Thursday, 5 December 2013

Floral Dress and Biker Boots..

Look at me, blogging away like normal! It feels great to be back, and I'm making the most of this little blogging spurt! Hope you don't get sick of me! I wore this the other day, running around doing some errands. It feels good to be back, doing what I love! Some things are a bit cloudy at the moment, so I just want to focus on this space and try and make it the best it can possible be. This is my number one passion ,and I hate being slack with it. If you're a blogger yourself you know the pressure to post/Tweet/Facebook/Instagram constantly so it's nice to of had a little break. With Christmas around the corner, I'm really hoping to do as much as I can, while I've the time, as let's hope in the New Year they'll be big changes around here! 
I got the dress from Asos for my Birthday last month, and absolutely love it. It's the perfect dress for running around, and you can dress it up too! It's got pretty 3/4 length sleeves, and I know I said in my last outfit post I hated 3/4 length sleeves, but this one has a little frill, so I have made a little exception. I love the print, and how transitional it is. It's going to be just as nice for Spring as it is for this Winter. I have a whole wardrobe full of floral dresses but there's something a little special about this one here. They have it both in the main range and in the Curve range, and I opted for the main range. The 16 is a really nice fit, and it's not too loose, nor too tight. Asos are definitely the best website their is! There is absolutely no competition, and they're never going to be beat, and although I've my favourite Plus Size retailers Asos will always be number one!
In Ireland it's absolutely Baltic, and I predict snow any day now. I've been wrapping up warm, and this jacket from Penney's is becoming a life saver.I never really think of Penney's for quality, but this coat has been fantastic. I got it for €35 at the end of September and it's proven to be quite the handy number. It's going a lovely fur hood, and looks far more expensive in my opinion! It keeps me nice and toasyt, whether I'm walking to work, or walking around town. I'm a bit of a coat hoarder and have far too many to count, but I'm extremely happy with this addition to my Winter wardrobe. Now the only problem is with Penney's/Primark is that everyone and their Mother is likely to have it. I was in Dundrum, the other day and saw three people in the space of an hour rocking it. They had it really casually, so I'm glad I mixed mine with a pretty dress!
I paired the pretty floral dress, and coat with Biker boots that I picked up for €20 in Penney's, last week. I absolutely LOVE them. This year I've become really into boots, and love all the ankle boots in all the shops. Penney's is my first port of call though, as the prices are really unbeatable. I've worn these babies to absolute death over the last couple of days. They're so comfortable and really easy to wear. I thought they'd be heavy, and clunky to wear but they don't clunk at all. I decided to pair it with a pretty floral dress to toughen up the look. I think the boots will look equally as nice with rolled up jens and an over-sized jumper for a more rock chic look.
  Penney's have been absolutely fantastic this year, and time after time they're coming up trumps. Half of my wardrobe this season is from them, and the quality is on par with the likes of Topshop. I plan to wear the dress with a fitted blazer, and a pair of black wedges for more of a night time dressy look along with a statement necklace! To complete this whole look I went for some Lilac lipstick as y'all know how much I like to coordinate! 

Sian xxx


  1. so cute! love the whole Outfit ;)

  2. Yey its good to have you back. Those colours are so you babes. looking lovely x x

    1. Thank Bebe! Hope to see you soon xxx


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