Saturday, 28 July 2012

Hippy Days

 Dress:River Island,Pumps:Dunnes Stores,Ring:Wholesale in Paris

Hey Lovelies :) 

Yesterday It was another lovely day in Dublin. I had a few bits to do, so this dress is perfect for flying around town. It's light airy, a nice length and covers my arms, so no need for a little bit of tan. I love the deep V in it, as It's deep but doesn't show anything. To be honest I didn't like this dress anymore, but I tried it on yesterday, and it fits better than I remembered. Hopefully I'll get a few more wears out of it before winter comes! I added a vibrant ring to compliment the blue in the dress and kept things simple with nude flats. I kept my makeup low key, using my BB cream, a little cream blush and neutral eyes. I hate wearing a lot of makeup on my days off. Today I went a bought a few bits in Lush on my lunch break. I haven't bought anything from there in a long time, so asked on Twitter what I should get, and was told to go for their face masks. I went in to get one and also came out with a bubble bar and two soaps as well! It all came to €21.40 which I think is fairly reasonable. I'll do a little review tomorrow. I'm as much of a beauty fiend as fashion, but I really keep this blog to fashion. I might add a beauty post, every once in a while.

Hope you have a lovely night :) 

S xxx

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Friday, 27 July 2012

Summer Sunshine.

Dress:River Island, Denim Shirt:Vintag, Sunglasses:Dior

Hey Beauties :) 
You can totally tell when I've a few days off, As I've gotten to catch up on loads of posts, I love documenting the little things in life. Whether be it on my blog or my instagram (bowfabulous if you want to follow!) You really take note of the small things your life consists of, which would otherwise go undocumented. Yesterday I enjoyed chilling in the garden with my best bud. He's a little rascal! I just chilled, read a few magazines, some blogs and generally just enjoyed the nice weather. I wore a simply light summery dress, and added a vintage denim shirt and sequin converse. I personally love this look, it's not something I'd always wear, and I love mixing up my style every so often! Fashion is meant to be fun after all. When the sun went down, I chilled with some friends, watch a recording of "The Million Pound Drop", got beaten at "Articulate" and got take out. As I work pretty much all the time, I don't get to enjoy as much as summer, as much as I'd like to, but these few days off, have been wonderful. Hope this sun stay shining a little bit longer, everyone seems to be in such a happy mood. 

Hope you're all enjoying your summer, whether it the sun is shinning or whether it's raining :)

S xxx
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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Bows and Ruffles

Top:Fran and Jane, Skirt: New Look

Hey Lovelies,

Hope you don't mind my up close shots, my normal photographer (aka my daddy!) is away and I have to make use with my tripod, and to be honest I'm really useless at working it. Here's back tomorrow, so all outfit pictures will be back to normal soon. Please ignore my jeans hanging out on the washing line! Haha! Last night I went to see "The Dark Knight Rises". It's not normally a movie I'd be in to, It's a well known fact with all my friends that I like really sappy crap movies or extremely terrifying horror movies. I recently saw Spiderman and really enjoyed it, so I went to see Batman and LOVED it. It was so good! So if any of you aren't bothered to see it, thinking you won't like it, GO! It was warm yesterday so I decided to bare my legs, I love this black skirt I picked up from New Look a few months ago, it's a great piece to have in your wardrobe, as you can really dress it up or down, something I love, as you then get more wear out of your clothes. I wanted to be really girly, so opted for this top. I've had it since last year, and kind of forgotten about it, It was only on a recent room cleaning, I found it. It's a very pale pink, which is so feminine and girly. I love the black bows and the ruffles on the sleeves. It's so pretty!

 I'm a sucker for girly things. Someday I'll do a room tour, and you'll all see for yourselves. One Christmas back in my Ugg loving stage, I kindly asked Santa to bring me limited editionpink floral Uggs, I wasn't interested in the standard colours! Now I must say they're amazing, although I wrecked them a little bit when it was snowing last! Living in Ireland where it rains 364 days of the year, I don't think you'll ever get me out of my Ugg's completely. Now I do know how ugly, and unfashionable they are, BUT when it's lashing rain and it's freezing, they're the only boot I've found that guarantee's my feet will stay dry! This year I want to get the Sequin short ones, as I tried on the over the knee sequin ones last year, and I think they're a little too much..!The short ones are so nice, and don't look as scruffy as the plainer ones. :)

Do you guys love your Uggs, or do you hate them?

