Thursday, 28 February 2013

Spring Wish List

Top:New Look,Perfume:Marc Jacobs "Daisy", Crop Top:New Look, Jumper:New Look, Shorts:River Island, Bag:New Look, Necklace:River Island, Lip Balm:Cath Kidston, Maxi dress:Fran ans Jane, Floral Crown:Etsy, Heart print skirt:River Island, Pumps:Topshop.
With Spring fast approaching, and with the slightly longer nights,I'm getting in the mood for spring. I'm ditching my black and opting for more pastel tones. At the moment I'm loving pink and mint green. There's something so fresh and girly about both of them, that makes me want to wear it everyday! I know for sure I will be buying a few floral crowns, I think there's something so whimsical about them and fun! I would wear one everyday if i could! I wanted to inject a bit more sunshine into this blog, so thought I'd come up with my favourite bits and bobs from a selection of my favourite stores.

I can't wait for it to get warmer, who knows I might be brave and tan my tummy and rock a crop top/high waisted skirt combo? We'll see.. ;) I love this one it's fun, girly and would be perfect on holiday's! I saw this pretty skirt last night while popping around the shops after work, and I love it. It's a cute little inexpensive skirt that would look just as cute with a bare leg, or with tights. A perfect transition piece for your wardrobe. I'm thinking a little bit ahead but when I saw this beautiful maxi dress in Fran and Jane, my jaw nearly hit the floor. It's a gorgeous mint green, is an extremely flattering cut and can be dressed up for a special occasion like a ball, or worn slightly more casual on your summer holidays! If you're not a huge fan of pastel colours but still want to keep up to date, the best way to do it is with accessories, you can never  go wrong with a statement necklace or statement earrings or even a cute bag! Primark/Penney's/New Look and River Island would be my go to places. 

What are you guys looking forward to wearing this Spring/Summer?

S xxx
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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Sunny and Snowy Sunday

On Sunday myself and Isha and my mum headed out to the coast. It was such a lovely day for it! All afternoon the sun was shining, and the air fresh. It was nice to get out and about and do something I haven't done in ages! Firstly we headed to the food market in the People's Park in Dun Laoghaire, followed by a lovely ramble on the Killiney Beach then we headed up to Johnny Fox's Pub (where there was snow!) It was a lovely Sunday, and I had an absolute ball!I wore my Coco Boutique Jumper, My trusty Penney's/Primark Parka, my River Island hat and my well worn black boots from Penney's too! I wore minimal makeup, and felt great. It's days like these I really enjoy! 

S xxx

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 Hey Lovelies!
I've been Isha Tour Guide this weekend in Dublin, and I've had such a great weekend. I discovered parts of Dublin, I hadn't been to in years. It's always nice to explore the city you live in, you never now what hidden gems you'll find! Already I've found my new favourite coffee shop, "Queen of Tarts" at the very top of Dame street. They do gorgeous tarts, cakes and coffee and I can't wait to go back again! It actually shocked me how little I knew about my city. I rarely visit Temple Bar, or even venture to the other side of the city! When I do it's do raid Forever21, get my phone fixed,or get my Acrylic nails done for dirt cheap! I'm definitely going to take more advantage of my days off and do more thing.
As I'm pushing the boat out lately in terms of fashion I decided to be really brave, and rock a floppy hat, cape and purple lipstick! It's something I wouldn't normally wear and I actually quite liked the look! The day itself was absolutely freezing, and it was snowing on and off all day, so I was happy to a hat on, wet hair is never a good look on me! This Cape is actually quite warm, and can be buttoned up to give extra coverage. I wanted to show off the dress, so left it open most of the day. It was rather nippy, and every now and again it would start randomly snowing! Thankfully it didn't stick, and there was no mass panic!
I think every now and then every girl should rock something a little bit different to that they would normally wear. I felt completely confident(well you'd want to wearing purple on your lips!) I've had this dress for two years, and even bought the black version last year through Ebay! It's such a wearable dress. It's skater style, has a low scoop back and 3/4 length sleeves. It can be as easily worn during the day, as it can be at night.

S xxx
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Monday, 25 February 2013

Simply Be Challenege

Hey Lovelies,
When Hanna recently got in touch with me about a blogger challenge sponsored by Simply Be I jumped at the chance. Four bloggers were sent this jacket, and we had to style it in our own individual ways. I've been loving camouflage lately, so was really excited to recieve this jacket. When I opened it, It was only gorgeous! It's heavy enough to layer in the colder months, but light enough to wear when the weather gets a little bit warmer.
 Jacket:Simply Be*, Jumper:TKMAXX,Leggings:H&M, Headband:Penney's/Primark 

It's been bitterly cold in Ireland lately, there was snow last weekend so I wanted to layer up. I paired this Jacket with my long sleeved jumper and a pair of thick comfy leggings. I wanted to make this outfit a little bit different so I added this pretty floral headband. I nearly always have to have something on my head now,I'm obsessed! It was my first experience believe it or not with Simply Be, and can't wait to try out more, it's left me with a very good first impression!

