Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Yours Clothing Wish List

As you all know, I'm a huge fan of Yours Clothing. I love their price point, their quality, and the vast amount of choice on the Website. If you're observant I've 4 items in my cart at the moment! Catering for women from a size 14-32 they have you covered, if you're looking for fast fashion, that won't just last one season. I was introduced to them two years ago, and  it's safe to say we've formed a fantastic relationship. On my recent trip to Manchester I popped into their store in the Arndale Shopping Centre, and feel even further in love, and the staff were an absolute delight! I've a little treat for you Plus Size girls, if you've yet to try Yours Clothing, but before I let you in, on that,I'm going to do a Wish List. I love doing Wish Lists, as it gives me a chance to see what stands out to other girls, things that I necessarily mightn't see at first glance. Because of the vast amount of choice, I find it hard to narrow it down on the website, so I've decided every once in a while I'll do a little wish list (Same goes for Simple Be and Asos, so keep an eye out!) I've chosen to put together an Autumn outfit, as the weather has well and truly taken a turn. As I type this the Wind and Rain and banging against my Window!
As a girly girl, I love a good dress. I'm never that comfortable in something fitted, so I love a nice dress/tunic, that comes in under my bust and flows out over the 'ol tummy. This Grey and Pink Floral Short Sleeve Tunic is a great transitional piece. It's a gorgeous dark grey colour, with an Autumnal flower print. The Dress is extremely feminine with the puffy sleeves, and the frill at the bottom, so adding a belt like this Black Jewel Clasp Belt will enhance your shape and  would suit this style of dress.Bonus points for it to be extra pretty! For this weather, I love Cardigans. They're perfect for when It's not bitterly cold, but you still need to  be covered up. This Grey Marl Cardigan compliments the dress better than a stark black one would be. The dress has a few different shades of grey subtly throughout, so you'd be matching without being too obvious! 

It's an easy dress to match items to. I personally would keep it simply with Black Boots. Yours Clothing cater for gals with a wider calve, which is a life saver! I really like these Stretch Wedge Pair. They're dressy, not too high, and can take you anywhere, and under €50 you really can't go too wrong!  As the dress, isn't exactly long a pair of thick tights is essential. This Pair Here are 120 Dernier, and have a range of sizes, so you'll find a pair to fit you best. As you know, for me an outfit isn't completed if you I don't have a Statement necklace, This one HERE, compliments the dress perfectly, and isn't too much for a day to day wear. As there is a chill in the air, a Scarf is a must. I'm a huge fan of snood style scarf, as your neck is completely covered and you don't have to worry about it being blown away! This one HERE again is a dark grey, another colour shown in the tunic, so you'll be perfectly coordinated without looking like you've tried too hard! To complete the look this Large Studded Shopper is perfect. You can take it to Work, Uni, Shopping etc.. It's the type of bag, that if you're like me and carry around the Kitchen Sink will suit you down to the ground!

I've a little treat for those of you who haven't tried Yours Clothing before! By using the Code :BLOGGER9 you can receive £10 off a £20 spend on Full Priced Items, thanks to the lovely ladies over at Yours Clothing! Every little helps, in this day and age, eh? So if you haven't tried them out, now is a good time ;)

Sian xxx



  1. Omg! I am so in love with this blog post, that outfit is legit perfect and I want it now haha! Great picks and thanks for the code, that shall be going to good use! ;) x

    1. I know, I want it now too! Happy Shopping ;) xxx

  2. Love that dress-the floral and the colours. Grey is such a fab alternative to black in autumn/winter. Oh and I've been eyeing up that necklace already! It's really pretty in person. I saw it out of the corner of my eye in the store and was like a magpie!


    1. Great Minds, think alike - I'm a Magpie too! xxx

  3. Sweet outfit inspiration! :)


  4. I love yoursclothing atm :) that necklace is fab needs to go on my little wishlist :)

    1. I know, it's lovely, isn't it! xxx


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