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Boux Avenue Review

Hey Beauties, 
I'm always on the hunt for some nice lingerie, every girl is right? I've had woeful experiences with Marks and Spencer's in terms of bra fittings, so when Georgina recommended I go to Bravissimo. I did, and haven't looked back since. Thanks by the way George! I'm a completely creature of habit, I don't like changes and when I've found something that works for me, I'm very reluctant to change. When I recently heard about Boux Avenue I was intrigued with their new curves campaign and decided to give it a chance.Their Curves Campaign has a wide selection of sizes, with sizes starting from 30A-40H. So they cater for a large amount of women.

Boux Avenue have stores in the U.K but none in Ireland so I left it to chance when I picked my size, I was a little apprehensive, as a lot of stores have different sizes. Experts recommend you to get fitted in each store, as the sizes can vary from brand and style. Being a bit apprehensive, and after scanning the website I  just went ahead ordered my usual 38F, so I waited patiently for my parcel to arrive!
 I chose this style, as I've countless floral and Basic bra's and I wanted something a little more racy, but still feminine. At first glance I thought the brand looked rather small, but once trying it on, and maneuvering my boobs into the cups like you're meant to, it was a great fit! The band is nice and snug, and makes me stand up straight for once. I swear I'm doomed to have a hunched back in the next couple of years, with my extremely bad posture! This bra is not only supportive it's so pretty. I love the lace overlay, it makes it sexy in a pretty way. The bow on it, seals the deal for me, as well as the pretty pink straps. It's definitely not one to be worn everyday, but it would be gorgeous as a "worn to be seen" bra.
Having a larger bust, for me the straps have to fit nicely, as in not be too tight or fall down constantly. A lot of bra's I've found for a larger bust, have longer straps, making the straps loose even when it's tightened to the maximum. It's incredibly frustrating having to pull them up all day long, so I was happy when these straps could be altered to fit perfectly. It also helps that's they're a pretty pink satin, as it adds extra femininity as well as being more supportive for my bigger boobs! As well as the straps being a gorgeous satin pink, so is the under wire, which I think is a lovely expensive touch. Retailing at £30 it's middle of the road for Lingerie, but when you've a 38F it pays off to invest in underwear, that fits correctly. 
Ebony Full Support Balconette Bra*£30 and Ebony Thong*£12

To finish off the set, I opted for the Thong. Now I know a lot of women HATE them, and refuse to wear them, but with the ribbon tie, it was waaay to pretty to pass up. It's so luxorious, and for less than £45 it's a little indulgence, everyone can afford once in a little while? :)

S xxx



  1. So pretty! I think I might take a little nosy at their site!

    1. It's so pretty! I feel all fancy when I wear it! ;) xxx

  2. I only get my bras from Boux Avenue (sometimes at Knickerbox too but they sell out of anything bigger than a D cup ridiculously quickly). It's also such a lovely shopping experience - I always want the pyjamas too, and don't even get me started on the fitting rooms.

    I do begrudge having to pay more (though they do have EXCELLENT sales and great deals where you get a free pair of matching knickers so keep your eyes peeled for those) than my smaller breasticles friends, but they really are great quality and last a long time. :D xx

    1. Ooooh it sounds so nice! I wish they had stores in Ireland! That's great about the matching knickers, I always hate having to fork out for them! xxx


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