Check out how the other ladies styled it!

S xxx

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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday Summary #4

Sorry I missed last week's Sunday Summary, I was on the latest flight from London, and got home quite late(and utterly exhausted) So I'll update you on what's been happening for the last two weeks! Things will be settling down now with everything getting back to normal in the next two weeks! Yay! Today was an absolute lovely day and I couldn't resist taking this picture outside the People's Park in Dun Laoghaire after we went around the food market, and nibbled on Caramel Squares!
  • I had an absolutely blast in London attending Plus Size Fashion Week. The event itself was a shambles, there's no nice way to put it. Whoever maned their Social Media needs to learn some manners, and really should have better interpersonal skills. I enjoyed most of the fashion show, shame it was such a badly organized event. It had the potential to be something amazing.
  •  On Monday my and my lovely friend Lynne went to see Justin Bieber. After the concert I'm definitely 100% a Belieber! He's so cute (and Hot? He's 19 next month...) Say what you want about him, but boy does he put on a good show!
  • I'm over half way through my course which I'm a little bit happy about. I love the course and all, but I took on a little too much last month, and ran myself into the ground a little!
  • I was lucky enough to have 4 days off this week. I had worked quite a few 6 day weeks, and was delighted with the time off. My head is clear and I'm now well rested.
  • My friend Isha stayed with me this weekend..I never realised how little I do in Dublin, and plan on changing that. It's so fun being a tourist in your own city, and you discover little gems you didn't realise existed! We had amazing cake in the Queen of Tarts in Temple Bar, a little cake and coffee shop that I will definitely be back to in future.
  • Today Mum and I took Isha to Dun Laoghaire, Killiney and we got to take gorgeous pictures (we're both photo geeks) and we went up to Johnny Fox's, the Highest Pub in Ireland.
  • I'm a broke now until Pay Day in a few days so will be taking it easy until later this week. It's Frugal Feb for me now until then! 

 Hope you all have a great week ahead <3

S xxx
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Button up

Hey Lovelies,
I accidentally deleted my last post *cry face* I think it maybe my chubby fingers... I'm not going to cry too much, as I've the same jumper in this post, so it's practically the same! My lovely friend Isha from London is over to stay with me for the weekend, and as acting tour guide, I wanted something easy to wear, warm and cosy. I'm so sick of Winter I've been dying to bring back floral into my wardrobe, so rooted out these jeans yesterday morning..
 I've been trying to push the boat out a little more in terms of my style, as lately I feel I've been wearing the same thing day in, day out. I want to mix it up every now and again. I love the closed button shirt look under jumpers. I think it's so edgy, and everyone has a white shirt in their wardrobe, making it a very  accessible trend! I literally live in this Fran and Jane jumper, I've got two of them! (and one in dusky pink sssh...) They're oversized, extremely comfortable and look smart. What more could a girl want?! I was originally going to wear blue skinnies, but wanted something more fun and Spring inspired, so cracked out these jeans from last summer! I love that they're ankle grazers as my legs seems to be a bit stumpy, and jeans always bunch at the ends which I hate! I'm a huge fan of the oversize at the moment. I don't understand why people tell Plus size women not to wear oversized ( as well as a long other list). I think they can actually work for your body, and flatter your shape, providing they don't cause a trapeze effect on you boobs, or make you look 8 months pregnant. For me the trick is to find something that skims, ever so slightly on the boobs ( I've enough in that department, thank you very much) and something that's loose around the tummy and is long i,e Tunic length.
Jumper:Fran&Jane, Floral Jeans:H&M+,Shirt:New Look Inspire, Shoes:Penney's,Bag:LV

Myself and Isha had a wonderful time on Friday afternoon. I find that even though I've lived in Dublin by whole life I never get to experience things that tourists do. I'm going to do a little blog post dedicated to the things I'd recommend do/see in Dublin in the next week or two, so keep and eye out for that if you're interested! I took Isha to my favourite restaurant Alfies for some food and cocktails, than we had a little look around the shops around the Grafton Street area, and just soaked up the atmosphere. Isha God love her, was tired so we headed back to mine for a good 'ol chat before hitting the hay ready for the hectic schedule that we had planned for Saturday. Thankfully on Friday the weather stayed nice and dry, unlike yesterday..Snow in February, Really?! Okay, I actually better catch some sleep now. It's been such a busy few days and we're off to the coast tomorrow *fingers crossed* that the weather doesn't go all cray on us now!

Hope you're all having a really nice weekend! Everything has calmed down for me (nearly) so everything will be back to normal soon!

