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Glam Glow "Super Mud Clearing Treatment"

Unless you've been living under a rock for ages, you'll know what GLAMGLOW is. Originally used by Hollywood movie stars, it's made it's way to us mere mortals. As with any beauty product with hype surrounding it, I was intrigued, especially since I heard the gorgeous Michael Buble was a fan. I always love discovering new face masks, as I wear them about once or twice a week to give me skin a bit of a treat. It comes in slick expensive looking white package, that makes you want to open it! As it's a "detoxifying face mask" I was even more eager to try it out! I love anything with the word "detox" in it, and can be easily sucked in! I've used this a number of times already, and it's safe to say I'm hooked.
Now first things first, I'm not one for spending money on skincare, funnily enough I'll splash out a couple of €'s on a nice designer handbag, but I always think that expensive skincare is a rip off, and that you can get good quality dupes at a much lower price. At around the €50 mark it's expensive, and I was apprehensive about it.  Is it worth the €50 price tag, for only a 34g jar and for someone who loves to trowl it on to my face, I couldn't see it being good value for money. Forever the Sceptic, perhaps?  It claims to give "mind blowing results" in helping to fight blemishes, visible spores, black and white heads, razor burns and ingrown hairs. With hormonal breakouts being a lovely side affect to being a girl, I was happy to test it out when my skin was in dire need of some help!
There's no doubt that thought went into the packaging, and upon opening you see nice touches! I know it sounds mad, but it's the small touches that really impress me! For someone who NEVER reads any sort of instructions I loved the colour leaflet, which were full of pictures and kept my attention - a rarity! The leaflet is informative and made me even more eager to give it a go! It's been raved about all over the world, and I haven't read a bad review yet, and I've trawled through a lot of them! If all the celebs in the states are raving over it, it must be good! Now as I said with it being about 50 quid, this product would want to be good for me to splash out on another tub.
The mask itself is a dark grey colour, which is a little bit intimidating! Who wants to put grey muck on their face? There's simple and clear instruction on the jar itself if you loose the instructions, so you never forget the correct way to apply it, another common problem for me! "Apply a thick layer of Super Mud all over your face or directly onto the spot. Leave it on up to 20 minutes - the longer the better the results. Wash off with a warm face cloth" Now this pot claims to have 17 applications for a whole face or over a thousand for a single spot treatment. I like that you can use it for both, as sometimes when I've a sore pesky spot that I need to get rid of asap I don't want to be going through the trouble of doing a whole face mask!
Glam Glow "Super Mud Clearing Treatment"*
I applied it one night, when my skin was dry and looked dull and felt horrible. I had a nice relaxing bath, and left it on for 20 minutes. It's not a relaxing mask, as it tightens immediately, but I like it, as you can feel it working. It turns into a light grey once dry, and my skin tingled once it was on.  My skin looked brighter, felt smoother and I didn't look half dead any more! I washed it off, and was shocked by the difference.It's an amazing product, and I really would recommend it to everyone! I will definitely be repurchasing it, and it will 100% become a staple in my skincare routine!

Have you guys tried Glam Glow?

Sian xxx


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