Saturday, 8 June 2013

Monif C Swimwwear 2013

Hey Lovelies! 
It must be Summer if I'm writing a swimwear post! I've been thinking of which bikini I'll get this year, and with me missing out on the Galaxy print from Gabi Gregg's collection, I've to open up my options! I'll be going through a few websites that cater for plus size girls over the coming weeks, and I thought I'd get the ball rolling with one of my favourites..
With the fantastic weather both the UK and Ireland are having lately, Summer is finally on every's mind.Meaning it's finally time to get prepared for your summer holiday! For Plus size gals the sheer thought of swimwear  can sends cold shivers down their spines. I was one of those girls until last year when I saw the most gorgeous Bikini from Monif C. Monif C is an American Designer and has become renowned for her absolutely gorgeous swimwear. Not only is it flattering but it comes in an array of funky colours and cuts, so you're bound to find one you love! What I love most about them is that they're designed by a plus size women, with plus size women in mind. The cuts of her swimsuits are extremely flattering for the fuller figure and don't just come in your standard black. 
Now they're not cheap, but I invested in one last year, and can't recommend them enough. I felt confident on the beach and secure! There's nothing worse when you feel like your going to pop out of your bikini top, it's happened far too many times! The bikini's are high waisted, pull you in, in the right places and give you a lovely hourglass shape, while the halter neck top offers support for the fuller bust. If a bikini isn't something you feel comfortable in, they have STUNNING swimsuits. I'm already thinking of which one I'm going to buy this year. From cut out swimsuits to cute swim-dresses, they have something that will suit all shapes and age groups. Monif C also do stunning dresses, both casual and dressy, so it's well worth a look, if you want great quality designer plus size clothing. 
Whenever I go shopping for swimwear even now, I still get a little bit daunted. What makes me feel a bit better, is that it's just not  plus size women who feel this way. ALL women freak out with the sheer thought of stripping off on the beach! Before I go away I always get a good spray tan. It makes me feel more confident, and gets me excited to wear my new swimwear. I also get waxed, have a manicure and a pedicure so I'm relaxed in the knowledge that I'm pampered and ready to hit the beach!

What do you gals think of Monif C? 

Sian xxx

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