Thursday, 11 April 2013

Steal Her Style: Annie 90210

Hey Lovelies!
Dressing like my favourite television character's is something I love doing. My style is always changing and evolving and I love watching TV to get new Idea's for outfits. I'm really funny about TV shows. I go through phases on what shows I like. The only shows I could watch over and over again are; Sex and The City, Friends, Criminal Minds and 90210. I especially love 90210 for fashion inspirations. There's something I love about the California Casual look, one that I'd love to emulate this summer. All the girls have different and individual styles, and truth be told I want to have all their wardrobes. I love how there is a good mix  of styles;from the very glamorous Naomi Clarke, to the more thrifty Silver.  If I had to choose one character to copy I'd have to say Annie though. Not only is she my favourite character, but her style is probably the one I'm most fond of. It's a good mix of both casual and dressy, which I love and I'm especially fond of her casual day time looks.
She looks so effortlessly chic, and casual in these two looks. I'm a huge fan of sheer and lace, as well as geek glasses so I LOVE the first look. Of course it's not for everyone and you need some guts to wear this. Personally I'd opt for a Lace T-Shirt, it still gives you the look, but it's more covered. It also gives you the option of wearing a tank top underneath if you're not keen on any skin showing. To finish the look I'd go for black skinny jeans, as lets face it the majority of us unfortunately aren't lucky enough to have Californian weather!
Untitled #47
Annie's look is really easy to emulate according to your own preferences. Her looks are easily recreated as most of the clothes she wears are casual basics, mixed with texture or print to give it an edge. I love the tanned leg and ankle boot look with a pretty girly dress or skirt for the summer. It's perfect for us over here, in the UK and Ireland as chances are, our Summer will be wet. Her simple accessories really appeals to me, as I'm not a huge fan of wearing a lot of accessories. Her look is kept simple but a couple of bangles or a pendant and an arm cuff. Simple yet stylish. She's definitely a TV character that works for most shapes and sizes.

Who's your favourite TV Character to copy? 
S xxx


  1. I really love this look too! You've made me want to buy all that clothing now though haha!

    Gemma x

    1. Me too! It's so bad, my wish list will never end! ;) xxx

  2. I love 90210 & Annie has amazing style, it looks so effortless. I wish I could pull off a lace top without a cami underneath :)

  3. Got to agree that Annie has great style, definitely my favourite character too!

    1. I would love all her clothes! :) xxx

  4. She has great style! I am not sure about ''your favourite tv character to copy thing!'' Sorry!

    1. Yeah she does :) I just like emulating looks from my favourte TV shows :) xxx


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