Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sunday Summary #3

Another week gone! Time really is flying for me lately. Next week I'm off to London, and I couldn't be more excited. I've worked a 6 day week this week, to allow for the time off, so I'm in dire need of a little getaway! It's Plus Size Fashion week as many of you probably know. If you're going please tweet me! I'd love to get to meet y'all :)
  • Still loving my Visual Merchandising course! It's only on for a 4 more weeks! It's intense but I'm so happy I'm doing it, even If I'm mad tired going after work.
  • I attended the A|wear Spring/Summer preview on Wednesday, and it definitely rekindled my love affair with them! Be prepared to see them a lot more on the blog! 
  • I went for my weekly treat to Avoca and met up with my very handsome pal Mark for lunch :)
  • I had Thursday off, and had a good lie in. It was badly needed I tell ya! I Had a lovely laid back lunch with my girl Lynne who I hadn't seen in yonks :) Had a quick Doctor's App(I'm A-Okay) and then headed off to a Butter London event. All their summer collection is absolutely divine! (Review coming soon!)
  • Caught up with an old work colleague Aisling for a coffee and a bit of window shopping! We definitely lusted over Topshop's jewellery, and I  have since made a little list for London ;)
  • After work on Saturday, myself and my chum Niamh, went and treated ourselves to Captain America's, after a very long week :)
  • Tonight after work myself and the usual Sunday crew made pancakes, in honor of Pancake Tuesday. They made me make my own! They don't want me moving to London with zero culinary skills! So now I can happily tick pancakes off the list ;)

Hope you all have a fabulous week ahead :)

S xxx


  1. I love these posts babe :) You are always so busy and doing exciting things xx

    1. Awh thanks hun :) Ha sometimes all I wanna do is have a couple of days off ;) xxx

  2. I love Avoca things. We sold a lot of their lovely things at work, although most of it was a bit too expensive for my budget. Glad your visual merchandising course is going well! xx

    1. I know it's so pretty, but your right, a little expensive :( Thanks Louise :) xxx

  3. Your make up is flawless! Really stunning. Would love to see a tutorial type post (I bet you have one on here already and I'm not looking hard enough - excuse the Newbie :)) Look forward to reading more of your posts xxx

    1. Awh thank you :), I actually haven't a tutorial up yet! I'll get cracking on that soon :) xxx


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