Friday, 29 June 2012

Rose printed shorts

Shorts:Torrid, Top:H&M, Blazer & Tights:Marks and Spencers, Shoes & Sunnies:Primark and bag:Coco Boutique

Hey Lovelies :)

Here's a quick snap of what I wore today, I love these shorts, I got them yonks and yonks ago, and love the fact you can wear them on their own and with tights. I opted for tights, as it was a little chilly today. I kept it simple with a black top and blazer, and a slick of my favourite Chanel red lipstick [Gabrielle] It looks rather dark when you first open it, but goes on a nice bluey red! I'm trying to start packing for my holiday's but it's not being very successful, I'm half packed at the moment, but need to pick up some coloured tshirts and a pair of flip flops. I used to love packing, but I think I've changed my mind! Hope you guys have a lovely weekend <3

S xxx

Oh and the Lovely Louise from  tagged me in a post, so I thought I'd answer her questions! Check her out guys :) x

1. Polka dots or bird prints? Polka Dots
2. Dresses or jeans/trousers? Dresses Definitely
3. Do you have any tattoos, and if yes, how many and what are they of? If no, do you want any? Not at the moment, but have plans for get a ribbon/bows on my wrist,
4. Who's your favourite band or musician?
I listen to such a vast amount of music, all totally random, I can't pick!
5. Who would you like to be stuck in a lift (elevator) with?Ryan Reynolds for obvious reasons!
6. What's at the top of your bucket list? Oh Lordy, I'd love travel the WHOLE WORLD, like literally EVERY country oh and sky diving, if I ever work up the courage!
 7. Where is your favourite place on Earth, and why? Home, It's where me mammy and daddy are!
8. Bags or shoes? Why? Bags. I have an absolute obsession. I've recently purchased a neon pink bag, everyone who saw it said it blinded them as it's so bright, but I fell madly in love.Watch this space lads, you'll see it in an outfit post very soon!
9. Have you ever met a celebrity, and if yes, who and how?
I've meet a few random "Celebs" But my ultimate "celeb" was back in 2010 when I had the biggest girl crush ever on Cheryl Cole. I was at the Xfactor (the night Aiden got kicked off), and Louis Walsh brought us backstage, where I ran into the lady herself. Westlife, JLS and Take That were there that night as well but I was only obsessed with seeing Cheryl. FYI she was lovely :)
 10. If time, responsibilities, and money weren't an issue, how would you spend your ideal day off?  Take myself and all my friends to New York, shop until we drop and go out on a mad one!

11. What's your favourite book? Anything by Jodi Picoult, yeah I know I'm a mad sappy!
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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Floral and Neon

Skirt:Dorothy Perkins, Blazer&Pumps:Primark, Tank:Topshop & Sunnies:H&M (Tan Rimmel Sun shimmer)

Hey Lovelies,

Here's an outfit I wore a few days ago, when the sun was blissfully shining. I'm getting a new camera either tomorrow or the next day, as my Iphone/Samsung camera just aint the bee knee's for taking Outfit pics! Or geeky tourist pics (Yes I am one of "Those"!)I've wanted to invest in a good one for some time, so I thought I might as well get one, when I've a bit of spare cash at the mo. Any suggestions would be great! Yesterday I'd a lovely day off. I was going into town to pick a few bits for my holiday, and met up with my lovely friend Jacqui and she kindly helped me pick up a few bits and pieces. I got some lovely bits, and I'm so excited to wear them. I got the most amazing maxi dress in Forever 21 in Lilac and I'm going to run down tomorrow on my lunch break to hopefully get the green, as it's absolutely amazing! My outfit was pretty much plain, I wore jeans, a COS black top and my studded pumps, thew my hair up in a messy bun and legged it out the door Aviators in hand of course!. Needless to say I didn't get a snap ;)I love comfy days, when you just don't care what you're wearing! I also avoided makeup, as my skin is really dry at the moment, and I just needed to let it breathe.