S xxx
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Friday, 22 February 2013

Cocoa Brown Tan 1 Hour Tan

Hey Beauties,
I've been meaning to do this review for a very long time! I've been a complete hermit lately, and haven't had a night out in Dublin in a few weeks, so haven't had the chance to wear tan! My lovely friend Isha  is over for the weekend, and I decided to slap on a bit, as I don't know what direction this weekend will take us. 
Marissa Carter is the creator of Cocoa Brown tan, and one of the nicest women I've ever met. She has both brains and Beauty! Back in December I met Marissa at the Cocoa Brown Launch, and she explained to me all about this terrific product. As a Fake Tan junkie I was extremely intrigued when she mentioned that this tan had no smell, yep, none whatsoever, and came up within 1 hour. I have to admit, I was skeptical! Instead you're greeted with a lovely floral scent. "It contains natural extracts of the deliciously scented Tahitian Gardinia, which leaves a subtle floral fragrance on the skin." Not only does it smell lovely, it's great for women who have dry or sensitive skin. Suffering from dry skin myself, this was like music to my ears.
 The bottle itself is what Marissa Wanted as a "Dressing Table Bottle" you know those pretty ones you let have pride of place on your dressing table, while you're everyday necessities are shoved in an over cluttered bathroom drawer. It's pink and girly. Cocoa Brown is a foam mouse, and you get a lot of product with one pump, making this tan great bang for your buck. Priced at €7.99 it's one of the most reasonable tans on the market. What I love about this tan is that it comes up within 1 hour. For a girl who's normally too lazy to apply tan the night before an event, this is great news! If you leave it on for 1 hour it's the minimum coverage, a light golden brown glow I'd call it. If you leave it on for  3 hours it builds up to the maximum coverage and then you can wash it off. So no waiting this 6 hour business to even see a hint of tan.
Tan:Cocoa Brown*  
I applied the tan all over my upper body and face. I know it's not the best to put on your face, but I wanted a nice glow all weekend. Applied with the Cocoa Brown Mitt it glides on like a dream. It's so easy to use. Firstly I exfoliated and moisturised that morning. I applied two layers of tan and left it over night, as I applied it on before bed. I woke up  pleasantly surprised in the morning, when my skin was golden brown, and I didn't stink of stale biscuits. After a shower where all the excess tan was washed away I moisturised again and was ready for the weekend! Here I'm wearing the tan and Collection 2000 dark concealer to cover blemishes and patchy skin etc.. Next time I'll try not to get it so close to my eyesbrows thought! Cocoa Brown has become my go to tan, of course support Irish brands is important to me, but this Tan truly is an amazing! You can check out Cocoa Brown's stockists HERE Or buy it online HERE

If you want check out Marissa's Tan tips, watch this video  :)

Have you guys tried Cocoa Brown yet?

S xxx
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Thursday, 21 February 2013


Hey Lovelies,
So as y'all know I was in London last weekend! I had an absolute blast, and throughly enjoyed myself. I stayed with the ever so lovely Callie. I had a lovely day on Friday shopping and catching up with Isha. We went for lunch in TGI's and had a good catch up, and then wandered around Oxford Street. I was only window shopping on Friday, but picked up a few bits! The weight of my bag really annoyed me all day! Next time I will definitely wear an over the shoulder bag! After that I headed to Shoreditch to meet up with some of my favourite bloggers, after meeting everyone a few of us headed to the near by Brick Lane for a lovely Indian.
Dress:River Island,Jacket:Forever21+,Necklace:New Look,Hat:Topshop,Bag:Fran&Jane
I'm not going to lie, I felt pretty "London" in this. I bought the Hat earlier that day in Tophop. £25 is a little expensive for a bowler hat, but It's the nicest I've seen and I love the shape of it.
Me and Amy :) 
 Blazer:Penney's/Primark,Top:River Island,Skirt:Borrowed from Callie, Bag:Fran&Jane
 Typical Bloggers ;)
Triple Threat. All weekend we were asked if we were Triplets or Sisters! :)
Becky, Danielle,Chelsea

On Sunday I went back to Oxford street, and hit up New Look, Evans and Primark and got a few bits and bobs, that you'll no doubt see here in the next couple of weeks! I then meet Hanna at Victoria and we went for a lovely Italian and had a catchup! After being stuffed to the brim I headed on the Gatwick express. Unfortunately for me there was an electrical fault it took forever to get to the Airport. I even had to swap trains at East Croyden. It took me nearly an hour and a half to do a half and hour journey! Thankfully I got to the check in 10 minutes before it closed, so I could relax!Overall I had a fab weekend! It's so nice meeting all the gorgeous plus size bloggers in the UK! All of them made me feel so welcome! I'm already planning my next trip!! 

