Thursday, 10 October 2013

Mac Up the Amp Review and Swatches

You all know how much I LOVE bright lipsticks, I'm constantly rocking a bright pink, bright red, or more recently a bright orange. I was recently in the UK, and had some Sterling left over so I decided to go to Mac, and treat myself! I was a bit overwhelmed with colours but I knew I wanted something a bit more brave, instead of my usual "Snob" or "Creme Cup". I wanted something that would get me through the Autumn, and though that "Up the Amp" would be perfect! I love the colour, and as you can see it's been used a lot in the last month. It's such a gorgeous purple, without being too in your face.It's described on the MAC website as a "Lavender Violet" which describes the shade perfectly. It's not extremely dark but it's not pale either! I'm really into all those Autumnal colours at the moment, so I've a lot of clothes to match with the lippy! I know for a fact this little gem, will become a staple in my Make-up collection this Winter. 

In terms of moisture it's lovely and soft, and doesn't dry out my lips, as much as some other colours do! Lasting power in this wouldn't be too long, as the colour is bright enough. you will need to retouch it after eating or drinking! It glides on effortlessly , leaving a lovely creamy texture on my lips. With one sweep your lips ae opaque. It leaves your lips shiny, giving you gorgeous looking lips! If you're looking for a colour that's bold, but not crazy, I'd highly suggest Up the Amp. Like all MAC's prices I wish they were a little cheaper as they're edging closer and closer to €20! Anyone else remember when they were €13 something? Anyway, with "Up the Amp" you get a great quality product, a highly pigmented colour and I know this doesn't make a difference but it smells nice, like all MAC lipsticks do! The biggest positive would probably be it suits a wide range of colourings from Light to Dark, and although it's vibrant you're not going to look like you've dressed up for Halloween prematurely!Over all, I love this Lipstick, and I'm so glad I gave it a shot! I'm already on the lookout for my next MAC lippy, so please feel free to comment below on which one you'd recommend! 




  1. I love this lipstick, one of my favourites :)

  2. This is one of my favourite MAC lippys and it looks lovely on you!! xx

    1. Awh thanks hun! It's definitely one of my favs now :) xxx

  3. GORGEOUS color. Had a scarf in my hand the EXACT same color last week and I had to run before I could purchase it. Now I MUST go back for it. :)
    Absolutely LOVE your blog.

    1. Oh a scarf would be gorgeous in that colour! Awh thank you! :) xox


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