Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas Wish List

Okay, I know Christmas is in less than a week now (eek!) I decided to do a little Wish List, although this isn't really inclusive of Christmas! Christmas is getting closer, and closer and I for one can't wait! I've been currently working mad hours as retail at Christmas is MANIC! I've done most of my Christmas shopping already, and I'm glad to have it out of the way! I don't get paid until Christmas Eve, so I'm trying to save my pennies until then where I can go run around like a headless chicken getting the last bits and pieces! Although this is what's currently on my Wish-List it's also a good gift guide if you're looking to buy for your girly girl friend! 

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YSL Manifesto Perfume:
I've smelt this perfume a number of times, and I absolutely adore it. I'm not a huge fan of the YSL fragrances but this one is divine, and lovely for this time of year. YSL perfumes are widely available and this one isn't too expensive considering it's from a designer brand! It has some floral notes, noticeably Jasmine and Lily of the Valley! I'm a huge sucker for floral scents, and this one isn't too in your face! It's a perfect day-to-day fragrance. 

River Island Snood:
I love a good Snood! I'm always really cold, so scarfs and snoods are really essential this time of the year! I actually wear scarves all year round (bar when it's boiling hot!) but love the extra warm wooly ones that come into shops this time of year. When I spotted this in River Island, I was instantly drawn to it. It's neon, with a hint of black and I'd love to rock it with my black coats and blazers! 

River Island Coat:
For me, you can never have too much black. It's effortless, Chic and never goes out of style! I saw this one (same shopping trip) in River Island, and was drawn to the leather sleeves and how soft it was. It's an open coat, which I love, as if i'm wearing a nice top or jumper I always want to show it off! The leather sleeves are still on trend this year, but again because it's black you'll definitely get a few years out of this baby! 

Topshop Ankle Boots:
These Boots have been on my Wish List for months! They're the perfect boots for all occasions, and would look equally as nice with a pretty dress or your skinny jeans. The heel is high enough to wear on a night out, but comfortable enough to wear during the day! A simple black ankle boots, that will never, ever date. If these don't end up under the tree,I'll be running out on the 27th to pick them up! 

Yankee Candle:
Words can't describe how much I love Yankee Candle. All the scents are to die for and smell incredible. I personally love the sweet, clean and fresh scents. I love their Summer range! Funnily enough I'm not a huge fan of their Winter scents! I love their Christmas Cookie, and think it smells good enough to eat! I think for anyone a candle is a lovely gift! 

Cath Kidston Makeup Bag:
Again, with the girly theme! I love floral, and my makeup bag is growing and growing, as I've so many products I love, and use on a regular basis. This one is really pretty and is big enough to fit the essentials, but not too big to carry around! You can wipe it clean if there's any makeup spillages. It's a lovely gift to give and get, and would love pretty on my dressing table too! 

Floral Crown:
No surprise here! I'm a floral crown addict! The bigger, the better in my opinion. Although it's Winter, I miss wearing them! I'm on the lookout for a nice black one. This one from Crown&Glory is pretty awesome. Although it's pretty expensive! I've since found a cute shop all the way over in Australia that makes them and they're more reasonable and exactly the same! 

Naked 3 Palette:
Okay, okay I'd be a pretty bad Beauty Blogger if this wasn't on my list! Santa in fact has already bought me one! He just asked me to pick it up for him, as he wasn't able to pick it up. I've not looked at it or played with it since I bought it, and can't wait until Christmas Day to have a good 'ol swatch session, and create loads, and loads of different looks! 

Iphone Cover:
An I-phone cover, especially a stylish one is a great gift, and I'd love a funky one to go along with my Iphone (which has seen better days!) I've had my Iphone 4 for two years now, and it's really on it's last legs! I can't wait to upgrade to the Iphone 5! Marc Jacobs would probably be my go to for a cute cover, that doesn't cost an arm or a leg! 

Lush Bath Set:
As a girl obsessed with all things bath, and beauty, Christmas wouldn't be the same without some bath time goodies! I love Lush, and since I don't work in the City Centre any more I don't get to visit as often as I use to. I love their bath bombs, and bubble bars so much! However if Santa is reading this they have a great sale on after Christmas, so I'll probably pop along and treat myself in the January sales! 

Hope you're all set for Christmas! :)

Sian xxx

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