Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Leopard Spirithood

Hey Lovelies!
With this bitterly cold weather (I'm forever giving out about the weather!) I want something to keep me warm on my commute to work and something that works well with the abundance of black that I've been wearing lately. I purchased this Spirithood last year. I had a bit of disposable income left and wanted to treat myself. Normally I only spend extortionate amount of money on handbags (I have a love of Louis Vuitton, and treat myself maybe once a year) but decided this was too cute, fun and cosy not to be naughty and make a sneaky purchase. Not only does it keep my head toasty, but it also have a scarf attached with pockets for your hands!
Not only are Spirithoods too cute, but there's is a very positive campaign behind them. They are dedicated to the community, self-expression and the protection of endangered animals whilst producing the cutest of hoods made from faux fur and 100% cotton lining. They also have a  "Pro Blue" Label which 10% of the cost go on the protection of the animal you bought. Unfortunately the Leopard isn't involved in this campaign, but If I was ever to purchase one next year I would definitely go for a "Pro Blue" animal, perhaps the Grey Wolf Peruvian?
 Check them out ladies! They're only adorable <3

S xxx



  1. Omg it's sooo cute , love it xx

  2. I love those spirit hoods. They look so warm and cosy. I'd love one but they're a bit too expensive for me to justify purchasing right now. I really liked the koala one that was around on ASOS before xmas xx

    1. I know they're a bit expensive I know! I Koala one is so cute! xxx


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