Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunday Summary #1

Hey Beauties :) 
I've decided to start a Sunday Summary post every week! Things on getting a little bit hectic at the moment, and I wanted to catch up with you guys. This week has been very busy! Since I'm off to Birmingham on Thursday, I was working a 6 day week, and today couldn't of come quick enough :) I'm delighted to have a little lie in today I tell ya ;)
  • This week, I enrolled in a Visual Merchandising course, which as I'm hugely passionate about. I find it therapeutic merchandising. For me it's like clearing a messy desk, and making it all neat and tidy, if that makes sense?! So it's probably a great career choice for me ;) although I've become very fickle in my career choices as of late, so this is very much subject to change!
  •  I've been thinking more and more about London too. I know how happy I'll be there, and how many more opportunities there are for me there. Dublin is too small for me right now. It will always be my home, but I'm ready to leave for a year or two now. 
  • I've been scheduling blog posts, to stay on top of my New Year Goals. With working full time, hanging out with friends and enjoying life, it's hard to keep on top of blogging. Since it's something I enjoy so much, I try to either get up early(fat chance) or write up posts after work, making it a lot easier to post as often as I can.
  • On Wednesday I went to see Les Miserables, and it was absolutely brilliant! One of the best movie's I've seen in ages! I've been going to the cinema loads lately. There was a time when I hadn't been in so long, but it's such a nice thing to do to unwind after a long day :)
  • Tonight I'm heading for a bite to eat with the girls, and then hopefully a movie - if we can decided which one to go to.. story of our lives!
Hope you guys, have an excellent week ahead!

S xxx


  1. I love your headband! Sounds like you had a fabulous week. I hope this one is even better :)

    Fiona @


    1. Thanks hun! It's from Penney's! You too :D xxx

  2. Wow that course sounds great! I know what you mean with moving to London, I'm thinking the same too! If you ever need a flatmate...:P

  3. Ooh the course sounds exciting. Good luck with saving for London, you'd do great there I reckon! Loving your outfit posts too recently, that Fran and Jane top below is so pretty xx

  4. I would think long and hard before moving to London I were you, maybe come and stay for month or two if you could because I've found living here very different from just visiting. I'm from Scotland and was absolutely in love with London. I felt like I needed to be here for the lifestyle and fashion and big city buzz but it's nothing like what I expected, I guess I was looking at it through rose tinted glasses.

    I moved in May 2012...

    I've been mugged walking home from the tube in daylight, I wasn't acting like a dumb tourist or anything, just carrying my bag completely normally
    I've had a man follow me home demanding to "get to know me", literally followed me to the door
    I've had people shout "fat bitch" to me in the street (I'm a size 18) and had a group of men coming in the opposite direction walk really close and one of them asked me to "suck his dick" which was incredibly intimidating
    I've found it's very expensive, I live in a bedsit in not even a very nice/safe/posh area (Walthamstow) and pay £500+ a month for rent and bills and a zone 1-3 Oyster travelcard is £137 a MONTH

    I'm actually going to move back soon because it's not been a good experience for me. I've got a nice job and friends here but it's a very lonely place.

    1. Hey,

      I've been thinking about it for over 8 years, and just for career wise, I need to move. I'm under no illusion that it's going to be different than I expect. Unfortunately I don't have the funds to go for a month or two to test the waters.

      I'm sorry those things happened to you. They're all awful experiences, but it's not solely confined to London. In any major city unfortunate things can happen, even if you are being cautious.

      As for rent/bills/travel, I'm going to go over with a secure job, as well a few months pay in case I'm caught short, as I know how expensive London is.

      I'm really sorry, you've not had the best experience of London :( Hope you get to move back home soon :) It's just not to say, it's everyone's experience.

      Sian :) xxx

  5. I find visual merchandising theraputic, too. I'm probably a bit OCD, and I'm definitely a control freak, but I enjoy seeing a display coming together and love it when I hear customers enjoying something I've worked hard on. It's still something I'm considering getting officially qualified in in the future, so who knows! I hope that the course goes really well for you! Good luck! xx

    1. Ha me too! I definitely have OCD tendencies! Thanks Louise :) <3 xxx

  6. Just stumbled upon your blog- it is beautiful! I'm a happy new follower

    xx Louise
    A Little Beauty Luxury

  7. your headdress is so lovely and ive seen your others...soo so pretty :)


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