Friday, 4 January 2013

Real Techniques: Core Collection.

Every blogger and their Mother seems to be raving about these brushes, and this review isn't going to be any different. These brushes cost about €26 and are fantastic!They're great if you're a makeup novice or a makeup pro, and want great brushes at a great price. I always find it rather difficult getting good quality brushes at reasonable prices. I've found in the past the brushes that are on the lower end of the scale are either rubbish, don't apply the product properly or shed like nobody's business! I've head about Real Techniques ever since I've started blogging. I've heard nothing but really positive reviews, so I was so excited to test them out myself. This is the Core Collection, and comes with the following brushes. A Detailer Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, A Buffering Brush and a Contour Brush. All brushes are extremely soft, and I've yet to see any hairs fall out!
Buffering Brush: I actually use this for my blusher, it's a great round shape that apply my blusher evenly, and directly on the apples of my cheeks. It can be used for mineral powder, bronzer or even liquid foundations.

Contour Brush: I use this to contour my face. I use bronzer in the hollows of my cheeks to give me a more defined look. It's easy to use, and picks up a decent amount of product. It's the perfect shape for contouring and can also be used to highlight your face.
Foundation Brush: As I've currently using my MAC #187 stippling brush for my foundation, I use this to apply my primer, as it can applies the primer evenly and sparingly.

A Detailer Brush: This is perfect for either concealer or lipstick. Currently I use it for concealer. It allows you to apply concealer evenly on blemishes and allows you to have complete control on how much product you use.

Over all I loved these brushes. The quality is exceptional for the price. I definitely will be using these over and over! They may even replace my beloved MAC brushes-which by the way are still shedding! I also purchased the start set as well, which are mainly eyeshadow brushes, which are great too! I'll have review up of them up in the next couple of days! I purchased both sets in Boots Pharmacy at €25.99 each but from time to time, they have a buy one, get one half price deal so it's well worth keeping an eye out. It's so great when you get a great product as an affordable price. I think my love affair with real techniques has officially started now! <3

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  1. Jealous you have this I'm so tempted to buy some Real Techniques brushes they look really good.


    1. I couldn't recommend them more! :) xxx

  2. Apart from the 217 and 239, these are the brushes I use most now. The expert face brush is amazng too

    1. I can't wait to try all the brushes out :D xxx

  3. one of my favorite sets <3 i own a bunch of their brushes and i think that they are simply amazing for the price and quality.. =)

    My Blog: Caught in a Daze.

    1. Yeah I can't believe how good they are! :D xxx


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