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The Body Shop: Heavenly Hands Set Review

With Autumn in full swing, I'm looking for products to get me through the season. One thing I absolutely loathe is dry and cracked hands. There's nothing more painful, and when the harsher weather comes, I'm constantly wearing gloves. Hand and Nail cream have never been a high priority for me. The more, and more I read about the benefits, the more I wish I did incorporate them into my skincare routine. Last year I tried the Vaseline one, and really noticed a difference, however that soon gathered dust on my dressing table, as the tube, although not big annoyed me rolling around at the end of my bag! These three Hand and Nail creams from the Body Shop are perfect for your handbag, so I'd definitely pop one of these into my handbag so I'd use it! These Hand Creams come in three 30ml tubes, so even if you don't carry around big bags, they'll fit nicely into a smaller one. 
After testing all three Hand Creams out, my Favourite scent has to be the Wild Rose. As a lover of anything floral, this was always going to be my favourite! The Almond Hand and Nail Cream comes a close second, as it's quite subtle but smells gorgeous. I'm still undecided on the Hemp Hand Protector I found this cream, left my hands the softest, but I wasn't a huge fan of the scent! Now don't get me wrong, it's not awful, it's not really strong or anything, but it's not as sweet as I'd usually go for! However it's highly moisturising and the scent is something I can look past, as like I said it's not strong in the slightest. This set contains three hand creams, all targeted at different skin types. This little set would be a perfect present for someone, giving them the chance to test out all three! It's also a nice little pick me up for yourself if you're undecided on what hand cream you want to pick up, and would like to test a few! 
Heavenly Hands Set*
Almond Hand&Nail Cream is for all skin types. It's meant to keep your hands and nails in tip top shape using Almond and Brazil Nut oil. My hands were left soft, and I did like the scent, however It's not my favourite in terms of moisturising. It did leave my nails and cuticles looking and feeling a lot better, so I would most likely repurchase it, purely based on that! 
Wild Rose Hand Cream is for mature skin. They say hands show ageing first, so It's good to be conscious of it, before the damage starts! This was definitely my favourite scent, and although I'm only 23(turning 24 soon!) I'd still pick this us! It would also be a lovely little gift for your Mum, Nan or Auntie. The cream is also thick, but not as thick as the Hemp Hand Protector. It blends in easily, and left a teeny bit of residue on my hands, nothing to stop me buying this again though!
Hemp Hand Protector is for very dry skin, which is why it was the most moisturising out of the three! It contains Hemp Seed Oil, which is widely known for it's hydrating properties. I found this cream slightly thicker than the other two, but it sunk into my skin quickly, and didn't leave my skin with a greasy residue. Like I said previously I'm not a huge fan of the Hemp Seed Oil scent, but this is the one I would go to during the Winter to keep my hands soft and subtle!

Sian xxx


  1. I haven't been to a Body Shop for what feels like ages; I always loved their body butters and lip balms. Such gorgeous scents xx

    1. You'll love the Smell of these so! :) xxx

  2. I've just got a tube of the almond one free with a voucher from one of those voucher websites. I'm really impressed with it so far.

    I've used the hemp one in the past and remember getting a bit bored with it after a few uses. But saying that at the time I wasn't a massive user of hand cream where as I use it all the time lately x

    1. Oh yeah, I wish I picked one up now, for when this one runs out! ;) xxx


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