Thursday, 24 May 2012

What's in my Handbag

Hey everyone!

Yay another gorgeous day out :) It really lifts everyone's mood! I'm normally such a nosey parker, and love these posts on other blogs, so I've decided to be a copy cat,and show ya'll what's in my bag on any given day. [Warning, you might find everything, but the kitchen sink in here!]

I decided to show you the bag I get more wear out of, I like it cos it literally is never full! 
Bag: Louis Vuitton, Neverfull.
Left to Right:
Stellar Magazine: Can't go anywhere with out some sort of reading material. I'm on the lookout for a new books if any of you lovelies have any recommendations, please let me know!
Lipgloss: For all the random smooches.
Pen: Pink, naturally. For all those phone numbers I give out ;)
Headphones: I hate walking anywhere without listening to some banging tunes, aka Miley Cyrus.
Floral Phone Cover:  So the 'ol phone doesn't get banged around too much.
Phone: Lifeline. I'm not ashamed to admit I get separation anxiety when I'm away from it!
Purse (Biba): I invested in this last time I was in Landan Town.
Perfume: Juicy Couture. Favourite Smell for summer <3 (D&G Light Blue is also a favourite, so I alternate the two!)
Hand Sanitiser (Soap and Glory): No explanation needed really..people are gross ;)
Hello Kitty Visa Debit: I only have something like $10 left on this card, from when I went on my J1 to San Diego,but it's too cute not to keep.
Plasters: I'm very clumsy. I got Hello Kitty ones, because quite frankly plain ones make me feel ill.
Lipblam: I can get dry lips a lot, so I need to have one on me at all times :)
Makup Bag (Michael Kors): Just some essentials, I don't bring a huge amount of makeup out! My poor back would be broken if I did!
Hair Clips: My hair is crazy, so these really are mandatory.
LYNX for Girls: I am a mug, and bought this. Its alright, I s'pose.
Sunglasses: With this crazy weather you never know when the sun might shine for a few minutes
Phone Charger: In case my battery gets low, and I get into a state of panic :)
Victoria Secret Body Splash (Mango Temptation): This is so summery and I'll be wearing it all summer long <3

So that's what's in my bag, What do you guys carry in your bags? :)

I'm off later to go out for dinner with a good friend, we're going to one of my favourite restaurants (Alfie's on South William St, Dublin) so I best start getting ready, I'm been chilling in the sun all day :)

Talk to you guys later!

S xxxx

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Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Hello Everyone :)

It's finally feels like summer! I think we'd all gotten so sick of the horrible horrible weather. Wearing a coat in May just feels so wrong! I woke up this morning a lil late 2pm to be exact! I rarely ever sleep in so it was so nice. I was also on the phone last night until nearly 3.30 so that was partially to do with it! Anyway I'm well rested, which feels so nice. I'm going to go to bed at a half decent hour tonight so I can get my sleep cycle back in whack.

So since the weather was lovely I knew before I got out of bed what I was going to wear. Shorts! I feel so summery! I paired it with my Victoria Secret T-shirt and a VS "PINK" hoodie. If you read my blog regularly you'll notice I don't wear hoodie's a lot. I suppose I'm just a girly girl and always loves dressing up, even though at times I can be overdressed! But there's nothing better on your day off then lounging around in nice comfy clothes :)

On another note. I can't believe I'm saying this but I LOVE Jedward's song "Waterline"and have been blaring in my garden all day long. [Sorry Neighbours!] Let's hope the Boys do well in the Eurovision on Saturday.

T-Shirt: Victoria Secret,Hoodie: Victoria Secret "PINK",Shorts: Forever21+,Converse: Office,Sunglasses: Random Shop in Dublin

My doggy, Ralphie is the cutest dog ever, When he thought myself and mum weren't looking he snuck up and drank out of the bird bath! It was so CUTE <3

Uh-OH Mommy caught me!

Hope you're all enojoying this lovely weather, and here's hoping it lasts!

S xxx
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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Flower Power

Jacket and Skirt: Asos,Tshirt and Sunglasses: H&M,Shoes: Miss Selfridge,Necklace: Primark

Hey Everyone :)

Today I went to a Cousin's Communion. I had a wonderful day and had a great time catching up the family! I don't normally dress up this much, but it was the perfect excuse. When I saw this on Asos I new I had to have it. It's so pretty. It's has gold glitter running throughout it. The skirt is really poofy though, and I feel like a princess ;) It was about €130 in total and it is a bit expensive, but I will easily wear it again, and I can also mix and match the skirt and jacket, with other items in my wardrobe, so a win win situation, In my opinion :)

Until next time :)

S xxx
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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Running around..

Top: All Saints,Wet Look Leggings: Dunnes Stores,Necklace: Topshop,Shoes: Primark,Bag: Juicy Couture

Yay only one more day to go until the weekend. I've a busy weekend ahead of me with working and a Communion. So I'm a busy bee as always!I've gotten the most amazing outfit from Asos to wear to the Communion, It's to die for :D I got it this morning and I literally jumped out of bed when the door bell rang! This weekend is also the weekend the Fabulous Magazine comes out [Click here for the post!] It's out on Sunday with The Sun Newspaper! I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit apprehensive, but also excited.

Anyway this is what I wore today, Since it's my day off I wanted to keep it comfy and casual and easy to wear. So an over sized T-shirt and pumps did the job! I also added a cross necklace to give the outfit a bit more of an edge!Excuse the creases, I didn't feel like ironing it this morning ;) I love having lazy days off, it gives me a chance to catch up with everything and I always manage to get in a little bit more retail therapy! For the rest of the day now, I'm going to watch the last two episodes of 90210!

Take Care <3

S xxx
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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Forever Fabulous in Sequins

Sequin Tshirt and necklace: H&M,Dress: Asos ,Tights: Marks and Spencer,Shoes: Dunnes Stores

Hey Lovelies,

I wore this outfit a few weeks ago for dinner with the family! I love sequins, and hate that they are almost only affiliated with Christmas time. I like to rock them all year round. I bought this top last October in H&M, and I'm mad that I didn't get the black version too. I love it. It's also a  great way to dress up a boring pair of jeans.I wore it over my Asos plain black dress, and a statement necklace, with matching pink lips :)In hindsight I should of maybe put on a little bit of fake tan on my arms, but what can ya do ;) I'll use a little bit next time I wear this outfit!

As always thanks for reading :D

S xxx
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Sunday, 13 May 2012


 Blazer and Tights: Marks and Spencer.Dress: Primark.Headband and Pumps: Topshop.Bag: Coco Boutique

Hey Beauts,

Well that weekend went quick! I was off Saturday and working today, I love that sometimes I only work a Sunday, and not the Saturday, which is rare for retail :) I threw this on this morning, as I felt so sick and it was the nearest clean dress! You will be seeing a lot of this dress. I'm obsessed with it. I got it in Primark for €17 and I just love the shape,fit and colour. I paired it with tights, my studded Topshop pumps a blazer and a headband. I've been feeling a lot under the weather lately, it's horrible as it just automatically puts me in a bad mood. Hopefully with some TLC from the mammy I'll be on the mend soon ;)

This is the bag, I was telling you about Friday night. I love it. I got it in January and have been eagerly awaiting to debut it ;) I didn't end up wearing it yesterday, as it clashed with my jumper! But I was excited to wear it today, albeit for only a few hours. I LOVE my headband, although I got a few comments saying I looked like I was getting married! Ha all I need now is the Groom! ;) If you haven't noticed I'm obsessed with hair accessories and love how they can change an entire outfit.

S xxx

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