Thursday, 27 December 2012

Sale Shopping Tips

 Hey Girls! I know many of you will be braving the January Sales tomorrow, so I just wanted to do a few tops for you. I know Sale shopping can be a little bit stressful, but if you prepare in advance, you'll make it as stress free as possible!
  •  Before you leave make a wish list, of items you've wanted before Christmas.
  • Check online. You might find everything you want in the comfort of your own home! Everywhere has pretty much started their sales online now.
  • Start early. The early bird catches the worm bargains.
  • Set a strict budget, and don't go over it.
  • Shop on your own. That way you can spend as long as you want in the store, without feeling pressured to leave.
  • Wear comfy clothes.You'll want to be as comfortable as possible dealing with the crazy crowds. Leggings, a comfy T-shirt and Cardigan, with an across the body bag would be the best option. Don't forget comfortable shoes! 
  • Eat before you leave the house, to keep your energy levels up.
  • Don't buy it just because something is majorly reduced, if you wouldn't buy it full price, don't but it, full stop.
  • Don't buy into trendy items. Yes that item may be the height of fashion now, but come next season it will be yesterday's news, and chances are you won't want to wear it.
  • Buy Wardrobe staples. Black Dresses,Jeans,Blazers, Leather Jackets,Basic t-shirts,leggings etc. will never date, and you'll always have a use for them. If they are on sale, snap them up! 
  • Think long term. The great thing about the January Sales is they have items for all seasons. See a really cute Summer dress, that you know you'll wear, pick it up for your Summer holiday's.
  • Know the Returns Policy on Sale Items. Some shops are flexible while others aren't.
  • Enjoy yourself, after all shopping is meant to be an enjoyable experience.

Hope these tips help you when you tackle the January sales!


  1. Eek! I needed this kind of post, I already made a list of a few things that Santa must have forgotten...& although I am literally just running into the mall tomorrow morning I am still terrified that it will be crazy! I prefer to do all my shopping online!

    1. Hope you made it out okay ;) I know I much prefer to shop online too! :D xxx

  2. Awww ive decided to not brave town for the sales and done it online this time instead. I do usually prefare to see the clothes and feel them but im just not feeling brave enough for town right now and ive heard the sales are crazy. I actually know a girl who got up at 4am for the Next sale... madness x x

    1. You're better off Lucy, no more crowds and crazy women! 4am for Next? I know they do good sales, but they're not get up at 4am good! That's crazy!! xxx

  3. Some good tips there :) I've been looking online first and making a wishlist, but trying not to overspend... :)

    1. That's the best things to do, so you don't spent an absolute fortunate on bits and bobs you'll never wear! :D xxx


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