Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Hair Care Routine Part:2

{Haha, couldn't resist!}
I get asked a lot about my hair, I did a recent post here about what products I use. I thought I'd let ya'll know how I get my hair so big! It's not secret that I love me, a big hair do. I just don't feel good with flat hair, and haven't had flat hair in about 7 years! As of late I've been really making the effort to take better care of my hair, as I know all this backcombing can't be good for it ;)
"Shine Definition Spray":Tresemme Backcombing brush:Salon Supply store. "Backcomb Dust":Tresemme

I've recently discovered the new Tresemme "Texture Style" range in boots, and must say it's made getting big hair extremely easy. I use the Definition Spray on a day to day basis. It gives your hair texture making it easy to backcomb. On a day to day basis, I usually do the following:
  • Split my hair into a side parting. 
  • Brush hair through, making sure I've no knots.
  • Spray the "Shine Definition" Spray into my roots, and rub it in.
  • Taking the backcombing brush, I take each section of my hair and backcomb it from underneath,getting in as close to the root as I can get. 
  • My hair tends to look crazy at this point, so I just lightly brush over it with the backcombing brush, and then clip up a small part of the larger side of hair.
  • I pin back the section the falls in my face with a clip which adds more volume at the top.
  • If I'm heading on a night out, I will also use the "Back Combing Dust" as it gives me super volume, and my hair stays extremely big all night! 

It's really not that hard, I've just used trial and error, to find out the best style for me! Hope this little tutorial is informative for some of you :) 

S xxx


  1. Oooh havn't seen that Tresemme spray will have to look out for that! Haha my boyfriend thinks Im nuts when I backcomb my hair......I look like a crazy cat lady lol! Love your hair, looks so thick and healthy. Do you use a volumising shampoo or anything? x

    1. It's brilliant! I use Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo&Conditioner :) xxx

  2. I'm so rubbish at backcombing, it always looks weird when I do it - I'd love to do my hair like yours! x

    1. It's really so easy :) Get yourself a good backcombing brush, and you'll be flying! xxx

  3. I love backcombing too!! A good backcombing brush is definitely the key. I use the denman dressing out brush which is so cheap and great for wigs and extensions too!!!

    1. Oh thanks for the tip, I must check it out :) xxx

  4. Great tutorial! I love seeing how other people do their hair. Think I need to invest in these products if it will make my hair look as fab as yours :)



    1. I literally love these products! They're my life saver ;) xxx

  5. This is so useful! Thank you for sharing your little secrets. I know i know i am late in commenting. #lame
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

    1. No worries! :D

      Better late than never ;) xxx


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