Thursday, 13 June 2013

Almost Famous

Hey lovelies!
I'm back! After a much needed break from reality, I feel like so much fresher and normal again. I was so run down, I didn't even realise it, and London was just what I needed to chill and catch up with some lovely girls, and have some down time. I've a few outfits to show you guys! The  first day, I wanted to keep it casual, and chill and be really comfy. I'd bought this Asos Curve Tee ages ago, and love it. I bought it a few sizes big so it's nice a baggy (typical eh?!)  I wore it with simply black leggings, and my bowler hat and complimented it with neon accessories! It's so simple, and easy to throw on. I love neon accessories and love how it's a nod to the trend without wearing it head to toe. It's definitely my go to outfit at the moment, and I love how chill it is! 
I wore it to see the London Dungeons with my lovely friend Isha! :) (#1 Tourist attraction in London if you ask me!) and then to see "The Woman in Black" which was fantastic! Definitely the scariest show I've ever seen. It was a very scary day, and I of course was in my element. If y'all haven't guessed I'm a bit of a horror geek, and anything scary I have to see. I also wore it to see the lovely Callie for lunch, and to have a quick catch up while she was on her lunch break. She works literally 5 minutes away from my Hotel so it was so handy! It was so nice to catch up with her, she's always so bubbly and full of life :)
Tshirt:Asos Curve, Hat:Topshop, Sunglasses:Penney's, Accessories:Fran&Jane

Sian xxx


  1. Cute sunglasses! Glad you had a good time.

  2. Wonderful look! I love the combination of leggings and long shirts!

  3. Hey ya, You look so cute! That outfit is both trendy&laid-back!!I really love it; especially the necklace!! Do you mind telling me where it's from?;-) Thanx! Kerstin xxx

    1. Thank you, it's from an Irish Boutique called Fran&Jane x


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