Friday, 7 June 2013

Camouflage Ghetto

Hey Guys! 
Hope you're all enjoying the weekend so far! I've been getting more and more into my casual clothes. After work or when I'm chilling with the girls I find myself reaching more and more for my converse and baggy jackets! There's something so effortless about it. I actually saw a similar look on the lovely Naomi's blog! I've had this dress for yonks, after snapping it up on Ebay, after it sold out in Topshop. It's such a versatile dress, and I always bring it out when I don't have anything to wear. 
Jacket*SimplyBe, Dress:Topshop, Necklace:Primark/Penney's
I wore this last weekend, when I'd a few bits and bobs to do. This jacket is really become a firm favourite in my wardrobe. Normally I'd never go for this jacket as I thought it was too baggy, and shapeless but it's really cool, and easy to throw on for weekend! I paired it with a necklace, which will be known as my "Ghetto" necklace from now on! It's actually two necklaces from Penney's. When I tried one on it was far too short for my liking. Chokers 'aint a good look! I however used my initiative and bought too and just connected them together :)

Sian xxx


  1. Janey Mac, you can put things together that I would never think of and look beautiful

  2. The jackets not my kinda style but I do love the dress

    1. Thank you! Yeah the Camouflage jacket trend isn't to everyone's taste xxx


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