Thursday, 23 May 2013

Wizard PR Event

Last Wednesday, I bopped along after work to the Swanky Morgan Penthouse. I was here for the Benefit Event last month, so I was extremely excited to attend another event there. It's a great location, and it's a really intimate, yet relaxed environment. This event was handled by a London based PR firm. Wizard PR(even their name is cool!) has an array of great products, some I'm familiar with, other's I'm not. I was so excited to meet the team, and to see all the fantastic products they had. We were also treated to champagne and yummy food! It was one of the best event's I've been too in a long while! 
Xen Tan:
You all know I'm a tan fanatic, I'm a firm lover of Cocoa Brown, but I'm always on the lookout for different products. I've heard great things about Xen tan, and i can't wait to try it out. I want a dark colour for the summer, as I doubt they'll be any sun for us to soak up to get a real one. I've tried and tested gazillions of tans at this rate, so I'm excited to try new tans, and see if they offer anything different than the others. I got two large bottles to try, so you'll be the first to know what I think about it! 
Pur Minerals:
As I mentioned in my post on Pur Minerals, I was extremely sceptical. I never thought that with my dry skin I'd be a lover of the stuff. It's actually a great foundation. It's perfect for when  you don't want that makeup feeling. The coverage is build-able which is great. It comes in a compact, so no swirling the brush and tapping it out. Something that I've always thought was extremely tedious! Overall it's a fab product, that I'm glad I've tried, Thank you Wizard PR you've converted me!
Glam Glow:
I've heard rave reviews about this cult beauty product, so was delighted to have the chance to try it out. With   it originating on Hollywood film sets, and with a long list of Celebrity customers, it's got to be good. When I  busy, I always forgot that my skin needs a break,not just my body so this is the perfect product to give my skin what it so desperately deserves. It's a clay mask, but I was warned isn't one to be relaxing in the bath with. I for one don't care, as long as it makes my skin look amazing. I'm testing it out tomorrow so I'll report back soon!
Over all it was a fantastic event, with an extremely generous goody bag. My bag was so full, It broke while I was walking down the stairs of the bus! Thankfully no products were harmed in the accident, just my ego! I will be doing reviews for you all, as they is some fab products, that I can't wait to share with you all :)

Sian xxx



  1. Glam Glow and Xen Tan are two of my favourite things ever - great brands! xx

    1. I can't wait to try them out! :D xxx


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