Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Hey Beauties, 
A question I often get asked is what blusher I'm wearing. For me wearing blusher makes me feel "Healthy" I love a healthy glow, and how a hint of pink on my cheeks, transforms my makeup. I've changed my blusher's numerous times, as I can be quite fickle when it comes to beauty products. I have my "Old Faithful's" for most beauty products i.e Rimmel "Wake Me Up" Foundation and "They're Real" By Benefit but for some reason I can't settle on one blusher. You name it I've tried it Nars "Orgasm" was fantastic, and I loved it, but for some reason I never repurchased it. Last year I was madly in love with a Sephora own brand blusher, because at €12 a pop I could afford to. I guess I just don't like spending over €30 on blusher. After settling on my Sephora one, and being happy with it. I go on and drop it, and that was the end of that. At the time I managed to get 30% off MAC (It pays to be chums with your workmates :D), and after hovering over the Blusher's I managed to convince myself to snap up "Dainty"
"Dainty" is a gorgeous shimmery, pink blusher. I haven't hopped onto the coral blusher bandwagon just yet, but for now this is the closest I've got. It's a gorgeous natural blush, with hints of shimmer throughout. I wear highlighter during the day, so at first I was slightly apprehensive on whether or not I'd be too shimmery for the day. I needn't of worried, as the shimmer is very light and subtle and just gives you a healthy glow. I wear this religiously and have worn it for the last number of months, and it lasts all throughout the day, without me having to top it up, which is always a plus for me.As I've mentioned I've been wearing this pretty much everyday since January, and It doesn't seem to of made a dent in the packaging! I wouldn't even say a little goes a long way, as I've been using it a lot! It's the perfect colour as you can build it up for night, but you dust it lightly for a more natural look. For me I do love pink cheeks, but I don't feel like I'm looking like a scary doll, when I'm wearing this. Since using it, I've had tons of compliments on it, so it was definitely a good buy! Normally they retail for about €23 so a little steep, but it lasts what seems to be a lifetime for me, so a great investment buy!
Sian xxx


  1. That is such a pretty blush and it really looks great on you. I'm always apprehensive about shimmery blushes but it looks really nice on you, maybe I'll try a shimmery blush soon. :)


    1. Awh thank you! Definitely give it a go! I love it :) xxx

  2. Hiya, I know this is an old post but I love my pink blusher too I am a big fan of this one.. maybe give it a go :)



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