Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Pro Beauty Show Dublin Haul

Yesterday, I popped down to the Pro Beauty Show in the RDS. I had a budget of around €80 and here was what I picked up! It was my first time going to a beauty show, and I must say I was in Heaven! There was everything from Tanning Products, to nail polishes and I was like a kid in a candy store! I arrived along with my lovely Pal Roisin, and we went looking for the O.P.I stand and the Sleep in Rollers straight away! 
I met Roisin at One O'clock and we rambled in, not quite sure what to expect! After collecting my Press or "Make-up Artist" pass we were ready to rock and roll! It was absolutely packed when we arrived, I've probably never seen the RDS so packed other than UCD's exams ;) We set off for the O.P.I and the Sleep in Rollers stand straight away, but got sucked into the Crown Brush Stand! I could barely even look at all the brushes available as there was so many people crowded around. Eventually I got my grubby mitts on three brushes, for a grand total of €16 !
 The Crown Brush Stand, like I said was jam packed! They had most of their range from Concealer Palette's, Eyeshadow Palette's and a huge array of brushes! I didn't realised, how many they stocked until I saw them all in the same place! I put my hands up here, and I'm not a big brush fiend. I want to get a good set for Christmas, but I've been perfectly content with my Real Techniques for the last year. I love doing smokey eyes, and I've been searching for good blending brushes, and I think I've found not one, but two in Crown Brush! I also bought a big one, to pat shadow all over my lid! 
On first touch, these brushes are incredibly soft. The flat brush cost only €4! I couldn't get over the price! I would of happily walked away with a lot more brushes if I had more money! I used it this morning, and I love it! the Bristles are soft, and it doesn't feel scratchy, like other brushes, for the same price! I've tried the black blending brush, and I can safely say, It's going to become a firm favourite. It blends eye-shadow with ease and I loved the look I achieved! I haven't used the middle brush yet, but I've high hopes, considering the other two were fantastic!
Crown Brush were also offering a Nude Palette however, at €25 I decided to leave and come back, and find out if there was anything better around the place, as since I'd only just arrived! I was actually just going to head back, when we found the "Fushia" Stand. Fushia is an Irish Company, that's only recently launched and I was delighted when I came across a GORGEOUS nude palette for €20!Like Crown Brush Fushia were jam packed, and if I'd known how fantastic their products were, It would of been one of my first few stops. I loved every single colour, and the quality looked amazing, so I gave it a whirl! 
As you can see, the colours are extremely versatile and wearable. I hate nothing more when palettes have all these mad crazy colours in them, when all you want is a few or colours that you'll be able to wear! Every single one of these colours are colours I'll wear. They'll take me from day to night, and I know it was probably the best €20 I've ever spent. They don't crease, and they stay in place. Along with my Urban Decay Primer Potion they've lasted 10 hours so far! Let me know, if you want me do a few looks with this palette and give it a proper review!
 The O.P.I stand was fantastic, they had an array of Nail Polishes in all different colours! I've a lot of nail polishes, so I decided to restrain myself and only get these two colours, which I think will be perfect for this upcoming Winter. I love dark nail colours and I love the colours O.P.I come out with, as they're so unusual and you're not likely to get cheaper knock off's! They usual retail for around the €12 mark, but on Sunday they were selling them for a bargain €6! I love this colour, as they're a few colours running throughout the purple, and it catches the light beautifully!
 I picked up this colour too, It's not red, it's not pink it's a mixture between the two, with a gorgeous gold shimmer, running throughout! It will be perfect for Christmas! I'm a huge lover of O.P.I and this has really rekindled my love for them! I can't wait to start painting my nails and tootsies with these colours! Looking back I'm so glad I picked these two colours, as I was thinking of going for "Alpine Snow" too, and although it's gorgeous, in reality I wouldn't really wear the white, half as much as these colours! Like all Nail Polishes I give my nails three coats, along with a base coat, and top coat. I find it doesn't matter how good or cheap your polishes are, if you don't do a base and top coat your nail polish won't last any length of time.
I've wanted Sleep in Rollers for ages! I've crazy hair, and I've always been intrigued by these and can't wait to test these out, and I will definitely do a review of these when I use them! The stand was big, and full of Scousers, which I loved! I got heart printed ones in a heart printed bag, along with a DVD and some clips for a total of €10! They usually retail for around the €20 mark, so I was pleased! I also picked up a brush to for a fiver, so I was definitely happy with these purchases! They had loads of products, and even had rollers with glitter in them, which would be a great Christmas present! 
The sheer thought of sleeping with a ton of rollers in my hair is quite scary, as someone who enjoys a good rest, I can't imagine having a restful night sleep with them in, but I've read a ton of reviews, and everyone seems to say they're extremely comfortable and you don't really notice them after awhile! I will of course be giving a full in depth review for you all, and I promise to be brutally honest. In the mean time if any of you have tried them, please let me know in the comments what are your thoughts on them! :)
Walking past a little stand I saw a sign for "Eyebrow Shapers" having picked these up in the States, and loved them it took no time in me picking these little bad boys up! They're perfect for in-between waxing or threading and keep your stray hairs at bay! For €3 you can't go too wrong, so I picked them up as did Roisin! My only complaint is that, they're bigger than the ones I got in America, so I don't know how I'll manoeuvre them around my eyebrows, without shaving them off completely ;)
Well that's my little beauty haul! I'm delighted with my purchases, and will definitely be saving up for the next Pro Beauty Show! ;)

Sian xxx


  1. The Fushia eyeshadow palette looks amazing! I think I would get wear out of every single colour, and all for €20 it seems like such a bargain! I'd love to see a little review with swatches if you get time :) xxx


    1. It's AMAZING! I'll definitely do some swatches in the next week or two! :) xxx

  2. That palette is incredible, great haul!

    1. I know, it's the best palette I own! :) xxx

  3. Replies
    1. It's amazing! I love it so much! xxx

  4. We have fuschia make up in work and it's a brilliant range. They do a brilliant gel for setting glitter. Mascara is one of the best I've ever tried. Pigments are on par with Mac at a fraction of price

    1. I absolutely love it! Oooh I'll check it out! :) xxx

  5. Those brushes look deadly! I'd love if you could do a review of the Fuschia palette, I'm hoping to go to the show in March when it's on again and hopefully pick up a few bits so a review would be great :) xx

    1. I certainly will! I'll have it done by the end of next week! :) xxx

  6. Ohh love all the stuff you got! Your palette looks fab too, so much choices!! Love your OPI choices too:)


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