Saturday, 21 December 2013

Seventeen "Instant Glow" in "Pink Bronze" Review

Another Beauty Post for you ladies today. Apologies for my lack of outfit posts, but I've been up to my eyes with work, and other commitments that's making it incredibly difficult to take some snaps! I've a number of items to review, that I know you'll all LOVE too! I have a few days off for Christmas, so I'll try my very best between eating and sleeping to get some outfit snaps!Anyway, I don't know why but recently I've gotten more into bronze shimmer's instead of silver toned ones. I really, really love my LA Creative Highlighter (Review HERE) but I wanted something a little bit warmer. On my lunch break I ran into Boots in search of something to give me a new fix. I've heard a lot of good things about the Seventeen "Instant Glow Shimmer Brick" and decided to give their "Pink Bronze" a whirl. For under €7 it was rude not to! 
On first glance, the packaging isn't at all tacky, unlike most of their other products! There was only one left on the stand, so I hot footed it to the till (Also picking up Rimmel's "Wake Me Up" Foundation and my millionth "Lasting Perfection Concealer" I was as pleased as punch, and was excited to get home and swatch the bejaysus out of it! I was worried the colour pay off with either be chalky, too pale or too shimmery to wear casually on a day to day basis. The main selling point for me was, it's quite similar to the iconic Bobbi Brown Shimmer Sticks, and not wanting to splash that much cash I was delighted with this dupe. As it's not summer I went for the Pink Bronze shade instead of the Gold toned one. I'll be going away next, month for a week in the sun so I'll probably pick up that one too! 
With Four shades, all quite similar, and matchy it's the perfect combination. Starting at a very pale pink, to a nice bronze colour, you can use the colours separately or blend them together for a gorgeous glow. I've blended them all together, and I'm thrilled with the results. After I apply my Foundation,Concealer, Powder and Blush, I sweep this shimmer brick with my blush brush from Real Techniques, and am left with a healthy glow, that's not too shimmery just the right amount! I've used this for the past couple of days, and have grown really fond of it. It's perfect for the price, and it lasts the majority of the day. The only thing I will say is that I do need to do a couple of sweeps to give me my desired look. The different shades don't bleed into one another, no matter  how many times you swirl the product! Sometimes I find with the cheaper brands, the quality is awful, but I'm so delighted and surprised with the quality for such a low price! Below are a few swatches I've done to show you the colours separately!
They're all quite similar in a way, and they compliment each other. Over all I've really pleased I picked this up in Boots, and will definitely be re-purchasing it! Let me know in the comments if you've tried it! 

Sian xxx


  1. Im not normally into shimmery type make up but this looks really good !
    May have to pick one up next time i pop to boots :)
    Launa | Life As Launa

    1. I'd definitely recommend it :D xxx


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