Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Are you ready for Autumn?

It's official Autumn is here! I've packed away my Summer clothes and have taken down my Winter wardrobe from the attic! I've said this before, and I'll say it again. I love Autumn. I love the colours, I love wrapping up warm and I love Layering. Working in retail, I've been working with Autumn Winter clothes for a while now, so with the weather turning, I'm getting really excited to wear them. When it comes to this time of the year, I look to River Island, Topshop and H&M to update my wardrobe. I find the quality good in all three stores, and although some are more expensive than the other's I find Topshop and River Island bang on trend, and I've clothes from both stores from four, five and six years ago, that's still in perfect condition, and for stylish basics, I always head to H&M!

River Island Wish List

River Island. 
Their Rihanna collection really didn't impress me at all. It's what I can only describe as Blah. I haven't done as much shopping in River Island last season as I've done in the past, but their A/W stock is fantastic. I love their coats, and their knits. They have a collection of knitwear with fantastic price points, as well as Faux Leather jackets under €70! You really can't go too wrong! For now, it's not bitterly cold, so layering up a cute mini or maxi skirt is perfect. I love this gorgeous purple maxi you can wear it with a leather jacket, an autumnal floral crown and cut out boots for a look that's on trend, and will still keep you relatively warm. Pair the mini, with a lace crop top, tights and boots with the same jacket, and you're good to go. Although I will add, that once it goes past September I don't recommend rocking the crop top trend! 
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Topshop is my go to store (when they have size 16's!) and lately they've had gorgeous things for Autumn/Winter! Now I will admit something are overpriced, but if it's something you know you'll wear again, and again it's worth the cost per wear. Like River Island, I love Topshop's knitwear. Their Cardigan's last me years, and are so soft on my skin! For this time of year pretty skater dresses are perfect to wear with a pair of black tights and boots. All you need to do is throw on a chunky knit or a leather jacket and you're set to go! They've loads of cool quirky patterns this year, that makes it easier to match,I normally choose a complimenting colour or a colour in the pattern.For me a denim shirt is the perfect transitional piece. you can wear it on it's own, or layered up, add a statement necklace and you're set to go! I personally love pairing a shirt under a loose jumper to keep you cosy, and stylish. 
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H&M has to be one of my favourite stores. I can run in on my lunch break, and pick up something nice for under twenty quid!  They have fantastic basics, and most of the time are fantastic quality. Although They have two different materials of leggings, and the more stretchy pair are far more better quality than the less stretchy version (Just F.Y.I) Everything here can be mixed and match for a number of different looks! I love leather skater skirts. They're flattering, comfortable and can be dressed up or down. A Parka jacket is perfect for this time of year, as they're not as warm as wool coats. Khaki jeans are a great alternative to black or blue jeans and can go with an array of colours. H&M aren't known for crazy colours, which I love. It's simple, classic and you're always going to find something you're looking for! 

Are you guys ready for Autumn?

Sian xxx


  1. I'm loving all the H&M picks, especially the skirt and dress! Need to be picking more colours though.... Can't wait to pick up a few bits for Autumn/ Winter!

    1. They're lovely aren't they! I know it's so exciting shopping for A/W! :) xxx


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