Saturday, 16 February 2013

100 Facts About Me

I've seen this floating around the blogosphere, and thought I'd Join in! As you all know, I'm a nosy so love reading about other people, if you've done one, please link below! <3

  1. I'm a photo Geek.
  2. I'm an only Child
  3. Most people think my favorite colour is pink, but it's actually green. Lime green to be precise.
  4. I can't sleep without watching an episode of Dr Phil before bed. 
  5. I've an obsession with Jack the Ripper and Cheryl Cole.
  6. I cry ALL THE TIME. Good things, bad things, sad things, you name it I'll cry.
  7. I have over 20 skull scarves. 
  8. I have a not so secret crush on Karl Pilkington. 
  9. I have a phobia of lumps. 
  10. I'm not a huge drinker...anymore.
  11. I'd much rather have a cosy night in, than a mad night out.
  12. A lot of people thing I'm quiet and shy, but I couldn't be further from it! 
  13. This is the longest I've been single in yonks, and I love it!
  14. I have a cackle laugh, much to everyone's annoyance. 
  15. I hate nail files, the mere touch of them gives me the creeps. Getting my nails done is like torture, nail technicians find it highly amusing!
  16. I speak mad fast.
  17. I judge all shops visual merchandising, and would love to revamp some stores...
  18. I still sleep with my childhood teddy bear, even though his head fell off.
  19. I worked on a Navy Ship Museum in San Diego summer 2010. It was then I realised Guest Services wasn't for me, nor were cargo pants or polo shirts.
  20. I have an awful habit of like saying "like" too much like
  21. I love getting "Take a Break", "Love it" and "Chat" to laugh at the stories, and to make my life seem normal in comparison!
  22. My phone battery never, ever ,ever lasts a full day without dying. 
  23. I have a temper on me but not a lot of people see it, as I'm pretty calm and rational most of the time...
  24. Whenever I need a pick me up, I get a Butler's Cookie Hot Chocolate.
  25. I bruise like a peach, at any given time, you can count on it, I'll have at least two bruises on my body.
  26. I don't eat mayonnaise or butter, and eat all my sandwiches without it. 
  27. I can be extremely impatient
  28. Back in school I was told I'd "Never hold down a job" because I was late constantly.. So I guess that stuck with me, and now I'm pretty much early for everything now, and lateness really annoys me.
  29. I eat the same food until constantly, I'm bored of it. 
  30. I'm too indecisive for my own good.
  31. I want to own a Chanel 2.55 in the next year or two. 
  32. Travel stresses me out immensely.
  33. The only way I'm ever going to dye my hair, is to get Ombre in it. 
  34. I use to live in floral jersey dresses.
  35. I was obsessed with joining MENSA for awhile, until I discovered I wasn't going to get in. EVER. *Shakes fist*
  36. I get scared waaaay too easily, much to the amusement of my friends and colleagues!
  37. I'll be your best friend, until you mess with me, then you're screwed :D
  38. I'm really strange, and find the oddest things funny (usually silly inappropriate jokes)
  39. One of my Ex Boyfriends is still a very good friend of mine. 
  40. I'm love crap telly (and movies)
  41. I'm in a fowl mood if I don't have headphones to listen to music on my walk home from work.
  42. I love chilling with my main man Ralph, although he eats my socks and knickers, he's a loyal pal <3
  43. I feel much more ladylike with my nails done. 
  44. I'm much more of a water baby, than a sun worshiper! Nothing bores me more, than lying in the sun for ages upon end. 
  45. My favorite place I've ever visited was Miami. 
  46. I've gone to Puerto Pollenca in Mallorca more times than I can count on my two hands, and have wonderful memories there. 
  47.  As much as I'm fashion obsessed, some days I love nothing more than wearing jeans, and over sized tee, huge sunglasses and no makeup.
  48. Fanta is my all time favorite drink, but out of the can only! 
  49. I thought of going blonde lasted a good few weeks, before my lovely friends persuaded me not to, THANK GAWD!
  50. I love the sound of rain when I'm snuggled up in bed.
  51. Halloween is my favorite time of the year!
  52. I'm left handed
  53. I can draw, but haven't done so in yonks
  54. I have incredibly bad taste in music
  55. I love mushrooms, and would happily have them with every meal.
  56. I love crime documentaries. 
  57. My room is constantly incredibly messy
  58. I'm pretty sure I've got slight OCD
  59. I'm a cocktail lover, and have never ever tried beer! 
  60. I love when it's cold and windy, but only when I'm indoors.
  61. I'm extremely anti-drugs.
  62. I could leave the house without a scrap of makeup...but I need my eyebrows filled in and my hair huge.
  63. I have a degree in Sociology&History.
  64. I'm obsessed with photography, and take pictures of everything and anything!
  65. I've never been to any sort of festival..I would like to go, for a day..(dirty,cold tent-no thank you)
  66. Mosquito's love me, and I get a gazillion bites wherever I go! 
  67. My favourite perfume is a toss up between Ellie Saab and D&G#3.
  68. My favourite food is Chinese. 
  69. I was asked to Audition for Take Me Out UK (I went, but in the end decided it wasn't for me!)
  70. I think Gary Barlow is absolutely beautiful.
  71. I love Jodi Picoult Books.
  72. I'm very protective over my friends.
  73. I can't drive. I really should start..
  74. I finally got my ears pierced at 18, but they closed up pretty much straight away, and have never bothered to get them re-pierced.
  75. I pretty much only eat chicken, I rarely eat red meat.
  76. I don't like tea,or coffee.. a lot of people find that odd.
  77. My nickname at school was "Shambles" LOL, self explanatory really. 
  78. If it's chocolate, I'll eat it. 
  79. I use to get terrible sea sickness, and now hate going on boats. 
  80. I have a bath pretty much every single night, just to relax! 
  81. I've midget hands, with huge fingers. 
  82. I both love and hate how Dublin is so small. 
  83. I find getting my eyebrows threaded excruciatingly painful 
  84. I am addicted to my phone.
  85. I want to move to London. I'm saving away for it! 
  86.  The Adrian Kennedy Phoneshow on FM104 is the only reason I ever listen to the radio.
  87. I've been in the same job for nearly five years, and I love it! 
  88. I don't get my hair cut, half as often as I should, and always lie at the hairdressers! 
  89. I could seriously visual merchandise all day long. 
  90. My favourite shows on TV are Criminal Minds, Game of Thrones, Sex and The City, The Simpsons, The Middle and Friends. 
  91. I was probably the tamest teenager ever, only got mad drunk (and got caught) once! 
  92. I've always wanted a tan that sunbeds give, but would be too scared to actually use them.
  93. I hate sales, I find them too messy and unorganized to find anything.
  94. My best college friend and I bonded over a trip to the Hill of Tara, where I fell down a muddy hill (twice) and ruined my Juicy Couture tracksuit.We still laugh about it to this day.
  95. I'm part Italian. 
  96. I'm itching to go travelling.
  97. I can talk for Ireland.
  98. I once mixed up my exams in college, and sat the wrong one..
  99. My pet peeves are lateness, rudeness and people who are selfish
  100. I love period drama's and movies 
Whoa, that was a long post. Kudos to you if you read through it all! Let me know if we have any similar facts! :)