S xxx
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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Black, with a hint of Neon

 Tunic:Yours Clothing, Jewellery:Primark

Hello Everyone :) 
I've 3 days off work, and I couldn't be happier. I was working straight for over a week, and I really need a little rest. I always appreciate my days off so much more, when I've been working loads. Last night myself and a few friends went out for Italian. It's always nice to go out and catch up with friends, even if it is a little expensive at time, but It's totally worth it. The weather has been a bit up and down here at the mo, Monday it was so warm, and yesterday we had crazy rain! You really wouldn't know what to wear. I wore this tunic from Yours, it's so nice and light and a good length, so I just paired it with tights and pumps. Effortless, but still put together. I'm always over dressed, but I think I've just found nice bits, that are as easy as jeans to throw on, giving me a more polished look. I'll let ya'll in on a little secret, a while ago I was obsessed with black, but I got so bored of being,well boring. So now whenever I wear black I make sure I either add white to make it monochrome or bright accessories. I also wore my new neon pink bag to really brighten up this outfit.

This was another item that Yours Clothing kindly gifted to me. It's meant to be a tunic, but I wore it as a dress, with 100dernier tights and pumps. It's a lovely chiffon material, with sheer sleeves, giving it an expensive touch. The quality is really lovely, and feels lovely on. It's nice and airy and skims over my curves rather nicely. It's nice for days like yesterday when you don't want to spend too much time getting ready, yet want to look nice, and feel comfortable. Comfort is paramount, there is no point wearing something that doesn't fit you or makes you feeling uncomfortable(with the exception of nice shoes!) As it really shows on your face, and your stature. It's got a lovely crisscross detail at the back giving the tunic another nice touch, so you can easily dress it up for a night out and style it down for dinner.

I'm off to see Batman tonight, so excited, has anyone seen it?!

S xxx
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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Topshop: Shopping for a curvy girl

Topshop: Shopping for a curvy girl
Everything Topshop!
Hey Beauties!

Sorry it's been a couple of days, I've been a busy little bee. but you'll have an Outfit tomorrow, I'll make sure of it! I often shop at TopshopNow sometimes I go in and find NOTHING to suit my shape or fit over my boobs or tummy! I'm not going to lie, sometimes you do get disheartened, but I've learnt some tips along the way and I'd be more than happy to share them with you gorgeous girls.
  • OK, I'm pretty sure you're all sick of me saying this but you have to try everything on. Most of my clothing from Topshop are size 14's as the 16's fly out in their flagship store in Dublin. 
  • Jersey is your friend. I love jersey, it's really comfortable and stretches nicely to fit your shape, and I find it very flatter to my curves.
  • Step out of your comfort zone. I recently wore the deep V mesh dress, and I got so many compliments wearing it. I never thought it would look anyway decent on or if I'd even have the guts to wear it, but when I tried it on I instantly fell in love! If I hadn't bothered trying it on, I would of seriously missed out!
  • Wear their shirts open. I have this problem all the time. While shirts could fit my tummy, my bust would pop out, which isn't a good look. So I wear them open with a tunic and leggings, for a casual day time look. 
  • Always looks out for over sized bits, it's still a big trend, and it works extremely well for bigger girls.
  • Their Footware is always spot on, and a rather wide fitting! If I am to buy one thing from Topshop this Winter is a pair of boots. Last year I missed out on the Oh-So famous "Ambush" boots and this year I will not happen again. I will buy them next month if I have to! 
  • I got a pale pink sequins dress the same as the silver one above, it's an empire cut with jersey on the lining giving it a little more stretch and an open back. It's still got plenty of room on me in a size 16!
  • Which leads me to my next point. Ignore tags, and go with the cut and fabric. A-line/Empire Line are your friends as are mesh, knit and jersey :)
  • Crop top jumpers are great if you're like me and have a tummy. I plan on wearing the pink one above with a high waisted skirt and boots when it get's cold(er)!
  • The have the most amazing comfy jumpers. I have a lilac one which I got in a size 14 and it's roomy on me!, they're brillant for lounging around, going for walks or just chilling in general. I chose to showcase the black one above, which I plan on wearing with those cross print leggings and a tunic with my converse. I need to get paid pronto! 
  • Aztec print it still very big, and is lovely in knit twear. I choose this cardi because it's open and a big fit. I also love it as it's brightly coloured to make those cold, rainy wintery days a little more fun ;)

