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Big Tights Company Review

For a lot of Plus Size gals tights are a struggle! If you live in Ireland or the UK, it's even more of a problem as you need to wear tights 11 months out of the year, if we're honest! When the Big Tights Company got in touch with me for a review, I jumped at the chance. I normally pick up my Tight's in Marks and Spencers or Penney's/Primark and every now and again Evans(But I find them really long on my short legs!) I'm always happy to promote small plus size companies, so I jumped at the chance to test them out, and I promised to let you ladies know!
After having a quick look at the website, I had decided the styles I wanted. It's a really easy website to navigate and you can narrow down your searches. They have a couple of different colours and styles so you're not bombarded with a million and one styles. They cater for a classic style and you even have the option to order one pair of tights for £1 to test them out, before you buy a multi-pack, which is fantastic! I wish more tight companies did this! I choose two pairs of tights. The 50 Denier and the 20 Denier in  I was send them in a couple of sizes.I find with tights(especially plus size) their usually, there isn't much of a difference in sizes, and you can wear a few sizes bigger and just be really comfortable. There really isn't anything worse than wearing tights, that are digging into you, or falling down! So when in doubt I always go up a size!  Anyway, after a few emails with the lovely Laura, my tights were on the way, and landed in my post box in two days! It's nearly quicker than Irish Delivery!

I was sent a number of sizes, and the smaller sizes were perfectly comfortable, although they were a lot more thick than 50 Denier, not a complaint for me though, as I love dark tights! When wearing the UK20-24 I felt comfortable, and I was safe in the knowledge that they wouldn't fall down, and they were pretty thick, and looked pretty black on my legs, which I love. Now they were still quite long on my legs, but they didn't bunch as much as the Evans one do. The tights are very soft, and have a lot of stretch in them. I loved these tights, and have been wearing them for a month now, and can vouch for the quality. I know sometimes with Marks and Spencer's tights, after a number of washes the tights loose it's softness, but these haven't!  The sit right up beneath my boobs, and they don't roll down, no matter what I'm doing! Definitely a winner, in my books! Although I would stick to the smaller size, as I was sent a pair in a larger size, and I had trouble keeping them up! Not a fault in the tights, just a sizing issue! 
I was sent the 20 Denier in a bigger size, and they were really dark, and not anyway sheer. Something I don't mind, but if you're a similar size to me, you might want to bare that in mind, if you're ordering! Again the tight's were extremely comfortable, and you can feel the quality in them! The Big Tights Company do the biggest range of tights, I've ever seen which is fantastic. Laura mentioned to me when we were emailing, that she sources her tights in Italy, and strives to get them bigger in the thighs! I've lost count of how many tights I've bought where the the thighs are on the small side, and it makes them really uncomfortable to wear! It was an absolute pleasure dealing with the company, and I will definitely be purchasing them, when I need some new tights. I would just always stick to the smallest size. If you're between sizes as well, I would stick to the smaller size as they do have a nice good stretch! However if you do want to test them out, all you need to do is pay £1! 

Sian xxx


  1. I love the big tights company too! I know they are a bit more expensive than Evans or M & S, but because the tights fit properly, they last so much longer, with gentle washing. It's so nice to have tights that fit over my chunky thighs, and cover my tummy, I no longer do the not-so-classy "hitch up my tights" move every few steps x

    1. Ha I know the Hitch your tights up! I know they're so comfortable, I'm wearing a pair now and they literally feel so so so soft! :) xxx


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