Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Black and Grey

Hey Lovelies! 
On Saturday night, I met up with one of the girls. I was feeling rather unwell, the whole day so just wanted something easy to wear that was comfortable. I didn't want to dress up too much, so when I was scanning my wardrobe(floordrobe) It was settled.  I saw this top that I bought last Summer, that I've only worn once or twice. It's a bit baggy, and easy to wear. I paired it with a simple black tank top and some leggings. 
There's something extremely comforting about wearing loose fitting clothes. To top it off my relaxed look, I went for BB cream (Dr Jart) and a tinted lip balm. I tell ya it felt refreshing to be out in casual slouchy clothes! The top is actually a dark slate grey, so it breaks up the black in the rest of the outfit. It's a high low top, which makes it a little more dressy, and adds something different.I was going through all my bags and saw this little gem, that I bought last Winter and had completely forgotten about. I really should become more organised! All we did was have a mooch around some shops before going to Wagamama's for Dinner. I haven't been a fan of Wagamama's lately, but I did enjoy their Chicken Ramen. I suppose it's great when you're not feeling good!
Bag:Coco Boutique, Everything else Penney's/Primark

I also added the big statement necklace to brighten up the outfit so it's not completely dark and Winter like. You really can't beat Penney's for their accessories. I swear everytime I go in there I end up picking up something different. I suppose since it's cheap as chips, you can't go too wrong!

Sian xxx



  1. Oh my god you'd never think that outfit was Pennys! or you weren't well! You look amazing and the outfit looks so expensive! You are giving me great ideas here lady which is bad for my bank balance xx

    1. Haha the joy of sunnies ;) Penney's is amazing at the mo! :D xxx

  2. This is such a great outfit! A good slouchy tee can be worn in so many ways. Beautiful :)


  3. Love it Sian great outfit! :) You look amazing and loving the hair! :) xx

  4. I love wearing slouchy shirts and leggings, its so comfy and let me just say you look fab in your outfit.


    1. Awh thank you! Yeah it definitely is so comfy! :D xxx


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