Hope you get inspired by some of these tips and if you guys have any tips for me, please let me know! :)

S xxx
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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Girly Sunday

Blazer,pumps,bangles &Sunnies:Primark,Jeans:Forever21,Scarf:H&M,Watch:Camden Market

Hey Lovelies,

Hope you're all well. I want to show you an outfit I wore to see Magic Mike on Sunday evening with a few of the girls. After being out the night before I wanted to keep it simple. I was fussing over what to wear for yonks. Ever get those days when NOTHING looks right, and I couldn't find anything to wear over my jeans. In the end as you can see I threw on a plain black tank top, my favorite mint blazer from Primark and an over sized scarf, and of course sunnies! I love blazers and jeans combo's. You can easily dress them up or down, and thanks to colored blazers being very much "in" at the moment, you have endless possibilities and combinations to funk up your look. I wore plain pumps for the casual evening, although if I was to wear this look for a night out, I would simply slip on some black platforms, a statement necklace and a large clutch and ditch the scarf.

 I love casual days, although I'm rarely seen in tracksuit bottoms. Someday I'll grace this blog in a pair for the laugh, although I must admit mine have sequins on them no less. I'm such a girly girl!Anyway on to the movie. What's better than watching gorgeous men dancing on screen in their undies?Nothing! Oh man that Channing Tatum is something else! It's the perfect girly movie, and I highly recommend it, even if you only go for the half naked men! We also went for a bite to eat in Wagamama's. It use to be one of my all time favorite restaurants, but I'd gone off it a little bit as of late, but I had such a delicious meal I've rekindled my love affair with the joint :) Chicken Katsu Curry anyone?

I can't wait to be paid and hot foot it to Primark, they have amazing bits in at the moment. I know how I'll be spending my day off next week. I've seen loads of pretty shirts, leather dresses, tweed blazers and really cute ankle boots. Hello Autumn!

S xxx
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Friday, 13 July 2012


[Picture Heavy Post!]

Kaftan:Fusion@Monsoon,Sandals&bag:Primark,Sungalsses:OldNavy. This Kaftan is such a good summer buy, you can wear it on the beach/at the pool, or wear it when you're traveling over denim shorts and a tank top.
 On the train from Brno from Prague, very comfy might I add! Lovely leather seats and air con, all the way, which is a nice touch in the height of summer ;)
Outside the Shopping Mall!
I kept all my outfits nice and light. Although we did get a little bit of rain on the Saturday it was still hot. I'm looking the high-low trend or "mullet" dresses at the mo, a bit of glamour even on a casual day! Skirt and Sandals:New Look, everything else:Primark. This was at Prague castle were we arrived just on time for the changing of the guard!

 Everything:Primark. Top tied as crop top I loved this outfit, my mum wasn't too keen though! I wore the Primark top as a little crop top, although the light didn't pick it up too well! As you can see I was a little naughty in H&M and my mum also treated me to this dress below! It was so warm, I changed and I'm so glad I did as this dress is extremely comfy, and great for sightseeing-especially when it's extremely warm outside!
Sneaky OOTD in the Dior Window. All the Designer windows were done magnificently, and it really made me want to further a career in Visual Merchandising!

If only I had the bank balance ;)

Jewish Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter, amazingly I'd never been in one before, and it was really interesting to have a little peek :) On Charles Bridge, a landmark of Prague, It had great views, and the sun setting which made the walk even nicer. I love this dress, I saw it in the green in Forever21 in February but unfortunately when I went back the next day it was sold out! I was browsing for bits in Forever21 a few days before my hols and saw it in the green and then I saw the lilac, and I had to say the lilac was nicer. So I snapped this baby up and legged it to the till. It's a size L but has so much room in it!

Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square.
 Five Story Night Club, myself and some friends ended up in, at the end of an amazing Pub Crawl!

As you can see this is a really long post, so I'll get it short and sweet, Prague and the Czech Republic is such a lovely country, and I really enjoyed my little break, it's a great city to go to for going out, and it has great pub crawls and the night life is nice and lively! Back to reality now, getting a little sad looking at these pics! I'll leave you with a very nice and flattering photo of me on the Pub Crawl, drenched from the rain and quite possibly after downing a few shots of Absinthe. Just for your own entertainment!

