Monday, 14 October 2013

River Island Wish List

It seems like a million years ago since, I've done a Wish List. I've tried to refrain from doing them when I've a lack of posts in mind, as I find them sometimes a bit half arsed and the lazy way out! However I'm back in full swing, and trying to blog as much as possible, while juggling everything else, and preparation is paramount for this! River Island is one of my favourite shops. It's affordable, on trend and there's always something I want to get my grubby hands on in stores! Now I will admit, they've crept up in price, and I'm not too happy about it, BUT as far as High Street stores go, they're smack bang in the middle!There's so many Items I want, I just though it would be quicker to bang them all together in one big wish list! I just wish, my bank balanced stretched that far..
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What I love about River Island is that they're not afraid to use print. I love print, I love crazy prints espeically, so I know where to go If I want something that's show stopping. I absolute LOVE this Jacket and Trouser Combo, not to everyone's taste but with a simple black T-shirt,Wedge Runners and a gold statement necklace, I really think this outfit would be really cool! They're open jackets are also only GORGEOUS and are great for busty girls! I find their Kimono's and Open Jackets run rather large, so a variety of sizes can rock them if they wish! This sparkly one, has my name calling it for my Birthday Celebrations next month, It would be effortless and classy for the refined woman I will be during that weekend! 

They've really funky Knitwear this season, ranging from quirky jumpers to oversized cardigans that are perfect for this transitional period, where it's not too cold to wear your big coat just yet, but too chilly to have a normal cardigan on! As always I'm obsessed with their Jewellery. They've stunning Statement Necklaces, amazing bracelet's and have an array of pretty cocktail rings, that I'll be stacking up this Autumn/Winter! Now I'm a bit funny when it comes to bags, I either love the style or hate it. I sometimes find their bags a bit hit and miss, but this Furry one is absolutely amazing, and right up my street! Now at €150 it's expensive but it would look gorgeous throughout the Winter, and if you look after it well, it will serve you for a few years! 

Are you guys loving River Island at the moment? 

Sian xxx


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