Monday, 20 May 2013

Weekend Casual

Hey Lovelies, 
Whenever I'm running errands, I don't actually dress up that much. I love throwing on trousers, a simple tank top and a jacket for a casual day time look, that's classic and chic. With the weather being all over the place at the moment, I'm trying to get the last few wears out of my Winter clothes, before I put them into storage for next year. I bought this jacket before Christmas, and absolutely adore it. I just wish I had perhaps bought it in the grey colour, instead of the Burgundy. Don't get me wrong I love the jacket, but on a practicality level it's not the most wearable colour, all year round.Anyway! Last weekend I wore the jacket over a plain basic black tank top, and my khaki jeggings, a simple bar of pumps, and an oversized bag. This look feels like my uniform at the moment! 
Jacket:River Island, Jeggings:Dunnes Stores, Bag:Fran&Jane, Sunglasses:Penney's/Primark 

It's a really easy look to throw together, so it' a perfect weekend look. I'm still really loving the leather sleeve trend, and hoping in stays next years, as I've a lot of jackets from this year with leather sleeves, that I'd like the option of wearing again next year! 

Sian xxx



  1. omg I love the burgundy and black colour theme!
    you look great! :D

  2. Loving the colours and that bag is beautiful!!

  3. Hey,
    nice outfit. I love your bag!

    1. Thank you, It's definitely one of my favs! :D xxx

  4. I love the leather sleeve trend as well, I didn't get a chance to get a jacket with the trend but I really hope it stays for next fall/winter. I love the colors of the jacket they look great together. :)


    1. Me too, let's cross our fingers it stays! Hehe xxx


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