S xxx


  1. i love jodi picoult books too! & you'd hate me because i am always late! :( XXX

    1. Ah hehe, I'm sure I wouldn't hate you *that* much ;) xxx

  2. I've been loving these posts going around recently, got to agree on the not so secret crush on Karl Pilkington haha!
    I've also done this too :)

    Brill post!

    1. Haha I fancy him so much! Oooh, I'll check it out! xxx

  3. Really enjoyed the facts! I'm a lefty too! I'm always early for things...2 hours early haha :)


  4. I actually really enjoyed this - even though I must admit I thought: "100 facts?! I'm never going to read them all". But I did and I think I might do it myself. Even though I have no idea how I can talk so much about myself :P That's a lot of things you have to think of.

    I always used to be early for things as well. Really, really early. I still do that for very important things, but it seems I changed my mind about what is important, 'cause I seem to be more on minute than I used to.

    I think we must've been the tamest teens together then - I never found the alcohol-thing too interessting and I would also always (almost at least) prefere a night in.

    1. Ha I'm a quirky individual! I get all panicky if I'm late! I was a bit bold a few times when I was a teen, but thankfully calmed down :) xxx

  5. I love Karl pilkington too! He's my ideal man!

  6. Great post! I can relate haha. I just moved to London in December, you will LOVE it. xx

    1. Awh that's so cool! I know I can't wait :) xxx

  7. D&G #3 is the best ;) Lost count of how many bottles I've gone through xxx

  8. I read the whole thing! I love getting to know people better :) x

    1. Me too, I'm such a nosey parker! xxx

  9. I love reading these. Couldn't help but find 18 hilarious, poor teddy.
    I'm doing a Sociology degree, talk really fast & have bad taste in music (in other peoples opinion!) so we're basically twins lmao xx

    1. I know! haha!! I think we are! ;) xxx

  10. I love these posts, they're so interesting.

    Good luck with your move to London! I could only go to a festival for a day too, sleeping in a tent and getting filthy and using the portable toilet things is my idea of hell! x

    1. I know it's my idea of hell too!! xxx


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