Monday, 21 October 2013

Blank Canvas Supporting Breast Cancer

As you're all probably aware October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Everyone woman, no matter what their age is should check their boobs on a regular basis. It's more important than any beauty regime you'll ever do. Get into the habit of doing it while you're younger, so it becomes second nature to you. If you feel anyway like there's something wrong, pop along to your Doctor to put your mind at ease! Remember it's better safe than sorry! :) Every year loads of organisations and brands get involved with the fight for a cure, and Blank Canvas are not exception. They're selling their best seller "F20" in a vibrant pink, with every €1 going to Breast Cancer Research (On ALL sales btw!). As Tesco say "Every little helps". So not only are you supporting the cause you'll get the nicest pink brush to add to your collection. A win-win, no? I for one, have a million and one black brushes, and this one is perfect to add a bit of colour to my makeup brush collection.
The "F20" brushes is a gorgeous buffing brush, which I personally use for applying my foundation. It's extremely easy to use, blends my makeup beautifully, and doesn't use half as much product as some other brushes I've used recently. It sweeps over my face effortlessly, and I find myself taking less time applying my foundation - a task I find ever so tedious. On first inspection the bristles are extremely soft, the handle is wide enough to ensure a steady grip.It's probably the softest brush in my collection at the moment, and it's most definitely the prettiest! I've a couple of brushes from Blank Canvas, and use them both on a regular basis, so I was excited when I get the chance to test this one out too. 
The F20 brush can be used for a lot of things. It's ideal for not only use on liquid foundation, but cream and powder products as well, making it extremely versatile. So you can use it for foundation, for blushes, and even a bit of contouring if you're in the mood! Blank Canvas, aim to give you the best possible quality, for a great price point, and this brush is great quality for under €14! It claims to give you a "HD Finish on your foundation" and it certainly does just this. It's been added to my everyday makeup bag, and I can't see it being replaced for anything else for a good while! Blank Canvas, as also an Irish company, so I'm more than happy to support them. I would say they're on par with MAC brushes for a lot less. I don't know about you, but I feel MAC brushes have had their day. They were fantastic, when there wasn't much choice on the market, but now with a million and one brush companies sprouting up offering great prices and quality, they're lagging behind. 
As you can see, it's a duo-fibre brush, and honestly the bristles don't all start falling out, the second you use it (Unlike MAC!) Now obviously with your first few uses, you'll get the odd fall out, but I don't have to manually pick off each hair from my face, after an application. If you use it, with a light hand it gives you a fabulous finish, and your makeup looks extremely natural! Overall, this is a fantastic brush and with €1 going to Breast Cancer, it's a great buy! Offer runs until the 31st of October so get a clicking ladies, you won't regret it! Follow the link here to get yours!Hot Pink F20 Flat Buffing Brush You girls know, that I don't plug products that I A)don't like B)don't use and C)don't 100% believe in. So I'm more than happy to back Blank Canvas, and look forward to them growing, and growing! 
And in honor of this post, here's a great, easy step guide to check your Breats,Bangers,Boobs, Tits, Ta-ta's whatever you wanna call them! 

Sian xxx

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