I love this outfit. The blazer doesn't stand out as much in the light in the pics, as it does in real life. It's a really bright neon green. I snapped this baby up in Primark back in March, a salute to St Patrick perhaps? I went for a plain white tank and a floral skirt I got in Brighton last summer. I didn't add jewellery as it's quite a bright outfit, and I didn't want to be mistaken for someone partaking in "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding"! ;) (Hehe, love that show btw!)I've no news really! Other than I'm getting my "mane" cut soon, I'm thinking of hacking it off to my shoulders. It's just so big and thick, and not fun to take care off, so I'll get a little (or a lot) snip snip before my hols on Monday :D

S xxx
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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Floral Skirt and Yellow Tee

 Skirt and Sunglasses:H&M,Blazer:New Look, Tshirt:Pink@Victoria Secret, Shoes:Primark

Hey Beauties,

Hope ya'll are well :) The last two days here in Dublin have been surprisingly warm, so I grabbed the chance to get my pins out. I paired my floral skirt with a vibrant yellow tee, and added a blazer to tie the look together. I included a close up of the skirt, as it was surprisingly hard to photograph correctly, as you can see It's got little specks of yellow, so I thought the yellow tee, would be a welcomed change from my a usual black or white tank top. I'm off on my Holiday's next week and I can't wait! I've the day off tomorrow so I must pop into town to get some new bits to debut ;) Like I need an excuse,eh?! Chat to you all soon, and a warm welcome to all my new Followers, Please to meet cha.

S xxx
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Monday, 25 June 2012

Love is in the air..

Blazer:Primark,Dress and Flatforms:New Look and Bangle:Fran and Jane
 The Happy Couple and the Grandparents :)

Yesterday It was my Cousin's Engagement Party, we all had a brilliant day. I'm a bit of a saddo and wore a heart print dress for the festivities! I'm a bit of an 'ol romantic at heart :) I paired it with a mint green blazer, which is definitely a favourite of mine, and I'm sure you recognise it from previous blog posts. I didn't feel like wearing heels today, so these flatforms were perfect. They're actually more comfortable than wearing flats, yet the look a little more dressy, I really want to get a few more pair. A leopard print pair, again from New Look have my name on it

We went to a lovely restaurant called "The Box Tree" on the outskirts of Dublin. It was a very fancy smancy meal, so I decided to dress up for the occasion, not that I needed an excuse-eh? We had a lovely meal, the drinks were following. It was a nice family get together, meeting family and friends, I hadn't seen in while. I couldn't be happier for Jack and Siobhan. Siobhan- welcome to this crazy family! I cannot wait for the Wedding,It's going to be amazing! I know you guys read this so I just want to say Congratulations again and I love you both <3 

S xxx
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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Boozy Saturday Lunch

I had a lovely Saturday afternoon, as most of you know I usually work most weekends, if not two days, definitely one! So this weekend I've the two days off and so far it's been absolutely wonderful. I forgot how much fun weekends are. I went for a boozy lunch with my lovely friend Sinead, we went to Alfies, which is one of my favourite restaurants in Dublin for cocktails and lunch. It was so yummy. We finished eating at about 5pm and I'm still stuffed to the brim! I could sleep for Ireland now though ;) Tomorrow I'm going to my Cousin's engagement party-which I couldn't more happy about. I love his Fiance- and it will be a lovely addition to the family :) Hope you all have a nice night-if you need me,you'll find me in a food coma, on my couch!
Necklace: H&M,Shirt:Asos,Skirt:New Look,Tights:Marks and Spencer, Pumps:Primark, Bag:Juicy Couture

S xxx
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Friday, 22 June 2012

Bow T-Shirt

T-shirt:River Island, Blazer:H&M,Jeans:Forever21+ and Pumps: Primark

"Circle of Death, drinking game" with loads of goodies for soakage ;) 


How is everyone? Last night I went to my friends house for a few drinks! It was a great night, and I didn't get home until the early hours. I love those nights, when you're all just having so much fun that times flies by! I kept things really casual wearing my faithful Forever21+ jeans. I bought this blazer back in January to match this t-shirt, but have found loads of things for it to go with :).I've cut down on buying things that I can't mix and match with other items in my wardrobe. I'm far too broke for that sort of carry on! I love this T-shirt, it just screams ME. If you haven't gathered already I love bows, and this 3-D bow is only gorgeous, and makes the outfit really fun. A little twist on the classic, Blazer,T-shirt and Jeans combo. Hope you lovely have a lovely Friday night, I'm off for a little nap!

Chat to you soon :) 

S xxx
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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Plus Size Swimwear

So we all know being a curvy/plus size women, finding swimwear that will flatter you and make you feel comfortable is a hard task. So I'm going to go through some options I've come across online for you beautiful gals! 