Until next time Lovelies,

Hope you all have a lovely weekend :)

S xxx
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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Yours Clothing Review #2

Top:Yours Clothing, Cropped Skinnies:Dunnes Stores, Sunnies:H&M and Sandals:Primark

Hey Guys, 

Here's another item that was generiously gifted to me by Yours Clothing. I wasn't too sure about it on the website, but as I was going on my holiday's and needed light and airy fabric tops, I decided to test this one out. First thing I noticed was it's really comfy, it's got plenty of room in the tummy, the bust and the arms, which is paramount when you're buying items for your holidays. I can't count the amount of tops I have that the arms are too small in, it's really frustrating, but I had loads of room in this top which I loved.

 It's got  an empire line and ya'll know I'm a huge fan of the empire cut. My "problem" area is my tummy, and I guess I just love things that gently skim over it, and this top does it exactly. Saying that you have to be careful with empire tops, as if you've loads of room, you can end up looking pregnant, and lads that aint a good look! So you need a little room, but not a lot :) You can also tie it at the back with draws it in a little, giving you a more defined shape, which is always good. I love the little crochet detail at the end and I love that it has buttons at the top, as if your bust is larger you can always slip on a cami and wear it open. My only complaint about this top is the buttons look pulled when in fact it's just the way the buttons are closed, but for such a nice top, that's only a small glitch! It's a lovely easy to wear, light summer top! I picked up the coral colour, but they also have it in blue :)

I wore it travelling home from my holiday's as we all know, you have to be comfortable when travelling, and who said that comfy didn't mean stylish? At first I said to myself I'll pair this with white jeans, but then that's the most obvious match, so I decided to bring out the coral in it and wear my new cropped coral skinnies, I snatched up in Dunnes Stores for a bargain €18. I wore my gold sandals, which I've worn to death over the last week, they're nearly fit for the bin!

I went to see Spiderman tonight and it was faaab!  I highly recommend you guys to see it :) I'll have my Prague post up tomorrow, still getting through my mountain of photo's!

S xxx

*Disclaimer, Item gifted to me by Yours Clothing, all thoughts and views are my own.
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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Czech Republic

Kaftan:River Island,Sandals,bag&tank:Primark and Sunglasses:H&M

Dress:Asos Proper OOTD coming soon <3

Hey Beauties!

As many of you were aware, I was on my holidays. I went to the Czech Republic, I've never been and I must say It was different than I'd expected. I got the train down from Prague to the second largest city in the Czech Republic "Brno" and then stayed in a small quite hotel on the outskirts. My hotel plans changed late on Sunday night, as the weather in the Spa hotel we were meant to stay in was horrific. There was torrential rain and hailstones as big as tennis balls apparently. So we luckily were able to cancel it and managed (luckily)to find another hotel. It was a lot more basic than the other hotel, which I was a bit bummed about (not going to lie!) but at the end of the day I was on holiday's and the sun was splitting the stones each day. A lot better then stuck in the middle of nowhere  in a fancy when the weather is horrible. 

Upon checking in at Dublin Airport, I was delighted to know that my case was only 10KG! Meaning I had another 10KG for room for a few new bits. I raided H&M+ and got cool floral skinny jeans!I didn't spend a lot of money at all. Which is good, as I need to get a new laptop in the next couple of days. This Samsung Net book is on it's last few days! I'm not great at the 'ol computers and this has served me great! Anyway back to the holiday! Brno was about a 3 hour train ride my Prague. I really got to see a lot of the Czech countryside on the way down which is always nice, and you get a sense of the country you're visiting. I did very little while here, just sat by the pool, saw the lake and went into Brno town one evening. Prague was a little more hectic and I have loads of outfits and lots of pics from it :) I kept all my outfits as minimal as possible as it's so hard to look half decent when it's 40 Degrees outside and your hair is a frizzball. I only brough my LV "Neverfull" for travel and this across the body bag from Primark, so hope you don't get sick of it ;) I rocked my Monif C bikini so I'll have that post up for you guys tomorrow :D I really want one in black now too! Hope you all have a lovely evening, and I'll catch you all tomorrow ;)

S xxx
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