S xxx
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Saturday, 16 February 2013

100 Facts About Me

I've seen this floating around the blogosphere, and thought I'd Join in! As you all know, I'm a nosy so love reading about other people, if you've done one, please link below! <3

  1. I'm a photo Geek.
  2. I'm an only Child
  3. Most people think my favorite colour is pink, but it's actually green. Lime green to be precise.
  4. I can't sleep without watching an episode of Dr Phil before bed. 
  5. I've an obsession with Jack the Ripper and Cheryl Cole.
  6. I cry ALL THE TIME. Good things, bad things, sad things, you name it I'll cry.
  7. I have over 20 skull scarves. 
  8. I have a not so secret crush on Karl Pilkington. 
  9. I have a phobia of lumps. 
  10. I'm not a huge drinker...anymore.
  11. I'd much rather have a cosy night in, than a mad night out.
  12. A lot of people thing I'm quiet and shy, but I couldn't be further from it! 
  13. This is the longest I've been single in yonks, and I love it!
  14. I have a cackle laugh, much to everyone's annoyance. 
  15. I hate nail files, the mere touch of them gives me the creeps. Getting my nails done is like torture, nail technicians find it highly amusing!
  16. I speak mad fast.
  17. I judge all shops visual merchandising, and would love to revamp some stores...
  18. I still sleep with my childhood teddy bear, even though his head fell off.
  19. I worked on a Navy Ship Museum in San Diego summer 2010. It was then I realised Guest Services wasn't for me, nor were cargo pants or polo shirts.
  20. I have an awful habit of like saying "like" too much like
  21. I love getting "Take a Break", "Love it" and "Chat" to laugh at the stories, and to make my life seem normal in comparison!
  22. My phone battery never, ever ,ever lasts a full day without dying. 
  23. I have a temper on me but not a lot of people see it, as I'm pretty calm and rational most of the time...
  24. Whenever I need a pick me up, I get a Butler's Cookie Hot Chocolate.
  25. I bruise like a peach, at any given time, you can count on it, I'll have at least two bruises on my body.
  26. I don't eat mayonnaise or butter, and eat all my sandwiches without it. 
  27. I can be extremely impatient
  28. Back in school I was told I'd "Never hold down a job" because I was late constantly.. So I guess that stuck with me, and now I'm pretty much early for everything now, and lateness really annoys me.
  29. I eat the same food until constantly, I'm bored of it. 
  30. I'm too indecisive for my own good.
  31. I want to own a Chanel 2.55 in the next year or two. 
  32. Travel stresses me out immensely.
  33. The only way I'm ever going to dye my hair, is to get Ombre in it. 
  34. I use to live in floral jersey dresses.
  35. I was obsessed with joining MENSA for awhile, until I discovered I wasn't going to get in. EVER. *Shakes fist*
  36. I get scared waaaay too easily, much to the amusement of my friends and colleagues!
  37. I'll be your best friend, until you mess with me, then you're screwed :D
  38. I'm really strange, and find the oddest things funny (usually silly inappropriate jokes)
  39. One of my Ex Boyfriends is still a very good friend of mine. 
  40. I'm love crap telly (and movies)
  41. I'm in a fowl mood if I don't have headphones to listen to music on my walk home from work.
  42. I love chilling with my main man Ralph, although he eats my socks and knickers, he's a loyal pal <3
  43. I feel much more ladylike with my nails done. 
  44. I'm much more of a water baby, than a sun worshiper! Nothing bores me more, than lying in the sun for ages upon end. 
  45. My favorite place I've ever visited was Miami. 
  46. I've gone to Puerto Pollenca in Mallorca more times than I can count on my two hands, and have wonderful memories there. 
  47.  As much as I'm fashion obsessed, some days I love nothing more than wearing jeans, and over sized tee, huge sunglasses and no makeup.
  48. Fanta is my all time favorite drink, but out of the can only! 
  49. I thought of going blonde lasted a good few weeks, before my lovely friends persuaded me not to, THANK GAWD!
  50. I love the sound of rain when I'm snuggled up in bed.
  51. Halloween is my favorite time of the year!
  52. I'm left handed
  53. I can draw, but haven't done so in yonks
  54. I have incredibly bad taste in music
  55. I love mushrooms, and would happily have them with every meal.
  56. I love crime documentaries. 
  57. My room is constantly incredibly messy
  58. I'm pretty sure I've got slight OCD
  59. I'm a cocktail lover, and have never ever tried beer! 
  60. I love when it's cold and windy, but only when I'm indoors.
  61. I'm extremely anti-drugs.
  62. I could leave the house without a scrap of makeup...but I need my eyebrows filled in and my hair huge.
  63. I have a degree in Sociology&History.
  64. I'm obsessed with photography, and take pictures of everything and anything!
  65. I've never been to any sort of festival..I would like to go, for a day..(dirty,cold tent-no thank you)
  66. Mosquito's love me, and I get a gazillion bites wherever I go! 
  67. My favourite perfume is a toss up between Ellie Saab and D&G#3.
  68. My favourite food is Chinese. 
  69. I was asked to Audition for Take Me Out UK (I went, but in the end decided it wasn't for me!)
  70. I think Gary Barlow is absolutely beautiful.
  71. I love Jodi Picoult Books.
  72. I'm very protective over my friends.
  73. I can't drive. I really should start..
  74. I finally got my ears pierced at 18, but they closed up pretty much straight away, and have never bothered to get them re-pierced.
  75. I pretty much only eat chicken, I rarely eat red meat.
  76. I don't like tea,or coffee.. a lot of people find that odd.
  77. My nickname at school was "Shambles" LOL, self explanatory really. 
  78. If it's chocolate, I'll eat it. 
  79. I use to get terrible sea sickness, and now hate going on boats. 
  80. I have a bath pretty much every single night, just to relax! 
  81. I've midget hands, with huge fingers. 
  82. I both love and hate how Dublin is so small. 
  83. I find getting my eyebrows threaded excruciatingly painful 
  84. I am addicted to my phone.
  85. I want to move to London. I'm saving away for it! 
  86.  The Adrian Kennedy Phoneshow on FM104 is the only reason I ever listen to the radio.
  87. I've been in the same job for nearly five years, and I love it! 
  88. I don't get my hair cut, half as often as I should, and always lie at the hairdressers! 
  89. I could seriously visual merchandise all day long. 
  90. My favourite shows on TV are Criminal Minds, Game of Thrones, Sex and The City, The Simpsons, The Middle and Friends. 
  91. I was probably the tamest teenager ever, only got mad drunk (and got caught) once! 
  92. I've always wanted a tan that sunbeds give, but would be too scared to actually use them.
  93. I hate sales, I find them too messy and unorganized to find anything.
  94. My best college friend and I bonded over a trip to the Hill of Tara, where I fell down a muddy hill (twice) and ruined my Juicy Couture tracksuit.We still laugh about it to this day.
  95. I'm part Italian. 
  96. I'm itching to go travelling.
  97. I can talk for Ireland.
  98. I once mixed up my exams in college, and sat the wrong one..
  99. My pet peeves are lateness, rudeness and people who are selfish
  100. I love period drama's and movies 
Whoa, that was a long post. Kudos to you if you read through it all! Let me know if we have any similar facts! :)

