Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sunday Summary #7

Hey Lovelies :)
After a day of sleeping and eating a lot of food I feel like I'm on the mend! It was great to let off some steam for once. Sometimes I'm too serious and need to go out and dance! It was a great night, but it only reinforced how much I don't like clubs. I'm not a huge drinker (hence why i feel like death today) but the whole club scene just seems pointless to me. I would much rather use the €60 to buy pretty makeup or a nice top instead of drinking it away! Saying that every once in a while It's great craic! This week was quiet, I had a whole three days off, and hung out with friends watching movies, going for coffee and catching up on some blog posts. I also went out for dinner, and did a bit of window shopping. It's Pay Day next week so I'm so excited for that, I've a few things I need so I'm counting down the days!

No news from me this week! Although I tested out some fab hair care products (review coming next week!) My hair smells amazing and is so soft!

Hope you all have a great week ahead :)

S xxx



  1. Glad you're feeling better but how the h*** do you manage to spend €60 in a club - I spent the entry price, maybe buy one drink out - thats like €15 total....maybe I'm just a cheapskate...;)

    1. We went out for dinner and cocktails first! I'd never spend that much on drink alone! ;) xxx

  2. I'm not that into clubs anymore either, it's fun to do every once in awhile though :)


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