Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Casual Camouflage

Hope you're all well! It's the middle of the week, so not too long now until the weekend! I'm in the middle of a 6 day week this week, so can't wait for my day off! :D It will be a day for relaxing and perhaps a little bit of retail therapy. January has been a veeeeery long month for me. The weather has taken a turn for the worst here in Dublin. It's been snowy on and off, thankfully not sticking. But MY GOD is it cold?! Walking to and from work I chuck on my Ugg boots with 2 pairs of socks, to keep my little footsies warm! Love 'em and Hate 'em ladies, but they're the best footwear in my opinion for this time of year! I've been so so so busy lately, with working full time, blogging regularly and catching up with friends. I love seeing all my friends, and making time for them all <3 Tonight I went for Dinner, and then off to the cinema to see Les Miserables, which by the way was AH-MAZING. But I'm sure you all already know that. After work I threw on my over-sized dress from H&M and my Topshop snood, nothing too glamorous I'm afraid. I'll have an outfit post on it later on in the week :) To see a sneak peak, check me out on Instagram :) My username is BOWFABULOUS :)
Since I'm a busy little bee, I always plan outfits, that are easy to throw on after an 8 hour shift. I went for dinner the other night, and wore this outfit. I bought this scarf last year, and love it. It's so funky, and I always get compliments  when I wear it. Since camouflage is big this year, it gives a nod to the trend, but not being to "in your face". The dress is a skater style, and I wanted to cinch in the waist so added my favourite belt of the season to further my hourglass figure. Pairing it with a black blazer and little ankle boots I was set to go in only a matter of minutes, who says it takes an effort to be dressy? ;)

S xxx


  1. Absolutely adorable. And love the winter colors with the bright scarf!

    1. Thank you! It definitely brightens up the black and khaki anyway :D xxx

  2. You look gorgeous!!! I love the scarf xx

  3. Love the scarf, and your blog :) Im a new follower :) x

  4. You look gorgeous! Adore that belt, pretty girl



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