Monif C

  This bikini  is from US Plus Size Designer Monif C. It's high waisted, has good support for the fuller bust and shows just enough skin. If you're conscious of your tummy as I am, the high waist bottoms hold you in, and you've no fear that they're going to fall down! It also has a tummy control feature, giving you that extra support. Now it doesn't come cheap, Retailing at $148(plus shipping), but the quality is exceptional.Her size goes from a US14-US24. I purchased this Bikini in the Leopard Print, and I love it and can't rave about it enough. For other alternatives for high waist bikini's, I've seen some nice ones from Simply Be, Elomi, Old Navy and River Island.

Resort Animal Print Tankini Set

Now I appreciate that not everyone is comfortable wearing a bikini, but of course that doesn't mean you can't look equally as gorgeous wearing a tankini. You still get the freedom of a two piece, but the coverage of a one piece. Tankini's work well for all shapes and sizes, and you have the freedom to often mix and match sizes. If you're a larger size on the bottom than you are on the top, you can chose different sized bottoms and different sized tops, giving you the perfect fit. My favourite places to look for Tankini's are Marks and Spencers, Evans, Very and Next.  This Tankini is from and goes from a size UK8-20.

 Marks and Spencer

Swimsuits- What's not to love about them really? You just slip them on, you don't have to worry about your boobs popping out! or your bottoms falling down exposing your bum to the whole resort whilst getting out of the pool! It's simple, easy and classic. Now of course you can get the extremely dowdy swimsuit, something your gran would probably turn her nose up at, but they've really come back in fashion, and they have some gorgeous 50's inspired styles out at the moment as well as trend lead ones with gorgeous peplum details (H&M!)

I must admit, when I saw this gorgeous retro swimsuit in Marks and Spencer I literally ran to the checkout. It's so adorable. It's got two thick traps to support your bust, have lovely ruching across the tummy with hides a multitude, and the little skirt covers your bum and the tops of your thighs. I think this is actually one of the nicest swimming costume I've ever come across. The size range is good too ranging from a UK8-22. My top places to buy Swimsuits would be, Marks and Spencer, H&M,Simply Be and Evans. Monif C also have some absolutely gorgeous ones! If only my bank balance was unlimited!

S xxx
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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Birthday BBQ

Dress:Asos, Cardigan: H&M,Shoes and necklace:Primark, Cuff: Fran and Jane

Hey Guys! :) 

Last night it was my friend Aoife's 22nd so we all had a little BBQ, we were lucky as the weather stayed dry! It was a lovely evening, a nice catch up with some of the girls, I don't see very often. I wore this dress that I got in on sale for about €20 last summer. I paired it with a navy Cardigan to bring out the navy in the dress, and added gold accessories to liven the outfit up a bit. I'm a sucker for all things gold. I have a collection of bling bling (read:tacky!) jewellery that I just absolutely love all gold. Although this Torc necklace is very toned down for my taste! We all had a lovely evening, and ended up watching "Hall Pass" which is the funniest movie I've seen in a long time! I have the strangest laugh, that resembles a cackle, so I'd imagine all the girls were sick of it by the end of the night ;) If you haven't seen it, I high recommend it!

S xxx
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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Curvy Girl Tips

Hey Lovelies :) 

Today I was so lucky and featured in one of my favourite magazine's LOOK.I was really honoured as this little blog is only in it's baby stages. I'll be blogging for 5 months next month, time really flies when you're having fun! I was giving my top fashion tips, but I thought I'd elaborate a bit more. Of course there wasn't enough room for all my mumbo jumbo, so I thought I'd dedicate a blog post to it ;)

OK first things first. I can range from a size 14 up, as some shops cut their clothes differently to others. So bare that in mind when your shopping, as if you're a 16 in one shop, you could be an 18 in another, so please don't let that discourage you. Even in the same shop you find discrepancies within their sizing. Always going shopping with an open mind. When I go shopping I tend to wear things I can easily throw off and on, which definitely makes the experiences a much more pleasnt one, as there is nothing worse than getting frustrated with zips, buttons and fiddly bits in changing rooms. 

