Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Blog Awards 2013

Hey Lovelies, 
As I'm sure some of you are aware the Irish Blog Awards are currently accepting nominations. Normally I'm not too pushed about entering in things (hate competing), but being one of the few Irish Plus Size Fashion and Beauty blogs I thought I'd ask y'all for a vote. My favourite part of writing this little blog is the fact that I get to interact with my lovely readers, and I've hopefully helped some of you with your fashion and beauty dilemma's. I  really do love interacting with all you guys, and definitely wouldn't of come this far without you supporting me :)
Even after nearly 18 months I still get a happy feeling, which each new comment, and follower, and have made some fabulous friends through this blog, that I wouldn't have the pleasure of knowing if I hadn't of decided one Saturday night to write my first post. It seems like a gazillion years ago, and I can't imagine how it felt before my life revolved around it - a lot like having a baby! Anyway, enough of my Jibber Jabba... I would really be dead happy if you could vote for me. There's two Categories in which I'm eligible for:

1)Best Fashion and Beauty Blog
2)Best Personal Blog 

It's really easy to vote, all you have to do is follow the Link HERE and fill in the following information. 

Email of Blog: Foreverfabulousinbows@gmail.com
Name of Blog:Forever Fabulous in Bows 
Blog URL: www.foreverfabulousinbows.blogspot.ie 

Thank you so much if you do vote for me, I really appreciate it :)

Sian xxx



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