Thursday, 30 May 2013

If The Hat Fits...

Hey Lovelies, 
As you all know, I'm a hat person. I love all types of hats, bowler's, baseball caps, beanies, you name It I wear them. I think they're a great fashion accessory that's quite overlooked. A lot of people are afraid of hats, as they're unsure of which styles suit them or not, especially when it comes to fancy hats, for something special. Lucky for them, Fashion World has a fantastic new nifty feature which tells you the best hat to suit your face! Clever, huh? It's the perfect tool, for you to find something for the special occasion! 
It's really easy to do as well. A lot of the time I feel these things are gimicky, and are too complicated to figure out. I for one, don't know the first thing about "fancy hats" and truth be told, I'm always a bit baffled when I need to get one, be it for a Wedding or for the Races. I had so much fun seeing what hat, would suit my face shape, as It's something that people over look sometimes when buying hats! It's extremely easy to use and takes less than a couple of minutes! With Wedding Season, and Summer, just around the corner, there will be tons of occasions where you might have to wear a hat. 
Everyone should be aware of their face shape.  It makes things easier for when you're finding glasses, or sunglasses as if you know your face shape, you can tell what styles will suit you, and not be too small nor too big. Having a rather found face, I can get away wit larger sized glasses, with someone with a more heart shaped,face would be better suited to aviator style sunglasses.
Measuring tape, just seems to go walkabout in my house, so I just went for the easier option, and picked "Round". As you can see there is quite a selection, so you'll be able to pick one, no matter what shape your face is! After you've decided what face shape you're at, simply click next, and wait for the next question! ;)
On to another simple, self explanatory question, pick your closest eye colour! Although I so always get confused, on whether my eye colour is blue or grey. Having had a little inspection, I choose grey! If you're unsure about your eyes, I'd click the two options and see what hat you're put with!
And last before least, you choose your occasion, and you're greeted with what hat suits you best! It's a great feature, that's not only a little bit of fun, it's informative too!

I think you all should give it a go, even if it's for a little bit of fun!  

Sian xxx

*I collaborated with Fashion World for this post.

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