oriental inspired cocktail menu, that is only delicious, although priced at €12 they're expensive but well worth it, and they're made with a lot of Alcohol-so beware! I would highly recommend their Spring Rolls, or their Aromatic Crispy Duck for starters, Beef in Black Bean Sauce for Main, and a Chocolate Brownie for Desert. They also do a great Lunch offer Monday-Friday, where you can get a 2 course meal for €15, and a three course meal for €19, which I didn't know until doing a bit of research!
If you're looking for a juicy burger, then look no further. I'm a huge fan of Jo Burger, after working quiet close to it, every one in a while I'd meet a friend for lunch, and we'd treat ourselves, usually on a Friday. It's inexpensive and you're nearly guaranteed a good meal. They have quite strange concoctions, but believe you me, they're tasty. Sometimes you just have to go for something completely random, in order to find something delicious! You pick your meat, your buns and you style so you can really go outside the box in this restaurant. The burgers are absolutely gigantic, so I would recommend going on an empty stomach! The sweet potato fries are also delicious, and I'd strongly urge you to try them! They serve delicious lemonade in a variety of flavours and they're all yum! The service isn't always quick, but it's well worth waiting and on the numerous times I've gone I've never had a bad burger.
Elephant and Castle. 
This is hands down the best wings in the whole of Dublin. Located smack bang in the middle of the Touristy Temple Bar. The wings are the sole reason I brave Temple Bar at the weekends, and they taste so good it's unbelievable!I will warn you though, at the weekend this place is crazy busy, and you'll be almost guaranteed to wait for a table. Saying that I've never been waiting more than 15 minutes. A Large basket of Buffalo wings are €12.50 and normally I can finish them all, as they're that good! They're hot and spicy but not too hot to enjoy (For reference I'm a Nando's "Medium" girl) I've found the staff mostly pleasant, and I like the relaxed atmosphere. Surprisingly I haven't tried anything else on the Menu, I always mean to, but the thought of those delicious wings, makes me me change my mind! However I've heard from friends, that the Burger's are delicious!
 37 Dawson St
It's both a bar, and a restaurant and the décor is one of the reason's I love it so much. It's really quirky and fun. What I love about this Bar is on Friday night it's packed with people, and there's a real buzz around the place, but come Sunday after noon it's feels like a completely different place. The bar area has a really cozy feel to it.  It's dimly lit, with extra-large couches, which are perfect to sink into on a Sunday when you want to do nothing more than relax. I do however prefer the restaurant, there's a real luxurious feel to it, although the prices, don't reflect the interior. It would be €30 for a three- course meal, but you can be adequately feed for around €13! The Service is fantastic, and the menu, although not too broad, there's something for everyone. I would highly recommend the Foccacia Bread for start, and a toss up between the Sliders or the Chicken Skewers  for main course!The Chocolate mouse for desert is also mouth watering.

When you're on the run, and want something cheap and cheerful, the place I got to in Dublin is the "Little Ass Burrito Bar" tucked away on a corner in Dawson street. It's quick and easy and you're in and out before you know it. I'm a huge Mexican lover, and at around €7 you're probably not going to get any better, in Dublin City Centre anyway! The Salsa is nice and spicy and the Burrito's are huge, however if you're not very hungry you can get a smaller size and it's still as filling You can also get a Burrito's in a "box" making is less messy, and less calorific! Definitely a win-win especially if you're like me, and always running around the place, going to one place or another. The only downside to this place is that it's tiny, although ads to it's charm, but because it's so small, the que's form quickly and can deter some! Although it is 100% worth queuing up for!
The Sister restaurant of Kinara in Clontarf and Kajjal in Malahide I was intrigued when to try Kinara Kitchen in Ranelagh. I'd never been to a Pakistani Restaurant before, but as someone who loves to to try new foods, I was eager to give it a go!It's located on the main street, and I love this picture of the outside, in the sun!(Source) I would recommend going for the Early Bird Menu, if you want to get the best value for money, the portions are big, and you get better bang for your buck.They also have a great Mid-week special of 3 courses for €20. You get a decent selection and it's as cheap as chips!You can tell they only use fresh and quality ingredients and the staff are exceptionally helpful, and will help you choose something to your liking if you're a big baffled on what to get. Overall the food is superb, and if you go at specific times.
Toss'd Noodles and Salads
This is a little Diamond in the Ruff. I use to work a couple of days in CHQ, on the in the Financial District of Dublin, and I was always happy, as I got the chance to have Toss'd. They do make your own salads that are delicious, and for €7.50 you can't go too wrong! Their noodles are the nicest I've ever had, and at €9.90 they're well worth it, and being perfectly honest, you'd be able to share one with your friend, as the portions are huge!There's no denying the freshness of all the food, and I've never had a bad experience and I've tired a lot of the menu! One piece of advice though, if you're working around the area, I'd order online before going down, as the que's at  lunch time are absolutely crazy. I'm a huge fan of the "Prawn Yakisoba" and the "Chilli Basil Chicken" and need to hot foot it down there soon, for a bit of noodle lovin'!
Hippety's Cafe 
Located in Temple Bar, I'd only been introduced to this relatively recently, and I've come to love it. It's a great place to come and relax, and the cute décor makes it really homely, and is especially nice on a wet, cold day. They have an array of funky lamps hanging from the ceiling, and a lot of mix-match crockery around the place, giving it a lovely homely feel. Whenever I go I get the Chicken, Pesto and Sundried Tomato in a baguette, along with tons of spinach and some home-made roast potato's. It comes in at around €10, including lemonade so it's a nice little pick me up on a wet day! The menu isn't too big, but they're something on it for everyone.

Okay, so there's a couple of my favourite restaurants I'm sure I've a couple more, but I don't want this post to be too long! If you enjoyed this Lifestyle post, please let me know so I'll write some more, I really enjoyed writing this one! 

Sian xxx


  1. What a really great post I love Dublin and hope to visit again someday and having suggestions of where to go is fab :-) xx

    1. Thank you, glad I can be of some help! :) xox

  2. Oooh love this! I'm a massive Kinara fan... must try that café in Temple Bar and now of course I want E&C wings! X

    1. I always want E&C wings! nom nom nom! ;) xox

  3. Ah you've some great choices here and some I've not seen before! I'll have to make time to try them all! x

    1. You really should, and let me know next time you're in Dublin! :) xox


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