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"They're Real" Mascara Review

I've been wearing this mascara for what seems like ages now. I was a huge fan of Benefit's "Bad Gal" since I was a young teen, and even now it's still on my list of favourite Mascara's. With this Mascara being one of the best selling mascara's in the UK and Ireland (and possibly the world!) I thought I'd chip in my two cents. I've actually read a number of reviews of this, and some are mixed, so if you want to know my thought's keep reading gals..
 First things first the packaging. Never one to judge a book by it's cover I'm always optimistic in terms of products, and in the past have been proven dead wrong about products in not so great packaging. However with Benefit the packaging is always fantastic! Their one of my favourite makeup brands, and I've always loved their gorgeously cute packaging! They're products always draw me in by their packaging, and so far I haven't been disappointed. The Packaging of the mascara itself is very clear and not fussy, which I love. It's straight to the point, with orange and black writing on the tube itself. It doesn't need anything fancy, the results speak for themselves.
 "They're Real" is known by every beauty blogger and every beauty obsessed girl in the world! I've only met a handful of people who had a slight difficulty with it, but to be honest I don't think they gave it much of a chance. I for one am a huge fan of it (But wasn't always!) and as you can see over 90% like it, which is a pretty good result if you ask me! I've been using this for what seems like years at this stage, and constantly have a mini one in my handbag, in case I forget it in my makeup bag. Whenever you gals ask me about Mascara's through email and twitter I always recommend this one, if you're looking for full and voluminous sexy lashes, and what girl doesn't want that? 
 Like I've said I've been using this Mascara for ages, and I can see why it's Ireland and the UK's best selling Mascara. I'm a bit of a mascara junkie, and have loads on the go at once, always looking for something I like. When I first tried this, I'll be honest I wasn't impressed, and tossed it aside. Looking back now, I was just using the product wrong, and not removing it properly, which left me annoyed, though it's no one's fauly, but my own! However a couple of weeks later I couldn't find my Bad Gal, so opted for this and gave it a second chance, and I never looked back. It gives me such gorgeous full lashes, that I don't really feel the need to wear fake eyelashes, other than special occasions any more!
 What I didn't like originally was the brush. I felt it was quite hard on my eyelashes. I've used plastic brushes before, and have always been a bit funny in regards to them!Chances are the first time I used it my eyes were sensitive from my previous mascara. However with a light stroke and using the ball tip to get into the corners, my mind had been changed. You need to have a light hand for this mascara, and use short and light stokes until you get your desired look. Another thing I disliked about this mascara was it was quite difficult to take off. Before I didn't use eye makeup remover, but now I do, and it comes off easily! So that's a fault of my own, not the mascara's! I use to take the lazy way out before I was sent a Vichy Eye Makeup Remover in the post(Review next week) and fell in love! 
"They're Real" * by Benefit €26 
So after a couple of hiccups, I've decided I love it. Bad Gal still has a really strong place in my heart, and I will be alternating between the two, as I feel I'm cheating on Bad Gal! It retails for €26 it 'aint the cheapest mascara, but I do promise you'll love it. It's not so popular for nothing. You know me, I'm always honest with y'all so I would 100% recommend this for you! Beauty products can be really expensive and I only post things that I really like, and don't waste time review "so-so" products. I'm starting a whole new love for Benefit now! On my cheeks in the picture below is me wearing " Benetint" as a blush, and OMG I love it. It's nice and bright, and makes my cheeks looks nice and rosy without making me look like a cheap Barbie doll! 

I've converted most of the girls to this mascara now, and to be honest I'd say they're sick of me blabbing on and on about Benefit! I've gotten so far behind in my reviews, but I'll get them up for you soon! Everything is relaxed at the moment, so I'm trying my best to review as many items as I can before life takes over again! 

Let me know if you're a fan of "They're Real" and Benefit! 

Sian xxx


  1. This seems like a lovely mascara and I really would like to try it.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  2. That's a gorgeous photo of you Sian, what foundation are you wearing? "They're Real" is one mascara I keep meaning to try but never get around to buying it, it looks like it'd be great for nights out when you don't feel like applying false lashes :) xx

    1. Awh thanks Steff! It's Rimmel Wake Me up and Collection2000 "Lasting Perfection" Concealer. They're my two must have products! I'd definitely recommend it for nights out! :D xxx

  3. Looks great on you but I am not a fan of this mascara x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

    1. I'd honestly try it again! I didn't like it at all at first, but I'm so glad I gave it a second chance :) xxx

  4. I've been using this mascara for about two and a half years now and I've loved it from the first try! I never understand why people don't like it! I've never used a mascara that makes my lashes so long (and I've tested a lot of mascaras over the years). I love how it gives the look of extensions, but still looks very natural on. It's definitely one of my favourite mascaras (I love Badgal, in black and plum, too), and worth the money, but I agree it's a nightmare to take off. I think I need to invest in some make up remover, instead of relying on cleanser or cleansing wipes. I have to say your eyes look amazing, and the white liner trick always works! I have a lazy eye, too, but I don't think yours is at all noticeable! xx

    1. I think it felt it was quite harsh on my eye lashes on first application and now I use lighter strokes and love it! If I hadn't given it another chance I still wouldn't be a fan! I've never tried the Plum but it sounds lovely! If you get a good oil based eye makeup remove you'll never look back! I love the Vichy one! Awh thanks Louise, anything to try and make them look a little bit bigger! xxx


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