S xxx
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Friday, 15 February 2013

Skulls, Camouflage & Denim

Hey Lovelies,
As you read this I'll be on route to London for Plus Size Fashion weekend! As a good blogger, I've scheduled a few posts for you guys when I'm gone :) More and more lately, I've been dressing more casual on my days off. I love just being comfortable when I'm whizzing around catching up with everyone and everything. Last Thursday I had a Doctor's appointment, lunch with a friend and then I headed to the Butter London Launch Summer launch. I wanted to look like I've made a little bit of an effort, so opted for a T-shirt and skirt combo.
I know €24 is a little expensive for this Geek Tee from Topshop, but I wanted one for so long. I got black to go with more things so it's not that much of a bad buy :) I recently bought a denim look skirt in Primark and wore it tucked into that. To finished off the outfit I wore my very well loved Leather sleeved Parka and a skull and floral scarf to add something a little different to the outfit. I was out the whole day so brought along my trusted Birkin inspired bag. It literally fits everything but the kitchen sink in it. I love how classic the style is, and how you can wear it, both day and night. As it was a miserable day, I swear it didn't stop raining for the whole evening I wore plain black boots also from Penney's/Primark.
 Skirt,Scarf,Jacket&Boots:Penney's/Primark, Bag:Fran&Jane, Tshirt:Topshop

 I had a great time at the launch, and plan on doing a review of the gorgeous Butter London Summer collection as soon as I've gotten my shiz together after London! I've been manic busy as of late, with working loads, blogging loads and socializing although I must admit I don't do the latter as much as I want. I guess I'm one of those people that feed off deadlines and always being busy. When things settle down a bit more I'll take one or two days off to literally just veg on the couch and see my girls <3 

Hope you all have a great weekend! 

S xxx
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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Rimmel Apocalips Lacquers Review

