Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Maybelline "The Rocket Volum' Express" Review

 I'm forever looking for a good mascara. "They're Real" from Benefit I wasn't too pushed on, maybe it's the difficulty in removing it, or something? I'll try it again as I know pretty much the whole world loves it.  The lovely Laura, pursuaded me to get this after the Butter London Summer Collection last week. Not that it took much persuasions mind you! I was on the lookout for anew mascara, and she told me she heard rave reviews so I took the plunge, as did Laura!
When Buying mascara, I of course look at the brush. Normally I don't like plastic applicators, I'm more of a brush woman. I do like this brush though. as it's bigger than normal plastic applicators. My eyes are kinda small, one's kind of lazy(only very slightly lol!) so I'm always looks for an applicator which separates each individual lash, yet isn't clumpy to try and not draw attention to it! This mascara does just that. I normally curl my eyelashes before applying it, to give them a nice natural curl. I apply two coats, and voila. It's a great little product and for under €10 one can't complain to much ;)
Overall it's a good product, not the best I've tried, but not the worst either. The biggest Pro would be it doesn't flake under your eyes, and the biggest con would be it can be very drying on the eyelashes. I probably wouldn't repurchase it purely because I think I'm going to go back to Benefit's Bad Gal, as it works well on my lashes. If it aint broke, don't fix it, right?

Have you guys tried it? 

S xxx



  1. That is actually really really good! Looks fabulous on you babe! xx

    1. Thanks hun! :) see you Fridaaaay :D xxx

  2. I've got this one! and I tried it for the same reasons you did. I've got small eyes, and I wanted something to make them POW. But I find that it didn't dry properly for me, and I got this weird sticky feeling which attracted the longer hairs in my fringe. :/
    Back to the drawing board! xo

    1. Awh no! It dried fine on me, it's so weird how things can work differently on different people. Let me know if you find another one to try :D xxx

  3. I was actually debating whether to try this last week! After seeing this post I think I might give it a go :)



    1. It does the job! Better than some of the other drug store brands :) xxx


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