Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Hask Argan Oil Review

Last week, after a particularly long day in work, I trudged home in the cold rain in a rather fowl form. After getting soaked to the skin, I arrived home and was greeted with a rather lovely surprise. Hask had recently gotten in touch with me thanking me for doing a review of their Argan Oil waaaaay back. They wanted to send me out a few new products to show their appreciation, which was extremely kind. It was such a lovely thing to do, and I was nothing short of delighted getting that parcel, turning my frown upside down. I'm a huge fan of hair oil, as my hair is quite thick and I backcomb it on a daily basis. Inside the box I received 6 hair conditioning treatments, 3 Exotic Shine Treatments, 3 Argan Oils and 3 leave in conditioners.

The first thing I did was hop into a scorching hot bath, with loads of bubble bath and chilled, after I washed my hair and then added the Argan Oil Conditioning treatment, as my hair was quite dry and lackluster from this horrid weather I lathered on the whole sachet. After waiting 10 minutes as per instructions I washed it out. My hair was definitely a lot smoother and softer and didn't look so dull. After blow dying, I followed the Sachet's advice and finished it with a small dollop of Exotic Shine treatment, leaving my hair silky, smooth and smelling delicious! I will definitely be purchasing Hask Argan oil products again, they're not only reasonably priced, they leave your hair silky soft and they smell amazing! Check your local Penney's/Primark ladies! These cheap and cheerful products are really worth it!

S xxx



  1. Oh wow, you're so lucky. I must pop into my local Primark and take a look :) xo

    1. Do! I couldn't recommend the Hask range more :D xxx


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