Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Roger &Gallet "Lait des Bienfaits"

Hey Beauties, 
With the weather coming a bit warmer, my first thought is how to get prepared for Summer! With 90% of my body being covered up for what feels like centuries, I'm trying to get my body summer ready, so first on my agenda is moisturiser. I've mentioned it numerous times that I suffer from dry skin, and often find it hard to keep my skin soft and subtle. I like a bit of luxury when it comes to moisturiser. Don't get my wrong, I've my fair share of cheaper ones, which work well for me and I like but every now and again I do like to spoil myself. If you're not going to, who else is; eh? I like my skin to feel nourished and really soft,  It also helps if it smells amazing too. So when I tried out this moisturiser I was quite pleased with the results.
 Roger and Galllet are a French brand, all things French I love! So I was eager to test this out. "Lait Des Bienfaits" It's a hydrating body milk, with a Blood Orange scent, which I found nice and unusual. It's a welcomed change from the generic fruit scent. It contains 5 antioxidant fruits, which makes it not only smell amazing, but has is great for the skin. The bottle is a decent size at 200ml, and with it's pump making it easy to use. 
 I love the packaging! It's nice and bright, and would definitely have me reaching for it after a shower. I've been using this now for over a week, and love it. It sinks straight into the skin, which is why I like it so much. I hate having to wait for anything to dry, and am extremely impatient waiting on beauty products to blooming dry! It's not greasy, and just leaves my skin smooth, and smelling amazing.
Roger&Gallet "Lait des Bienfaits"*€14.75
 It's lovely creamy texture, without being heavy, which I love. It sinks straight into the skin, and the smells lingers for hours. A full day later, my skin was just as soft, so this does actually last, and work! Would I repurchase this?Yes, for a bit of luxury,when I'm feeling my skin needs a little bit of a pick me up. Oh and in case you're wondering what tan I'm using it's Cocoa Brown! My all time favourite tan :D

S xxx


  1. Definitely getting that! I'm obsessed with moisturisers! :) xx


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