So here are a few of my tips :) 

  • I've said this countless times, but try EVERYTHING ON. If you're an 18, but see something you like in a 14 or 16, try it on. The worst case scenario it doesn't fit, but I've often been pleasantly surprised. 
  •  I have a bigger bust, and find that shirts don't tend to close correctly over them. My solution is wear them over a top or tank top open. It still looks chic and smart. 
  • Don't be afraid of skinny jeans. I'm a massive fan of them. If you're conscious of your thighs, wear a long line tank top over them. You can pick these up relatively cheap in Topshop and H&M. 
  • Layering is your friend. You look bang on trend, yet you're comfy and casual. My go to outfit, would be skinny jeans or leggings, a tunic top layered over a long line tank and a cardi or blazer.
  • Try styles that you think would never suit you. It's all about trial and error. You might think Bodycon dress wouldn't flatter your curves but it could look absolutely amazing on you!
  •  Don't limit yourself to Plus Size Stores.Don't be afraid to go into stores, that you think won't cater for you. Over size is still a big trend, which is why I love Zara, H&M and Topshop at the moment. It might not fit the way the manufacter intended it to fit, but if it looks nice on and you feel comfortable and confident in it, what's stopping you?
  • Maternty sections. Now I know I sound daft. But if you have a larger tummy, have a peak in the maternity section. (Asos has a great selection!) Normally I find Size 16 shirts to tight on my bust and sometimes my tummy, but recently purchased a size 16 one from Asos Maternity and it fits like a dream. Problem sorted.
  • For even lovely skinny girls, finding a pair of jeans is a nightmare. The Forever21 plus size selection have amazing jeans, and this is not an exaggeration. I didn't think anything would entice me out of my leggings! Their jeans fit like a dream. They all have a slight stretch in them and they don't cut them low rise. If you don't have a Forever21 near you, they have an online stores ( just pick your normal size, I've quite a few and have found the sizing to be true to size.
  • Swimwear, is another thing to get right. I recently splurged and bought a Monif C Bikini. With shipping and taxes, it was a pretty penny, BUT it fits me amazingly, which is so important. You have to feel confident rocking swimwear, so if you can afford it,splash out, as if you treat them well, they can last a few years. Simply Be, Elomi and Monif C do lovely ones.

I'm sure I'll come up with a few more tips, so look out for part two coming soon! I'm off to celebrate a lovely friend's birthday. So I'll chat up with you guys soons :) 

S xxx

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Monday, 18 June 2012

Short Shorts

Top:COS, Shorts:Forever21+, Glasses: Fran and Jane, Scarf: Wholesale Boutique in Paris, Shoes: Topshop, Watch: Camden Market & Bag: Louis Vuitton.

Hey Beauties :) 

A Quick update, before I catch some Z's, I'm up at 7am tomorrow morning for work, which should be fun ;) This evening I caught up with my lovely friend Rachael, and we did a bit of shopping (only window for me I'm afraid, as I'm broke until Pay Day!) and then had a tasty dinner in Nando's, which was of course yummy as always! I was working until late afternoon, so wanted to throw on something comfy and casual, for our date. I love these shorts, but due to the severe lack of sun I threw on tights. I opted for my well loved pair of Topshop studded flats, and a top from COS, that I purchased last season, which I love, as it flares out in an A-line shape, skimming the 'ol tummy, I wanted to inject some colour in it, so added bright red lips, and a rose printed scarf :)

Hope you all are well <3

S xxx
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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Father's Day

 Dress,Cardigan,Tights:H&M, Bracelets:Primark,Watch:Camden Market. Cross Necklace:Topshop, Wedges:New Look.

Hey Beauties,

Since it's Father's Day, I thought I'd include a picture of me and my dad for today's post :) Happy Father's Day Dad! :DMy Dad's the best, he can be as stubborn as hell, a trait I inherited from him definitely, but he's an incredibly funny, intelligent and caring man. I love you! I also want to apologise for the quality of these pics! I don't know why they turned out so blurry :( Hopefully you can get the idea though! I bought my Dad Downtown Abbey Season two for his gift, and he seemed delighted. I've yet to watch Season One, So that's on my To-Do list for a rainy day off, I've heard great things!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend :D 

S xxx
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Saturday, 16 June 2012


The handmade invites were gorgeous. The groom is from Scotland so the tartan bow was a nice touch.
 The Cake was a stand of Lemon Cupcakes which were absolutely delicious. I thought I'd also include a picutre of my mum and dad!
 Dress:Asos, Pashmina:George's St Arcade, Shoes: Miss Selfridge, Cuff:Unknown!

The Happy Couple, how gorgeous does the bride look here! :)
The Bridal Party. I loved the Bridesmaid's dresses, the yellow shoes and bouquet were lovely with it. They also had real daisies in their hair, which I thought was a lovely touch. All the Groomsmen were in Kilts, a tradition I love!
I loved the Bridal Car! Such an original idea!

