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Being the crazy online shopper that I am, I'm constantly waiting for the postman. If I'm not fast asleep, I'm at work, so more often than not I end up missing the post. Sometimes, my lovely postman sees the car there, and leaves my parcel in the postbox for me, but more often than not it looks like no one is home. They always deliver the next day, at approximately the same time, and again more often than not I'm not home at the time either. Which makes it rather difficult to get my new dress or new shoes! With working all the hours I can, I get stressed out and usually my poor Mum has to make time out of her day to drive up and get it for me, as my depot is quite far away, unlike my local post office that's just up the road. So I know the woes of postage and wish there was a better service provided by some online retailers. 
 I was recently introduced to the Parcel Delivery Service ParcelForce by a friend and of course by ASOS, who you all know I shop with on a weekly basis! I just wanted to share with you what a nifty service it provides. If only all online retailers had a delivery service as customer friendly as this one. It's the perfect way to receive parcels from all over the world.  If you're living the UK they offer a great service in which you they can collect your parcel and send it anywhere you like. It's a great service if you're a busy bee like me, and don't really have time during the week to nip to your post office! If you've friends living in all parts of the world, it's a great service so you can send them little gift packages and cards safe in the knowledge it will get there on time and swiftly. A friend of mine has just recently moved to London for the Summer. London isn't that far away I know, but I miss her all the same. Last week, I was chilling at home, when a ParcelForce van pulled up. I wondered had I forgotten something that I'd ordered as I wasn't expecting any packages but it was from my friend! She had sent me Sleek Make up that I've been babbling on about that I can't get over here, and I was smiling for the whole week. Thanks again Sarah if you're reading this <3 I LOVE YOU! (Look out for a review soon guys!)
  Browsing through the website, you can avail of multiple options for delivery. You can track and trace a parcel so you can see where your parcel is, so you're not worrying and waiting anxiously. There's so many options and you're safe in the knowledge that your parcel will arrive on time. What impresses me most about them is that if you choose "Global Express" They will deliver your parcel to the U.S, Canada and Europe in 1 working day, and 2 days for the rest of the world, which is amazing. Of course it's not cheap, but if you need to send something urgently to the other part of the world it's a great service. An extra bonus is that you can pay for a parcel up 30kg for more locations (10-15kg more than most airlines will allow you to bring on a plane!) So when you're sending a parcel you're not worrying about weight restrictions! Again you pay for it, but if you need to send a heavy parcel, I'd personally look to Parcel Force first, before anything else. Now they do have package size restrictions but again you've so much allowance unless you're sending the kitchen sink in the post, you should be covered. Although on the off chance you do want to ship the kitchen sink there is an option to send it in freight up to 1500kg!
The whole website is well laid out, and easy accessible. Absolutely no fuss! You can choose between multiple options for international and the UK. They also have phone numbers which you can contact in relation to any parcels or queries you need answered that aren't already on the "FAQ" section. It's a great service, and I just wanted to share it with you!

Sian xxx


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