Thursday, 6 June 2013

Hello Flawless Foundation and Powder Review

Hey Beauties! 
I'm continuing on with my search for my perfect foundation. I'm a huge fan of benefit, and have been dying to try "Hello Flawless" for yonks. I've read a few mixed reviews, so I was a bit apprehensive, especially in terms of the coverage. I want a medium/heavy coverage as I don't want my pesky spots coming through my foundation. I've tried and tested what seems like a gazillion foundation at this stage. I've found some I like, some I hate, but nothing that's 100% right. I was definitely welcoming this one in with open arms! As well as the liquid foundation, I tired the powder as well. I must admit, I'm awful for not using powder, as I've dry skin I had gotten it into my head that is will be cakey, and sit in my dry patches! I decided to test it out over last weekend, and report back to you lovely ladies!
Packaging like all Benefit products, are cute and quirky. I love both of these packagings, for different reasons. The Powder is secure, and doesn't feel like the powder itself will pop out and smash over the floor. It also flips up to reveal a cute little brush and sponge! The Foundation has a neat and clean look to it, as well  as it being a clear tube. I love clear tubes, as I can see how much I've used, so I know when to restock. There's nothing worse than running out of foundation when you least expect it! As important packaging is, I was eager to see how well these two products worked for me. 
"Hello Flawless Powder"*€35
I loved this powder. It's light, blends like a dream, and doesn't settle into my dry patches. I was matched with Honey, as I pretty much always have some tan on me, and especially coming into Summer I wanted a slightly darker colour for this fabulous tan I'll get from all this fabulous rain ;) I was surprised with how much I like the powder, as I've mentioned before I don't like powder, and It wouldn't be part of my everyday makeup routine,I know SHOCK HORROR! Lasting power, honestly I'd prefer if it lasted a little longer, but it made my skin feel lovely, so I can deal with topping it up once or twice a day!
"Hello Flawless Oxegen Wow"*€35
Finally getting my grubby mitts on this foundation! I was paired with "Beige" I decided this was the best option for me for the Summer as well. Normally I'd be no where near this colour, but it matches perfectly to my (Cocoa Brown) tan. It blends in effortlessly, doesn't settle into any of my dry patches and gives me great coverage even though it claims to be a "light to medium coverage" You definitely know there is a hydrating element, and the "Oxegen Wow" complex boots cellular respiration and prevents the signs of ageing (Yes Please" Over all it's a great foundation, but like the powder I wish it had a better staying power. However, this wouldn't stop me from repurchasing it, as I do like the texture and the finish!

Have you guys tired anything from the "Hello Flawless" range? 

Sian xxx


  1. I have this too and love it!
    Love that they have a good range of colours so I managed to find find a colour for my mixed race skin!


    1. Yeah they have a great colour range!You'll definitely get a good colour match :D xxx

  2. I got the liquid foundation the other week and I love it. I dont usually wear foundation as I hate the feel of it on my skin, but I love this one.

    1. I know you feel like you're not wearing foundation. I hate the feel of foundation on my skin too! :( xxx


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