Hey Lovelies,

Hope you all had a nice Saturday. Today as you may know, I attended a Neighbour's/ family friend's Wedding. It was a lovely day, and the rain held off, thankfully. I was unsure of what to wear this morning because of the dreadful weather forecast, but decided to brave the bare legs and Pashmina look. The Ceremony was gorgeous and really personal. You could see the love between the young couple, they really and truly looked madly in love. The Venue was lovely and spacious and the cupcakes were absolutely gorgeous and handmade by one of the brides friends. There was lots of personal touches, which I loved as it gave the wedding a really intimate feel. It also wasn't a very long affair, as some weddings can be rather long :)

I wore my Asos dress that I'd purchased for a friend's birthday last year, that I haven't worn since, which was handy, as I didn't have any money to buy a new dress and no one really remembers it! :) I actually wore it back to front, as the front of it had a mix of darker colours, where the back had all the bright colours as you can see, and I was able to pair it with a pink pashmina. All in all I had a fab day, and I wish the lovely couple a life time of happiness :)

S xxx
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Friday, 15 June 2012

Everything's Peachy!

Blazer:Asos, Dress:Primark, Leggings:H&M, Boots:Evans, Necklace:Paris, Bag:Juicy Couture

Hey lovelies,

Yay it's the weekend! I'm working Sunday but have a Wedding tomorrow, and I still haven't decided what exactly I'm going to wear, Ha last minute or what? I've a few possibilities so I'll be grand ;) I wore this outfit today, The Blazer is slightly over sized and really comfy, I love love love the drapey effect, and the rolled up sleeves, making it looks dressy, yet casual. I love this lace dress, and have worn it a good few times, hope you're all not sick of it at this stage. Ever find something that you just love, and want to wear over and over again? I've no other news, although I'm being featured in the next issue of LOOK magazine, which is exciting! It's out this Tuesday :D and I can't wait to see it. I give my tips for other curvy girls shopping on the High Street.

Hope you all have a lovely Friday Night :) I'm just chilling and watching Criminal Minds! <3 Bliss ;) 

S xxx
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Thursday, 14 June 2012


Here's a few Snaps of my random trip to Belfast :)

We got really hungry En Route in Armagh! Nom nom nom
 Belfast Town Hall

 Jacket:New Look,Dress:Asos,Tights:M&S,Boots:Evans
I wore this outfit down, as it's actually really comfortable and it was meant to bucket rain! Thankfully the two days were dry!
 I found all these Mural's fascinating. The city is scattered with them, I'd love to take the tour that showcases them all. This is the only one I was able to get a clear picture of!
 Our cute little B&B, The lady Aoife was so lovely, and even left us some breakfast after we missed it, knowing we would most likely have fuzzy heads ;)

Top:American:Apparel,Blazer:M&S,Jeans:Forever21,Wedges:New Look, Jewellery: Primark. 

Since it was a last minute trip I opted for the safe option of jeans, top and blazer. I wasn't in a classic mood so  wore my edgy bleached ripped jeans and also added a bold statement necklace, which didn't come out too well in the photo, but believe me, it's bright! 

Fibber's MaGee, Best bar for craic in Belfast, the band was unreal!

The Titanic Experience, if you're ever in Belfast it's a must see! Both myself and my friend are History buffs,  so this was right up our street!

Hey Lovelies,

Myself and my friend Laura decided very last minute to go to Belfast for the night, as we both had the same few days off (which never happens!).Off we went early yesterday morning, and we left Belfast this evening. It would usually take two hours up the M1 motorway, which is nothing at all really! The Accommodation got mixed up so we ended up searching around the city. Westlife were playing in the Odyssey so most places were booked up! Anyway we managed to get a little B&B called Sleepy Ceader's which was really quaint and nice! We hit up the shops a bit yesterday and then decided to paint the town red! We started off the night in Fibber McGee's where a great band were playing! We had a great time there, but when the band finished up we went around to "Rain" nightclub..or should I say the local underage disco! Haha! We had a great night regardless, and just had a few more drinks and a bit of a dance to make the most of it! Today we went to the Titanic Experience, it was really interesting, and made us both want to see the movie again! It took us about two hours to get through,but it wasn't one bit boring and we thoroughly enjoyed it, I recommend anyone visiting Belfast to see it. It's nice getting out of your usual routine, even if it's just for a day or two :) 

Anyway I'm absolutely knackered, I'll chat to you all soon :)

S xxx
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