Hey Beauties!
Happy Valentines Day <3 
Okay, If you've already read a gazillion reviews of this feel free to skip this post! I'll totally understand!  I attended the Butter London Launch last week, and myself and my blogger chum Laura popped into Boots on the way home, very naughty I know! After hearing rave reviews across the blogosphere. I must admit I was intrigued by the hype so I decided to chip in my two cents about the now infamous lip glosses.
As There was a Two for One on in Boots I decided to take advance and get these three. I picked up Luna, Celestial and Apocaliptic. I love the very clever names! I hate when beauty products have numbers instead of names, so this was a nice change for a drug store brand. From what I've gathered these are the most popular shades, and my personal favorites. I don't own too many different colour lipsticks. I'm either, nude, bright pink or red kind of gal!So I thought these would be a little different, yet still similar enough to try out! I'm definitely a creature of habit!
I purchased Luna, Celestial and Apocaliptic.
First off, I love this formula. As someone who suffers from really dry lips, and these Lip Lacquers are so moisturising! The shades are extremely pigmented, so you don't need to apply too much. At first glance the product comes out glossy on your lips, but after a little while it turns into more of a Matte finish. I have noticed that you need to reapply it about every two hours, and if you eat/drink you need to be careful as it tends to go all over your mouth. I might be a messy eater/drinker though! The applicator wand is perfect for applying, even with my shaky hands, and glides on without any hassle. As you can see they're super pigmented and makes your lips looks extremely kissable-perfect for Valentines Day. I would try it out on my date for tonight, but I'm sure everyone's against testing on animals ;)
A lovely coral shade, which is perfect for this time of year. It has peach tones as well, making it an extremely versatile colour. It's perfect to update your makeup look from Winter into Spring! It's a very wearable colour, that's a perfect finish to a natural makeup look. Coral is everywhere again this year, so it's absolutely perfect for this S/S!
I love this one! It's not too pink nor too pale. It's such a wearable colour. I don't own any shades this colour, so it's a welcomed change to my makeup bag! It looks different in the tube than on the lips, but I wouldn't worry about that too much. I've found this colour actually lasted the longest out of all of them. Maybe it's the face it's the closest to my lip colour, I don't know. Over all for me this is definitely the most wearable shade out of the three.
As a lover a bright Lippies It was no shock that I choose this gorgeous pinky red colour. It's absolutely gorgeous. It's so nice and vibrant and perfect if you want to make your lipstick the focus of your makeup. The shade is by far the nicest deep pink I own and I can't wait to wear it all day every day! (Slight exaggeration maybe!) The only downside I will say is you do need a lip liner, as this lip gloss goes all over the gaff.

Have you guys tried any Apocalips Lacquers?

S xxx
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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Maybelline "The Rocket Volum' Express" Review

 I'm forever looking for a good mascara. "They're Real" from Benefit I wasn't too pushed on, maybe it's the difficulty in removing it, or something? I'll try it again as I know pretty much the whole world loves it.  The lovely Laura, pursuaded me to get this after the Butter London Summer Collection last week. Not that it took much persuasions mind you! I was on the lookout for anew mascara, and she told me she heard rave reviews so I took the plunge, as did Laura!
When Buying mascara, I of course look at the brush. Normally I don't like plastic applicators, I'm more of a brush woman. I do like this brush though. as it's bigger than normal plastic applicators. My eyes are kinda small, one's kind of lazy(only very slightly lol!) so I'm always looks for an applicator which separates each individual lash, yet isn't clumpy to try and not draw attention to it! This mascara does just that. I normally curl my eyelashes before applying it, to give them a nice natural curl. I apply two coats, and voila. It's a great little product and for under €10 one can't complain to much ;)
Overall it's a good product, not the best I've tried, but not the worst either. The biggest Pro would be it doesn't flake under your eyes, and the biggest con would be it can be very drying on the eyelashes. I probably wouldn't repurchase it purely because I think I'm going to go back to Benefit's Bad Gal, as it works well on my lashes. If it aint broke, don't fix it, right?

Have you guys tried it? 

S xxx

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Monday, 11 February 2013

Daytime Sequins

Hey Beauties!,
I know Christmas seems like a million years ago, but I'm still clinging on to my sequins. I do love sequins, and love wearing them all year round, but I feel they're slight more appropriate during the colder months. I bought this jumper a little bit before Christmas and only worn it a couple of times but want to crack it out before (fingers crossed) the weather warms up. I wore this out to dinner with a friend.
Jumper:Penney's/Primark Scarf:River Island, Jeans:Asos, Shoes:Charlotte Olympia

I love this scarf, I saw it full price way back in October and held off, but then snapped it up for €8 in the sales just before Christmas, bargain or wha?! I wanted to dress this down, as the jumper is very glam and glitzy, a little much for a quick dinner after work! It's extremely big, and can be wrapped around a few times, which I love. For this look I decided to leave it fall in a really relaxed casual way! These jeans from Asos are a bit of a pain. They don't say tight and the wrinkle so easy which I hate :( Normally Asos are spot on with their clothes. I'm looking for a nice khaki pair of jeans/jeggings that actually don't loose their shape. If anyone knows any, please let me know ;)

S xxx
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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sunday Summary #3

