Saturday, 23 November 2013

Luxury Wish List

Hey Lovelies, It's not lie that I like a bit of luxury every now and again. I work a lot and always put a little money aside each month (running away money!) so at the moment I don't have any spare cash to indulge in anything fancy. Every year I like to buy something nice and I haven't decided what item I'll choose this year. I may buy a designer handbag (Style and designer to be chosen!) or a nice pair of Black Louboutin's! I've still no clue yet, and it all really depends on how much Holiday pay I get if I'm honest! Anyway even though I'm taking a little break and not ready to dive straight back in, I've compiled a wish list of things I'd love to buy someday...
Christmas Wish List
I think everyone has the right to treat themselves without judgement. I know a lot of people who will roll their eyes at a €700 pair of shoes or a €1,000 handbag. A lot of people think it's extremely wasteful but ultimately it's no one's business,what someone else buys. I love even looking at things I know I couldn't afford. Like a pair of Chanel earrings or a gorgeous pair of Miu Miu sunglasses! I think Santa is going to be extremely good and give me money towards a brand new Iphone as my Iphone4 is on it's last legs! All Iphone's go downhill after two years, which is a bit ridiculous, considering how expensive they are! I'm looking to get the Gold Iphone 5s and I couldn't be more excited! I love new gadgets and I can be guaranteed to be playing with it all over Christmas! I love little luxuries like a nice perfume or a Jo Malone candle. As much as I'm a fan of Yankee Candles, Jo Malone are in a league of their own and I would happily forgo a night of drinking to have one of these babies lighting in my room. They also make fantastic gifts for any woman! Same goes for mini luxury nail polishes! You get a taste of designer luxury, and you get to test out a few nail polishes! Deborah Lipmann is probably one of the more expensive nail polish brands, and it's great, because you get a chance to test a couple of colours out. For me I only wear nail polish for a couple of weeks anyway before something else tickles my fancy so a mini-set is perfect for me, and would be a great pick me up or a lovely gift! 

I love window shopping Designer brands, and saving up all my pennies to buy just one!  :)

Sian xxx


  1. Ooh lovely! I love luxury too but no pennies :-( I'm lusting after a prada tote and louboutins. Le sigh :(

    1. I know, story of my life :( someday! :) xxx

  2. Thats a very valid point. One night of drinking or a Jo Malone. 5 nights of drinking or a Michael Kors. That shall be my reasoning from now on!

    1. That's how I justify it anyway! ;) xxx


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