Friday, 8 November 2013

24 things I've Learnt in 24 Years

Today is my Birthday! I'm 24, and it literally feels like yesterday I turned 21! Twenty Three had been good to me, but I'm really looking forward to this year. I've no doubt new and exciting things will be on the horizon and I excited. My lovely and gorgeous friend Mark took me out and took the edge off turning one year older last night. The Prosecco and cocktails went down very nicely, and I'm not ashamed to say I'm not feeling great today! However with some TLC, Presents and a slap up meal in my favourite Chinese restaurant I'll recover. Getting older 'aint all bad! Last night I wore this Tutu dress from Topshop, myy much loved A|Wear Sequin Jacket and topped it all off with a statement necklace and a red lip! In honour of my 24th Birthday, I've decided to do 24 things I've Learnt in my 24 Years!
  1. Your family will love you unconditionally, and will always have your best interests at heart. 
  2. They will be this incredible support system that will fix everything from a broken heart to a broken spirit.
  3. Your friend circles will continue to grow, and new people will constantly come into your life. You'll eventually weed out the sly and awful "friends" but will be left with the best friends group of friends you could ever ask for. 
  4. Always fight for the underdog.
  5. University will teach you a lot more about life, than the actual subjects you studied.
  6. It will also teach you to cram for all your exams, pull all-nighters and how to drink shot after shot without getting sick. As well as that you'll learn that when you turn up to the wrong exam on the wrong day, the world doesn't end. A well constructed email to your professor and a large glass of wine will turn everything around. 
  7. You'll leave feeling even more confused then when you begun. but you'll be left with great memories and a lovely loyal friend who you met in one random Archaeology class.
  8. At times Life isn't fair, but you're just going to have to get over it. The sooner you learn this, the better.
  9. If people call you weight-related names, be thankful that's the only "bad" thing they can say about you!
  10. Don't follow your dreams, chase them.
  11. Your gut instinct is always right, Don't ignore it. 
  12. Own up when you've mad a mistake. You'll be far more respected than if you pass the blame on to someone else.
  13. Give people second chances. Everyone makes mistakes. However NEVER give someone a third one.
  14. Not everyone is going to like you, and that''s okay.
  15. Don't obsess over what people think of you, it's unhealthy. The people that love and support you won't ever judge you, even when you've done something incredibly foolish/embarrassing.
  16. Don't cut your hair yourself. It's stupid, and you'll end up looking like a mushroom.
  17. Don't ever settle for second best and It's okay to turn things down. People will think you're crazy but you know what's the best choice for you. 
  18. Success doesn't come easily and you'll fail more than once and probably more than twice too.
  19. Be kind to people. The people who aren't kind themselves, need your kindness the most. 
  20. Value and Nurture your friends, they're there for life, and you've got a good bunch there.
  21. Forgive AND forget. Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. 
  22. Don't judge anyone before you've gotten to know them. You've been proven wrong about people and now have the pleasure of calling them my friends.
  23. Cherish times with your grandparents, they won't be around forever. Same goes for your parents. They both do a lot for you.
  24. Stand up for yourself, your beliefs and your friends and let no one tell you, you're anything other than fucking fabulous.
Sian xxx


  1. Happy birthday beautiful girl! xxx

  2. Hi Sian,
    Happy birthday, you´re lovely!

  3. Happy Birthday! I love this outfit! Gorgeous!

  4. Happy birthday Sian! I hope 24 is good to you! xx

  5. Happy Birthday, love the list of 24 things :)

  6. Happy beloved birthday!! You look amazing :) x

  7. Some very wise advice! I wish I learned sooner to always trust my gut and stand up for myself. You are an incredible girl for just 24. Hope you had an awesome day. Freaking LOVE your outfit and that jacket ugggh <3

  8. Greetings from an American in Spain! I love your list! A lot of the things really resonated with me. Kallie xx

  9. Although I'm late: congratulations! I really love this list you made, it's so true! I like your optimism and happy atmosphere on this blog! X

    1. Thanks Deborah, I always try to be optimistic! :) xxx


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