Another week gone! Time really is flying for me lately. Next week I'm off to London, and I couldn't be more excited. I've worked a 6 day week this week, to allow for the time off, so I'm in dire need of a little getaway! It's Plus Size Fashion week as many of you probably know. If you're going please tweet me! I'd love to get to meet y'all :)
  • Still loving my Visual Merchandising course! It's only on for a 4 more weeks! It's intense but I'm so happy I'm doing it, even If I'm mad tired going after work.
  • I attended the A|wear Spring/Summer preview on Wednesday, and it definitely rekindled my love affair with them! Be prepared to see them a lot more on the blog! 
  • I went for my weekly treat to Avoca and met up with my very handsome pal Mark for lunch :)
  • I had Thursday off, and had a good lie in. It was badly needed I tell ya! I Had a lovely laid back lunch with my girl Lynne who I hadn't seen in yonks :) Had a quick Doctor's App(I'm A-Okay) and then headed off to a Butter London event. All their summer collection is absolutely divine! (Review coming soon!)
  • Caught up with an old work colleague Aisling for a coffee and a bit of window shopping! We definitely lusted over Topshop's jewellery, and I  have since made a little list for London ;)
  • After work on Saturday, myself and my chum Niamh, went and treated ourselves to Captain America's, after a very long week :)
  • Tonight after work myself and the usual Sunday crew made pancakes, in honor of Pancake Tuesday. They made me make my own! They don't want me moving to London with zero culinary skills! So now I can happily tick pancakes off the list ;)

Hope you all have a fabulous week ahead :)

S xxx
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Spring/Summer Wish List High Street Edition

Hey Lovelies,
Haven't done a wish list in a while! As a plus size girl, who is obsessed with fashion, I've never confined myself to Plus Size stores. My style is definitely trend lead, and I love keeping up to date with all the latest trends and styles. Unfortunately some plus size retailers aren't quick enough off the mark. Now don't get me wrong they has been massive changes with Asos Curve, Simply Be,Yours Clothing and Evans becoming a lot more trend driven, which is great. But as there not on my high street here, I tend to stick to the shops that are, and if I'm purchasing from one of the above companies I do so online. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I try everything I like on, regardless of the size and have found some gems, that I still treasure to this day! It's all about experimenting and trying different styles on girls :)

River island wishlist

River Island 
Going up to a size 18, River Island is great for plus size girls on the smaller end of the scale. Their sizes can be quite generous, and they often have loads of elasticated waisted skirts, and over sized tops! They're my go to shop on the high street for Blazers, pretty skirts and amazing accessories. The Beaded Headband...ERMAGAWD. I Love the Chanel inspired jacket, it will go lovely over a plain black dress and heels for night time, or equally as nice with jeans, and a white tee for during the day! The Pink jumper is very similar to a WildFox one, I had my eye on but for less than half price, I think I may have to pick this one up instead! Demin/denim look skater skirts are everywhere at the moment, and I love this one here! You can wear now with tights, but when the weather gets warmer it would be lovely on it's one, with a nice tanned leg!

A lot of plus size girls loathe Topshop, I know they stop at a size 16, but that doesn't mean you can't go in and try things on! Some people have been ranting saying they get "funny looks" by the sales assistants in there, but I for one have never experienced that. I think people are being a bit paranoid. Anyway... Here's what I'm looking at the mo from Topshop! I love their basics range, I've a couple of these dresses now, and there so easy to wear, they're flattering. They always have gorgeous knitwear, with funky motifs and colour! The crop top, is making huge comeback, and I'm just contemplating if I'm brave enough to rock this one! I'd pair it with a high waisted skirt, and little flats on a hopefully hot day during the Summer! I'm getting more and more into body con dresses as of late, and love this graphic print one! There's one thing you can't beat Topshop on, and that's their body con dresses!
Untitled #35
New Look
New Look in my opinion has come on leaps and bounds. It has it's own Plus Size Section Here, and there normal range goes up to a size 18. There price points are definitely the lowest out of these three, and their quality is on par.  Their clothing is very similar to both River Island and Topshop, so It's worth a look to see if you can get something similar with them. I for one, love their jeans! I'm not normally a jeans girl, but I just so happy to love the fit of these jeans! Their jeans are all good quality, and wash really well! Their jewellery is nothing short of amazing at the moment, and hopefully I'll pick up a few gorgeous pieces when I'm in London next weekend. I love this multi coloured speckled jumper, it's perfect for Spring, when it's still cold out, but you don't want to wear dark drab colours! 

 Well that's my Wishlist done for another week! I found it so hard narrowing them down! 
 If you would like me to do a plus size version, with all the plus size stores and my favourite picks, please let me know :)

S xxx
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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Review

