Thursday, 4 October 2012

Tan Organic Review*

"TanOrganic is officially the first and only Aloe Vera based sunless tan in the world to be Eco Certified, having just been awarded with the highest eco standard. Produced in Ireland, TanOrganic, the most successful ever Irish Dragons’ Den investment is now set to be the biggest worldwide Dragons’ success story, with distribution in Kuwait, Chile, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and across Europe."
 Last month I was lucky enough to attend the Tan Organic Ego Cert Launch, where Noelle O'Connor the founder and her business partner Gavin Duffy were in attendance, talking about this great news. It's such wonderful news that and Irish tanning product is the first of it's kind in the world to be certified organic. It took Tan Organic 18 months to gain the Ego Cert, as it's a very long process with extensive auditing. Noelle told us that "There was an audit on everything, the ingredients farm, the raw materials, the manufacturing plant, the filling plant and it didn’t stop there. Our office and financial department had a full audit so that every invoice and purchase could be related back to an organic and reliable source". The Ego Cert is supporting 1,000 companies so when you think about how large the beauty sector is, it's a relatively minute number, so hopefully other companies will follow suit.
 As a fake tan lover myself, this is brilliant news. Truth be told I'd never really thought of what the chemicals in tan were doing to my skin, I just slapped it on and hoping for the best, that I wouldn't wake up looking like a Oompa Loompa and smelling like digestive biscuits. With tan Organic I get a really positive tanning experience, and I need to share it with ya'll.
 Pretty Cupcakes..They were too pretty to eat though ;)
I recieved the Tan Organic, Oil Arganic,Tanning glove and the Tan-Erase.
 I applied the tan, the following way with the Self Tanning glove, and found it very effective and gave me amazing results.
  • Shake a two euro size amount of Tan Organic onto a tanning mitt and apply the product all over the body in circular motions, blending in well. Using the special tanning mitt you will use less.
  • Always leave the hands and feet until last. Hands and feet are a dead giveaway if too much product is applied.
  • The trick is to apply less and then when the first coat is dry apply another coat if required and so on until you get the desired colour.
  • Let to dry completely. Remember that Tan Organic contains no harsh drying agents or alcohol like other tanning products, so it takes a little longer to dry in.
  • Use moisturiser often to prolong the length of the tan. 
  Now Of course it's not a miracle tan, and I'm not a professional so I did have a bit of excess tan on my hands and my knees. But I used the "Tan-Erase" in gentle circular motions to buff away the tan, and to give me a more even coverage. To Moisturise after I spritzed the Oil Arganic over my body, leaving me with beautifully soft, glowing skin.Over all I am extremely pleased with the outcome, and will definitely be purchasing this again. I feel like I've gotten a spray tan every time I used it. 

S xxx


  1. I'm an absolutely massive tan fan and this sounds amazing! I've not actually heard of this brand before but it defo looks worth a try.



    1. I really couldn't recommend it more :) xxx


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