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Cocoa Brown Tan 1 Hour Tan

Hey Beauties,
I've been meaning to do this review for a very long time! I've been a complete hermit lately, and haven't had a night out in Dublin in a few weeks, so haven't had the chance to wear tan! My lovely friend Isha  is over for the weekend, and I decided to slap on a bit, as I don't know what direction this weekend will take us. 
Marissa Carter is the creator of Cocoa Brown tan, and one of the nicest women I've ever met. She has both brains and Beauty! Back in December I met Marissa at the Cocoa Brown Launch, and she explained to me all about this terrific product. As a Fake Tan junkie I was extremely intrigued when she mentioned that this tan had no smell, yep, none whatsoever, and came up within 1 hour. I have to admit, I was skeptical! Instead you're greeted with a lovely floral scent. "It contains natural extracts of the deliciously scented Tahitian Gardinia, which leaves a subtle floral fragrance on the skin." Not only does it smell lovely, it's great for women who have dry or sensitive skin. Suffering from dry skin myself, this was like music to my ears.
 The bottle itself is what Marissa Wanted as a "Dressing Table Bottle" you know those pretty ones you let have pride of place on your dressing table, while you're everyday necessities are shoved in an over cluttered bathroom drawer. It's pink and girly. Cocoa Brown is a foam mouse, and you get a lot of product with one pump, making this tan great bang for your buck. Priced at €7.99 it's one of the most reasonable tans on the market. What I love about this tan is that it comes up within 1 hour. For a girl who's normally too lazy to apply tan the night before an event, this is great news! If you leave it on for 1 hour it's the minimum coverage, a light golden brown glow I'd call it. If you leave it on for  3 hours it builds up to the maximum coverage and then you can wash it off. So no waiting this 6 hour business to even see a hint of tan.
Tan:Cocoa Brown*  
I applied the tan all over my upper body and face. I know it's not the best to put on your face, but I wanted a nice glow all weekend. Applied with the Cocoa Brown Mitt it glides on like a dream. It's so easy to use. Firstly I exfoliated and moisturised that morning. I applied two layers of tan and left it over night, as I applied it on before bed. I woke up  pleasantly surprised in the morning, when my skin was golden brown, and I didn't stink of stale biscuits. After a shower where all the excess tan was washed away I moisturised again and was ready for the weekend! Here I'm wearing the tan and Collection 2000 dark concealer to cover blemishes and patchy skin etc.. Next time I'll try not to get it so close to my eyesbrows thought! Cocoa Brown has become my go to tan, of course support Irish brands is important to me, but this Tan truly is an amazing! You can check out Cocoa Brown's stockists HERE Or buy it online HERE

If you want check out Marissa's Tan tips, watch this video  :)

Have you guys tried Cocoa Brown yet?

S xxx


  1. Hey, this tan looks/sounds amaze! I'm in Wales though, any idea how i can get my hands on it?! x

    1. It's fast become my favourite tan! Try buy it online here :) xxx

  2. Love this tan, it's my fav too! xx

  3. Aw I love this tan! Definitely become my favourite!


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