Hey Beauties! 
I always get asked what foundation I use, so over the next few weeks, I'll review my top 3! I've managed to narrow it down ;) With working full time, and wearing a full face of makeup everyday, I've always been on the lookout for a nice foundation,which gives me maximum coverage, isn't too heavy and above all doesn't dry out, my already dry skin. Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation isn't a newbie to the blogosphere but it's definitely a good one.
It gives me great coverage, blends easily and leaves my skin glowing.The lasting power is also great, perfect for a girl who needs to wear makeup all day, everyday for work!  I apply it at about 8.45 am and by the time I'm home at 7 it's still looks just as fresh! It retails for around €12/13 which you can't really complain to much about! The finish isn't matte, but isn't dewy either, which I love! It's a must have for every beauty junkie, that wants something a little inexpensive! It would definitely work for you if you want:
  • A medium/full coverage foundation.
  • You want healthy looking skin. 
  • You want a natural finish. 
  • You want to be able to blend your foundation easily.
Another thing  I really love about this foundation is that you can see how much you have left, as the pump rises, with each use. A nifty little invention if you ask me. I always forget how much I've used if I can't see the product disappearing.  So now I know when I'm running low, and I can restock ;) The only downside I've found is that it doesn't blend as much as it should on my nose. What I do to avoid that is to put some concealer, and a little bit of Rimmel's "Wake Me up" as my nose seems to absorb that better. Anyone else get that same problem?!
I use Collection 2000 cream concealer before applying the foundation.  I then used Mac's "Mineralise Skin Finish" in Medium/Dark to set my makeup.  I then finished  it off with with MAC's "Dainty" blush, which I'm loving at the mo!I use to think that expensive foundations worked the best, and that cheaper alternatives weren't as good as them. Over the past year Both Bourjois and Rimmel have really opened my eyes and both are now staples in my makeup bag! It really does go to show you that you really should try cheaper products out! They definitely have saved me a lot of money!

S xxx

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Thursday, 7 February 2013

A|Wear S/S Preview 2013

Hey Lovelies,
Last week A|Wear got in touch with me, asking if I'd like to preview their Spring/Summer Collection. With A|Wear being an well loved Irish Brand I jumped at the chance. I've literally grown up with it, and loved that it was always a little bit cheaper than the rest of the High Street but their quality was never compromised. It was held in the swanky Merrion Hotel and it was a genuine pleasure to attend, and browse the collection. Needless to say, I fell in love with a few pieces...
Floral is always going to be on trend for Spring/Summer. Year in year out when the weather gets warmer, florals start appearing in every shop window. I for one, wear floral all year round, but the influx of floral prints coming into Spring is a very welcomed change to the dull drab colours. A|wear have introduced gorgeous blue floral prints this year, which makes it easy to wear during this transitional period, as well as being able to wear them when it gets warmer.
I'm so happy to see the leather sleeve trend is still on, as I currently own three of them, and I always want to get the most wear out of all my clothes, before they're no longer on trend! I'm actually obsessed with those Acid Wash Jeans, and need them in my life! They're a nice tight skinny jean, and give a nod to the 90's trend that seems to creeping back ever so slowly. As always their Knitwear is fab, and comes in lovely soft pastel colours, as well as your usual wardrobe staples of creams and grey's! Embellishment also seems to be still very much on trend, which is another trend I'm happy to see into S/S!
This dress is absolutely beautiful! I love the cut out at the front, and the tulip skirt, it's the perfect dress, that can be dress up or dressed down! The cut out is sexy, without showing too much skin. It would look great, as it is, or with a nice belt to enhance your waist. The little bag is only adorable, and really picks up on the orange in the dress, You couldn't buy the dress without the bag ;)
Monochrome is bag in full force! I black and white, when in doubt I always wear monochrome, it's chic,classic and every girl has some in her wardrobe. A|wear have mixed up monochrome this season, adding lace, polka-dots and stripes, which I love! They have a gorgeous white and black lace play-suit, that would just be perfect for a night out, with a nice bare leg and sky high black heels or during the day with a pair of thick tights and cute flats! Buying Monochrome is probably the best fashion trend you can buy, as it never ever, ever goes out of date/style!
Neon is back, thank god! I love anything that's extremely bright! They have everything from Neon Jeans to cute little sleeveless shirts, perfect for those hot summer days, we can only pray for! The jeans, are all skinny fit, which I love! These vibrant colours have really got me excited for Summer, now if only this blooming rain would stop!
If you're not too much into neon, and aren't a huge fan of bright clothes, but still want to buy into the trends I'd suggest going for this blue top. It's a gorgeous blue colour, has gorgeous embellishments around the neck(double trend, right there) and can't easily be worn with jeans, or even tucked into a skirt! 
It's no secret that I'm a handbag fiend, and was instantly drawn to this Lulu Guinness inspired clutches. It will be in stores in the next week or two, and retails at a very purse friends €15! I know i will definitely be picking this baby up! How amazing, and at a fraction of the cost of a real one. You'd nearly be mad not to buy it sure! ;)

Overall I had a great time browsing the collection, and definitely have my eye on a few pieces. I love A|wear, for not only their price points, but their quality. I've had dresses from them that I've bought for €40, and are still in excellent condition a couple of years later. I had kind of forgotten about them in the last number of months, but my love affair has well and truly been reignited!

What do you guys think of the collection?

S xxx
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