Friday, 27 September 2013

Jasper Jewellery Review

I'm all for supporting Irish companies, I even work for one! When Jasper Jewellery contacting me last week, I was eager to check it out. I've a rather funny taste in jewellery. I have my few Tiffany&Co items for special occasions and from special people but I'm really all for cheap and tacky Jewellery! I love my statement necklaces, and for me the more flashy the better! On first inspection of the website, I wasn't quite sure on what to get... In the end I ended up ordering a Black Swaroski Crystal Bracelet. I don't own a lot of bracelets, and I wanted something I could wear on special occasions as well as to work or for out to dinner. I can home from work on Wednesday night, after a long day and saw a little parcel waiting for me! It was wrapped beautifully, and it was a lovely little package to come home to.
It comes beautifully wrapped in a colour wrapping paper with a bow around, as with all purchases, so it's perfect for a gift so you don't have to worry about wrapping! It was presented neatly in a black box, with blue velvet on the inside, where the Swarovski crystal really stood out. What I miss about buying cheap jewellery is that it's never presented nice in a nice box, and you don't feel special! On first inspection, the bracelet is beautiful. The Purple and Blue gems are gorgeous, and the little heart charm makes the bracelet extra feminine. It is described on the website as:"Elasticated Swarovski Crystal Bracelet. Sparkling, faceted jet lantern beads and petite silver tone rings are complemented by additional pale violet and tanzanite lantern beads. Miniature bauble Austrian beading and finished off with a delightful metallised multifaceted pale violet heart shaped Swarovski crystal. This Elasticated Swarovski  Bracelet is very easy to slip on as you rush the door." 
Black Elasticated Swaroski Crystal Bracelet* €50
As you can see for €50 (It's on sale for €40 right now) you're getting a bargain. It's the perfect gift although it's dressy, it's a very versatile piece, that you can wear all the time. I definitely want to wear more bracelet's, so I know I'm going to get the wear out of it. I wear black and neutral colours a lot, and it would be the perfect accent to dress it up!  The Customer Service was fantastic, and I had every faith my parcel would arrive like precious cargo! In these recessionary times, I was delighted to receive fantastic customer service from the team, and I would gladly order from them in future. I also love that it's elasticated, for not one, but two reasons. I hate fiddling with clasps and if you're on your own it can be near impossible to close it, and I love that it will fit regardless of what wrist size you have. So if you've small wrists or larger wrists this bracelet will fit you perfectly. I choose this bracelet as it's perfect for the upcoming Autumn/Winter. The deep purples, pinks and blues will fit in perfectly with my Autumnal wardrobe.You can check out Jasper Jewellery Online, where they stock a whole range of Swaroski necklaces, bracelets and rings! The website is easy to navigate through,you can sense it's a small Irish company, which I personally love, and I wish them nothing but success! They also stock a whole range of Jewellery, that although isn't all my taste, people with a finer taste in Jewellery will appreciate :)

Sian xxx


  1. stunning bracelet

  2. Love the bracelet, but I am over elastic bracelets, more times than not the elastic breaks after a while. Give me a clasp anyway, even though they are frustrating, they last a lot longer than elastic ones. Have a lovely weekend :)

    1. I definitely see your point, but I love how easy this is to slip on, and I find if you're careful with it, the elastic won't break :) xxx

  3. Very pretty and almost looks amethyst.


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